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She {hearts} Evenflo Right Fit Booster Car Seat

My family and I will be hitting the road this weekend for one last hurrah before we fall gracefully into the school year. And since road injuries are the leading cause of preventable death and injuries in children in the United States, Evenflo wanted to make sure that safety and comfort of older kids was being addressed. The Evenflo Right Fit Booster Car Seat offers a 2-in-1 design, allowing it to be used as a high-back booster, and then later on transforming to a backless booster. It has e3 foam integrated into the head and back to reduce side impact forces. Cosmetically, there are a variety of colors to choose from and the addition of 2 activity lights allow the child to read and play, even after dark. A correctly installed car seat can reduce the risk of death by 71%, so be sure to check out for more helpful tips and info on children’s travel safety.

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Available for $89.99 at Toys r

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She {hearts} Kiss My Face Suncare

Summer is in full swing which means the sun will be beating down on us on a daily basis (hopefully) and we will all be outside enjoying it! But don’t forget to protect the skin of those kiddos (and do’t forget yourself there to Mom!)

Kiss My Face has an entire line suncare products for the whole family. The Kids Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 30 is a thick, full coverage lotion that is paraben and phthalate free, with no artificial fragrances. I love how safe it is for my kids bodies and it certainly does the job by protecting their fair skin. My only complaint is it is almost TOO thick, and after some time in the pool you can see the white lotion on their skin. But if it keeps them covered, then I’m okay with that.

A good alternative to the Mineral Sunscreen that Kiss My Face makes is a Sun Spray Lotion. It has all the same great qualities of the Mineral Sunscreen, it is just easier to apply on to the kids. I just spray it on my hands and rub it in. Since it is a bit thinner, I can get it on the kids faces without having to work too hard, which in turn makes my life a little bit easier, and what mama doesn’t want that?!

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Visit Kiss My Face on their webpage, facebook, and twitter.

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She {hearts} Scheduling the Summer with Kids

Today marks the first day of Summer Break for my kids and while many kids are excited to not have to answer to a teacher until school begins in the fall, my kids won’t have that option. The structure my kindergartener had during the school was a blessing. I didn’t realize how much a creature of habit he was and how much he benefited from the constant routine was astounding. He is a worrier, so knowing what to expect did him a world of good and helped him grown in confidence and maturity.

So this summer, my kids will be following a semi-strict schedule, similar to the school year. Every little detail of the day isn’t going to be mapped out, but things like getting dressed, doing chores, and doing schoolwork will be done at a pre-determined time. There will be plenty of playtime and downtime as well, and we will continue to run a tight ship from dinnertime to bedtime as we do year round. This way the kids will know what comes next, what is expected of them, and it will keep me from being lazy as well.


Do you follow a summer schedule? How does it work for you and your family?



She {hearts} Belli Skincare

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It’s been 4 years since I gave birth to my last baby, but that doesn’t mean the signs of pregnancy aren’t still lingering around. Don’t get my wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate fresh looking and feeling skin. Belli Skincare products are made for the pregnant Mama, and follows us through the ever changing skin care needs of a well-seasoned Mama as well. We all know, with life changing experiences like pregnancy and giving birth (and good ol’ aging in general) our bodies give us a variety of issues to deal with.

Mine have always been dark under eye circles. I have tried a number of different products to make them disappear but none really work (except hiding them under concealer, which I’m not a huge fan of). The Belli Eye Brightening Cream is a dream. It refreshes my tired eyes with a cooling touch and uses Vitamin K, which is proven to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. I noticeably saw a difference after about a week of use too.

I also got a chance to try the Body Firming Serum and the Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator. Both products smell great, go on smooth. The Facial Hydrator makes my face feel SO soft! I use the Body Firming Serum mostly on my belly and flabby underarms. I am hoping with more consistent use I may start to see a difference.

 photo BelliStandards_zps8cafcaab.jpg


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Find Belli Skincare on the web, twitter, and facebook.

She {hearts} Origami Owl

I love when a product comes along that allows me to show off my “Mama” in a sophisticated and classy way. Long live the days of oversized buttons attached to purses and picture keychains that beam pride of your kiddos, and say hello to Origami Owl custom jewelry. Telling your story couldn’t be easier.

Both of my kids were born in March and obviously share a birthstone, Aquamarine. So when I began to build my locket I quickly decided on the March Heart Birthstone to be the center of attention in my locket. I also decided on 2 initials, one for the first letter on each of my child’s names. I chose the locket and chain that caught my eye, and even added on a dangle to give it a little more personality. Here’s my finished
piece, what do you think?

The wide variety of sports, hobbies, and causes makes it easy to create a Living Locket that just about anyone would love. Are you into photography? Do you love dogs? Are you a foodie? Do you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart? Origami Owl most certainly has something for you!

One piece I wish I would have ordered, and would have made my locket complete (for now!) is the “mama” plate. I think it would really wrap up my locket, so if you do order yourself one, think about adding that piece on to your order too!

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Independant Consultants, and Mother/Daughter Team, Jacque and Rachel would love to give you a locket you will love, check out their site HERE.

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She {hearts} NatureBox

We all like our snacks in this house. Sometimes, we like them a little too much! It’s nice to see a company like NatureBox helping a Mom like me make snacking easier AND healthier. With a monthly subscription of $19.95, you will receive a Discovery Box stuffed full of nutritionist-approved snacks. Each month is different, so your test buds won’t get bored. And they are so sure you will love your healthy snacks, they will happily issue you a refund if you aren’t completely satisfied (and you can cancel at any time!

In the sample box we received, we got the Wild Berry Bunch (a great alternative to sugar-filled fruit snacks), All Natural Yogurt Pretzels, Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars, Peanut Butter Nom Noms, Cashew Power Clusters (I ate the whole bag in one sitting, YUM!), Blueberry Almond Bites, and my personal favorite, Sunshine Chips (a great alternative to potato chips made up of sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and green beans, tossed with delicious sea salt). The serving sizes were perfect: not too much, and not too little. My hubby even snagged a bag or two to take to the office for his mid-day snacking.

In addition to the monthly subscriptions, NatureBox is offering an “EasterBox” (for a limited time) in hopes to replace the candy and high sugar treats stashed in Easter Baskets all across the country this year. If you order by March 15 it is guaranteed to be on your doorstep by Easter. Filled with SEVEN full-sized snacks and not requiring any membership, this is the perfect time to try out NatureBox.

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To see all that NatureBox has to offer visit their website or facebook page for more details.

She {hearts} Savings

Use code SNACKHEALTHY for $10 off your first box.

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She {hearts} Punjammies

The United Nations estimates that there are over 12 million slaves in our world, most of them being women trapped in the sex trade, with 2 million of these prisoners being children under the age of 16. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and see what you can do to help.

Punjammies – the women’s pajamas made with HOPE by women saved from human trafficking.


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Punjammies is a part of the International Princess Project, an organization that advocates for women enslaved in prostitution, restoring their broken lives and empowering them to live free. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter.