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She {hearts} Tattify



I had so much fun wearing these rad temporary tattoos from Tattify! I mean, seriously! Such a cool concept! Adult designs (and kids), that look like the real-deal, but zero commitment and zero regret!

Not only do I love these tattoos, but I really dig this company. I believe they stand out among the rest! Their web-site is so spiffy, their tattoos are gorgeous! They feature a variety of talented artists, and you can just tell, they put their heart into their designs. Plus, Tattify allows any artist to submit their work for a chance to be a sold. You, yes YOU could be the next temp-tatt artist, showing your art around the world! You’ll be paid each time your tattoo is sold and your art will be protected and remain your own. I just love that!

 {heart} It

I will be purchasing from Tattify! And you should too! Not only are they affordable, but have such a variety of tattoos to choose from!  You can finally rock an awesome tattoo, that won’t upset your grandma!

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She {hearts} Mini Workouts

We ALL know we need to make fitness a priority, but man, some days finding making the time seems impossible. If you’re caring for little ones it’s just that much harder. I have found that most of us have an “all or nothing” approach to fitness.  That means, if you can’t make it to the gym or do a full workout at home, you skip your workouts entirely for that day. Sound familiar? It’s okay, I’ve been there too. But doing that can easily turn into a habit and you find yourself frustrated and back at square one.

What you should do, is try to get in at least a few mini workouts in.  Something is truly better than nothing. 

“What are these “mini workouts?”, you ask?

Short bursts of physical activity. 

I do what I call my “mommy workouts.”  Even if I know I’m going to the gym that day, I’ll do these mini workouts to make sure I don’t miss out, just in case life throws me a curve ball later in the day. Also, they’re fun and really boost my mood!

It all adds up.

The surgeon general recommends 30 minutes of exercise per day, 5 days a week. And it doesn’t have to be 30 consecutive minutes a day. So, these can get you where you need to be.

Some of my favorite places to get inspiration for these workouts are on YouTube. I’ll watch them and write down something I wanna try, maybe practice it with the video, and then do it on my own. I might have music playing while I’m cleaning house or doing laundry, and I’ll literally just stop and workout. Then get back to my task.

I hope you’ll start moving more. The benefits of physical activity are numerous, and we all know it.

Here’s some of my current go-to’s, but you can find a ton of vids. Watch several, then bookmark them for later.

No need to spend money right now. Just start moving, changing your life one mini workout at a time. Good luck!

Please listen to your body, and confirm with your doctor before starting this or any fitness regimen.

She {hearts} Creating Frugal Home Decor

new_0456Being frugal doesn’t exactly make decorating easy, but it can be very rewarding. It just takes some creativity and time.


I’ve known I wanted new bedding for a couple years now, but I never came across anything I loved more than what I already had. Recently though, we took the plunge and purchased a king size mattress/box springs {still saving for the bed frame} but for now, it’s just fine on the floor. So, I had to get new bedding.


I’ve always loved white. It’s a happy clean color. I thought maybe if it’s in the bedroom {and not even remotely close to where the kids eat} we’ll be okay. So far, so good.




 1. my DIY revamped lamps here

2. pillow covers made out of plain white pillow cases using the envelope technique {super easy} here

  • for the leather details on the pillows, I used re-purposed leather {old skirt, thrifted}
  • glued black velcro on the leather, then cut out triangles, and found a ‘stache {clip art} online to use as a stencil
  • sewed the white {opposite} velcro on the pillow, this way, I can wash {and bleach} the pillow cases when needed
  • they don’t look bright white because I covered some dark blue pillows I already had {for now; eventually I’ll get some white pillows… IKEA isn’t as close as it used to be, sigh}

3. coffee filter wreath via none other than Martha Stewart here

4. old used canvas found at thrift store {may have been a painting of a sunset}

  • I painted over it {sorry, artist that painted it back in the 80’s, it was time}
  • then hubby spray painted the numbers/letter using black spray paint, and number stencils found at hardware store {of course your numbers will mean something to you}

5. old frame/chicken wire, stapled on back

I’m sure I’ll get tired of my hipster pillows and add something different to them before too long, but for now I love them!

She {hearts} Teeccino Herbal Coffee

I’m a coffee lover who has given up her coffee to become even healthier. It was tough, and believe me when I say I didn’t want to, but I did it! Over a month without my morning cup (coffee lovers feeling sorry for me yet?). The headaches lingered for a while, but then I was fine without it. Very sleepy, but ok. I would long for it when I smelled my hubby brewing his half a pot in the morning, but I sucked it up and even fixed his cup for him. I know some of you are saying, just drink it already. But I can’t. At least for now. I’m dealing with some health issues and we’re trying to find out what’s making me sick. I’ve been reading up on the benefits of eating more of an Alkaline diet, and well, coffee is very acidic.  Upping the fresh veggies, herbal teas, water, and cutting out A LOT. But I’m getting better and feeling better, so this is a good thing.


I was at Whole Foods a few days ago and was looking for Chicory leaves, hoping it would satisfy my coffee craving, but I couldn’t find it. Which is fine, because I found something even better. Herbal coffee grounds! I can actually BREW a cup of herbal tea, in my Keurig! I am a happy girl! Those of you that love coffee know it’s just a nice feeling to be able to have a fresh cup of coffee. I’m so glad I don’t have to miss out on one of my favorite things anymore! I’m really impressed withTeeccino! So many flavors to choose from. And trust me when I say, delish!

{heart} It

Teeccino coffee is available in 2 lines of flavors and can be purchased at from $2.50-$55.99.

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She {hearts} Jalapeño Boats

Goat cheese & peppercorn bacon.

I’ve been making “stuffed jalapeños” for many years. Big hit at parties! (They’re the ones with cream cheese wrapped with bacon.) Very time consuming to prepare, and let’s be honest with ourselves, the cream cheese isn’t healthy.  I love eating them so much I’ve been trying to replace the cream cheese with a healthier alternative, but nothing could really withstand the heat of the oven. So I had to change up the recipe.

A few weeks ago I came up with what I call “Jalapeño Boats”. They were YUM!

Here’s how you make them!

Jalapeño Boats
  • big bag of jalapeños
  • bacon (I like to buy center cut, maybe peppercorn seasoned if you like)
  • goat cheese
  1. Clean jalapeños. Slice longways and de-seed. Let dry on paper towel.
  2. Bake on cookie sheet for 20 minutes oven set on 350. Place on serving platter to cool.
  3. Cook bacon in skillet. Let cool on paper towels.
  4. Stuff Jalapeños with chilled goat cheese and top with 1/4 of cooked bacon.
  5. Serve and enjoy!



She {hearts} iMO Camera Fashion





Hey Photogs! You know the durable, but ugly strap your camera came with? Maybe you’ve covered it with a bulky, but lovely slip cover that didn’t end up all you had hoped it to be.

Want a new one that’s awesome and gorgeous?

Then you’ve got to check out iMo Camera Fashion. I am loving my strap! It’s so me! Thank you iMo, for knowing me!;) It’s thin enough to be super light and comfy, but totally durable. They have a gorgeous selection. I’m drooling over this one and this one.



{heart} It

Such a variety of colors and textiles, will suit anyone’s style and taste.

She {hearts} Freebies

I’m so thrilled to tell you that iMo is giving one of our lucky readers a camera strap! Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter this awesome giveaway. Good luck!


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She {hearts} Atoning Yoga

atoning yoga

Since 2003, when I was first introduced to the practice of yoga,  I’ve felt a closeness to God while on my mat. The stillness, the quiet allowed me to focus on God’s presence and never have I feel it more strongly.  That was one of the reasons I was so drawn to Yoga, and the best times on the mat were either alone or in a class with an instructor who didn’t speak Sanskrit or read mantras. Often times though, I had to block out what the instructor might be saying, since it usually didn’t align with my Christan faith.  I was on a mission for awhile, to find “Christian yoga.” I found a few books, but never a DVD…until now!

“We believe that yoga, like all other things in our lives, should be used to glorify God… Atoning Yoga is a full body workout that tones your mind, body, and soul. “

If you’re a Christ following yogi, that should make you say, Yes!

it did me:)

I really love the Extended Grace DVD by Atoning Yoga.  It’s great for beginners, my kiddos have even done it with me. It’s easy to follow and at a very peaceful pace, and it’s broken into three sessions:  15 min, 20 min and 45 min. So it’s very easy to work into our busy schedules. And I love how it’s focused around scripture, like from 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you.”

{heart} It

If you are looking for a way to add some peace to your life, wanting to finally do yoga or wanting a tool to help deepen your walk with God, Atoning Yoga DVD for you!

She {hearts} Freebies

I’m excited to tell you that Atoning Yoga is giving one of our readers a copy of their DVD, Extending Grace!

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