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She {hearts} HayBugDesigns Camera Bags

ED9A8113You all know I love a good hand bag. You know even more so that I love a good camera bag. Cause well, ya know, photographers got to have accessories too, besides their rad cams.

HayBugDesigns about a month ago, maybe longer? shipped me one of their adorably trendy hand made camera bags. I was super pumped to get an email from them, one because I love camera bags but also because I’m a huge supporter of smaller shops on Etsy. They take pride in their products and this camera bag shows it.

I have a few camera bags, most of them are leather type materials. So it is nice to mix it up and tote a light weight and softer cotton bag.

These bags do come with thick padding to protect your gear. Although if I’m super honest I will say, it isn’t as padded as some of my camera bags, but it is plenty padded for every day use. I am a bit rough on my gear, so sometimes I feel more comfortable with my thicker bag. For those who want a great every day camera bag for park trips with the kids, zoo trips, vacation, a social event, etc..etc… this is a great choice.

I have dragged this bag with me to paid gigs where I am carrying gear for hours, it fits my shoulder well and rids perfectly on me. I love that is doesnt stick out and is a slim design, not bulky.

Typically I carry my 5D Mark III with a 50mm lens on it, an 85mm, 28mm and some spare cards/battery. It all fits, as well as my keys and cell phone.


This bag is totally washable too, so if you use it as a diaper bag/camera bag, the ability to wash it is an extra perk.


{heart} It

HayBugDesigns offers a variety of great camera bags and even diaper bags. Not only do they have bags but they also have matching camera straps, clutches and more.


She {hearts} Freebies

Now a camera bag showcase would be a tease if I didn’t offer you all the chance to win one!

HayBugDesigns would like to give a randomly drawn winner the chance to win not only a camera bag of their choice but also a matching strap!

To Enter:

Fill out the Rafflecopter below :) – note the giveaway does not open until noon today.

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She {hearts} Little Green Pouch & Eco Ditty


I am sure anyone out there with a little one beginning to eat, has experienced the “baby food pouches” available at almost any store around. These pouches are filled with a large variety of baby food’s and most of them are organic…. the one thing about them though that isn’t fantastic is their steep price tag. At over $1.20 a pouch, the cost of keeping these around can add up.

greenpouchWith my youngest Reed, who is just now 8 months, I have experienced some “eating” challenges. He honestly has very little interested in any sort of baby food. I have tried all sorts and even tried some sweeter types in order to “get his attention.” Nothing worked. If I fed him with a spoon he’d gag and refused to eat another bite.

One way I found he would eat, is by using these pouches. As long as he was given the ability to “feed himself” – he was good to go. He makes a royal mess but he enjoys it and has fun.

I love that Little Green Pouch gives those who enjoy making their own baby food an option to use it in this way. With a 6 ounce pouch to fill that is BPA free, freezer safe and dishwasher safe, it was an awesome item to have on hand or stored for convenience sake.

Also, just as a side note. You can even fill these pouches with YOUR SMOOTHIES!! So even if you aren’t a baby or kid, you can totally use these, freeze them with your healthy organic smoothies… then pack them up for lunch and by lunch time they will be thawed and ready to enjoy.


ecoditttylogoNow! to go with these adorable green pouches, you of course need a cute eco-friendly lunch bag to store them in while traveling… or if you are like me and have older kids, some reusable pouches to store sandwiches and other snacks is a must.

Eco Ditty is a great company as well that specializes in reusable sandwich and lunch bags.

Their bags are made of 100% organic cotton. Even the tag is organic! They are printed with low-impact inks and dyes. The liners are un-dyed with no synthetics, plastics or chemicals touching your food. You can wash them by hand or throw them in your dish washer and even washing machine.

ecoditty2Eco Ditty even has a fun option that allows you to personalize your own pouches with fun stencil print outs and fabric markers (they provide for you).

One of my favorite items they sent was their “lunch ditty.” It is a great size and stores A LOT yet isn’t to big or bulky that you couldn’t shove it in a diaper bag along with your other every day items.

The Lunch Ditty I honestly have used more for carrying Reed’s baby items more than anything. I love how I can attach it to a clip on my bag and be on my way, keeping his things organized… but I also love how it has a divide inside it to store food on one side and drinks on the other.

I hope to update this post with a photo of mine in use. It currently is waiting to be washed after using it on a pool playdate the other day and Reed deciding he’d spit up all over it :) – cool thing is, its totally washable.

{heart} It

littlegreen2The Little Green Pouch pays for itself in about a week. Enjoy the convenience and fun of these yet save and enjoy using your homemade baby foods at the same time. The Little Green Pouch even has a silicone attachment that makes it even easier for your kids/babies to eat from.

Eco Ditty offers snack, sandwich and lunch bags all in great organic fabrics. Reduce the use of plastic in your home but still enjoy the practicality of these great bags.

She {hearts} Freebies

The Little Green Pouch and Eco Ditty wanted to give away a few things on She {hearts} It.

ecodittyThe Little Green Pouch is giving away a 4-pack of their Little Green Pouches as well as a pack of their new Pouch Pops (4 pack as well). These items go hand and hand so you whoever wins will enjoy having both.

Eco Ditty is giving away one snack and one sandwich size pouch. In a winners choice print.

To Enter:

Fill out the Raffle Copter Widget Below :)

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A winner from the U.S. will be chosen on 6-17-13 at 7PM CST. Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details.

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She {hearts} Homemade Chocolate Milk Syrup

One thing that my kids adore is a big glass of chocolate milk. I am thankful two out of my three older children, will drink just plain raw milk… but as a treat chocolate milk is a must.

I for a long time used what pretty much everyone I knew used… Nesquick.

Who knew there was so much in this powdered chocolate substance… One being overly processed white sugar…. but also SOY, which is genetically modified, Carrageenan, which is a carcinogen linked to inflammation and cancer…. Artificial flavors…. and you can read up on the rest.


So, what is an easy fix for this staple in many homes…

I have a recipe that a dear friend gave me and is now allowing me to share. She is an amazing cook and has been cooking organically and from scratch for many many years.

We have used this recipe for over a year now and our boys love it. Its super easy to make.

Making up a batch of our chocolate milk syrup :) - the boys love this and it's only 5 simple ingredients. All nongmoIngredients:

2 cups Sucanat (sugar cane natural) – if you do not have a source of this, you could use brown sugar…. but Sucanat is preferred…. also you could experiment using something like agave nectar.

3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

A dash of real salt (I just do a pinch)

A tsp. of real vanilla

and 1 cup of filtered water


Place water into a medium sized sauce pan…. and heat at medium heat. While it heats stir in the Sucanat with a whisk…. and then the cocoa powder… once well mixed, put in your dash of salt and vanilla… then begin turning up the heat until it begins to boil and rise… Do take into consideration when this boils up, it rises a good bit… so don’t use a tiny sauce pan :)… allow to boil for 3 minutes stirring occasionally with whisk… then remove from heat. Allow it to cool slightly, then pour it into a glass jar or pour bottle. I actually use a glass SALAD dressing bottle a friend gave me to mix up my own dressings, it works great!

For a 8 ounce glass of raw milk (or almond milk, white milk…etc…) you would put in about a tsp. or so, or to taste. Shake up well and enjoy! Also store this in your fridge. It should keep a good while. Ours last about 3 weeks? sometimes less if the boys go crazy with it… but we typically only allow them a glass every other day… so it last a while.

She {hearts} The Snugg

ED9A0383One thing I knew was important when I became the owner of an iPad, was to get a good case for it. The Snugg is one of the first iPad cases to spread throughout the world of amazon and beyond. Quality is something they strive for and because of this, they offer a life time guarantee on these great cases.

I own the iPad 2 Flip Stand in blue leather case.

It fits my iPad to the T and even has a stylus holder on it (something my old iPad case did not have), as well as the ability to be used as a TV in my car, with their iPad Headrest Mount Holder.

Another perk, it is kid friendly. All of my boys use my ipad, daily… and this case works well to protect it.

{heart} It

The Snugg comes in a variety of great colors. They have cases available for not only the iPad2 (which is what I have), but also the newer iPad, as well as iPhone’s, androids and more. They have had over 6,000 happy customers leave 5 star reviews about their cases. With that and the life time warranty, you really can’t go wrong.

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She {hearts} MiMi’s Soda Shoppe

customized name plaques

customized name plaques

A few years ago, a sweet friend of mine Aliesha, her mother Valerie, gifted me with one of the most precious gifts. She custom made me name matted prints, framed with my boys names in them. At the time she created them for my 1st three children. I loved them! I told her if we ever had any more kids she would have to make us more.

A few weeks before Reed was born, she sent me another….

I loved seeing my baby’s name on the print… knowing that in a few short weeks I would be meeting him. It was a precious gift to get before he was born. I cannot wait to move into our new home and set up a wall with all my boys photographs framed and these prints proudly shining.

I love the effort she puts into making them but also how personal they are to us. With our prints I never even gave her scripture… she found pieces of scripture though that just went perfect with the meanings of each one of my boys names. I loved that!


{heart} It

If you are looking for a perfect keep sake for your children, this is it. Mimi’s Soda Shoppe like I mentioned above is owned by my friend Aliesha’s mom, Valerie. She not only home schooled all 3 of her children. She is also incredibly talented in so many areas and this is one of them. If you have a friend who is due to have a baby, this would be an amazing shower gift… and one that I know they will absolutely love.

She {hearts} Savings


Tell MiMi that you read She Hearts It and you will get a “Two Scoop” deal!.  She will set up a special listing for you on Etsy… buy one name print and get the second for 25% off!  Email her at MiMisSodaShoppe@gmail.comOffer ends on February 15th. 

She {hearts} Freebies

Valerie would like to giveaway four matted prints (each to a different reader) in a color choice of their pick.

To Enter:

Super simple… all you have to do is comment on this post… and tell us what color mat you would like and also if it’s for your child tell us an interesting story as to how you chose their name. :)

Contest over; winners selected.  Congratulations, Lindsey L, Emily l, Holly, and Susan!

Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details.

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She {hearts} Yellow Bird Project

Yellow Bird Project LogoYou know those fun graphic T’s you often find. The type that have random drawings on them, of old school coke products or goofy vintage? I will be the 1st to admit I like them :) – although sometimes they can be a bit over done. To me its always nice to have one or two in your closet to mix in with your wardrobe and they almost always work for men and women, boy/girl. Its just versatile and who doesn’t like a bit of art that pops.

Well what if you took the artistic touch of some of those great T’s and put them to more use than some big national “brand.” How about using those T-shirts to help out a variety of charities but also spread the word about some great artist out there.

The Yellow Bird Project is a Montreal-based organization. They work with an amazing range of indie rock musicians to create unique t-shirt designs that benefit an array of charities, each chosen by the musicians.

I got one of their graphic hoodies and love it. It is super soft and comfortable. The pop of art on the front is very fun and unique as well. Very much a “Drea” piece.


{heart} It

They offer not only a great variety of t-shirts but also hoodies, buttons, books and more. All of which support the charities. So if you are looking for a fun new T, yet want to do more than just “buy something” – check out the line of great t-shirts and more at the Yellow Bird Project.


She {hearts} Freebies

The Yellow Bird Project would like to give one of our readers the chance to win a “choice” shirt of their own as well as their fun button kit!

To Enter:

You will need to fill out a simple form on the Yellow Bird website (will take you less than 5 minutes! – if you type as fast as I do it probably take you about 30 seconds.). Once you fill that form out, come back here and fill out the widget below. After you do that 1st step you will then be able to enter multiple times by liking them on facebook, twitter and so on.

To fill out the form CLICK HERE. Don’t forget to come back here though and fill out Mr. Raffle Copter below :)

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A winner from the U.S. will be chosen on 1/17/13 at 7PM CST. Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details.

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She {hearts} Le bibble

Le Bibble LogoI was introduced to this company a few months ago, after a sweet group of ladies from my church threw me a baby shower. In one of the gifts I got was a small baby doll sized bottle and inside that bottle was the funniest little tutu looking thing.

That tutu looking thing is called a Bibble! The packaging alone had me but once I saw what it actually did, I knew I had to feature them on She {hearts} It.

lebibble2Le bibble was created by a mom who after bottle feeding her baby around 3 months of age, she got fed up with the leaking the bottle often did on its own but also the dribbles her baby had during feeding. The vibrant colors also drew her daughters attention and became something her little girl enjoyed seeing and playing with during feedings. It was a great distraction I am sure from any hair tugs ;-) – that I am sure any mom with long hair can relate too.

The Le bibble is adorable but so so function-able.


{heart} It

The Le bibble is made of certified organic fabrics as well as manufactured in the United States! It comes in a variety of beautiful fabrics, boy & girl options available ;-) – and it is even machine washable. One size fits all bottles too. I have the wider bottles and skinny ones, both of them it fits great.

She {hearts} Freebies

Le Bibble would like to giveaway a WINNERS CHOICE Bibble.

To Enter:

Fill out the Rafflecopter Widget Below:

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