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She {hearts} Mothers Day


Mothers Day is a day to celebrate mothers. Whether you are one, or made someone one. Happy Mothers Day to all our readers out there, we hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day weekend.

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She {hearts} Illustrated Classics

best illustrated classics

My oldest daughter was nearing three years when I thought I would be able to keep her attention long enough to try a chapter book together. She loved reading picture books and, like most kids, wouldn’t tire bring one after another (or the same one over and over) then climbing up in my lap to get a good look. I am so glad at this transition I came across Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Helen Oxenbury (the illustrator of one of our favorite board books We’re Going on a Bear Hunt) at the library. I realized this is how family books are meant to be read. Illustrations on nearly every page, from amazing two page spreads to little doodles in the margins. So, I bought the slipcover set and embarked on a journey to find more unabridged classics that all ages could enjoy page after page. Here are five of my favorites.

*note: favorites are based on illustrations of unabridged classics of rather than the actual stories.*



1Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking glass by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. Whimsical and simple she is my very, very favorite illustrator. 



Peter Pan & Wendy



2. Peter Pan and Wendy by JM Barrie, illustrated by Robert Ingpen. Robert Ingpen comes in a close second, and he has illustrated many classics, including his own Alice books. In fact, I love his illustrations so much that his books would probably take up favorite spots 2-5 but for diversity I chose to highlight 5 different illustrators.


Pippi Longstocking



3. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, illustrated by Lauren Child. The same Lauren Child that does Charlie and Lola, fresh and funky.


The Story of Doctor Dolittle



4.The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting, illustrated by Michael Hague. Richly detailed and enjoyable. This one, while not abridged is revised. I confess to have not read the original, however based on reviews I’ve read I understand that the revisions stay true to the heart of the story while being updated to reflect modern day values.


The Secret Garden



5. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, illustrated by Inga Moore. Timeless illustrations.



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Learn more about these amazing illustrators and some of my other favorite books they have done.
Helen Oxenbury: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, It’s My Birthday, King Jack and the Dragon (all three of these are board books)

Robert Ingpen: The Jungle Book, Treasure IslandPinocchio (to name a few)

Lauren Child: Best known for Charlie and Lola (which I haven’t actually read or watched, but maybe I should)

Michael Hague: The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, The Little Mermaid

Inga Moore: The Wind in The Willows

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She {hearts} Kidsme

 photo kidsme_zps2c247902.jpg
 photo IMG_0521_zps44194d3f.jpgKidsme feeder is an award winning baby feeder. The design is sleek- the silicone sac looks almost like a pacifier, with handles allowing baby a comfortable hold, and a lid that serves as a nice “practice cup.”

Honestly I’m not sure how the silicone sac would hold up to teeth, which my other three all had by the time they began solids, but my guess would be not well long term (replacement sacs are available) /*update* company noted they have not had issues with teeth affecting sac/. However with Bo, who is still toothless at nearly 7 months, I’ve found the Kidsme Feeder to be a great transition from exclusively nursing to eating solids- particularly since I don’t bother with baby food and just feed my babies off my plate. The feeder encouraged him to learn to chew without the danger of choking which especially gives my husband piece of mind. After using the feeder for a few weeks he now has been gumming bites like a pro by himself, though we still use it occasionally so he can easily self feed!

The feeder is dishwasher safe, and doubles as a teether- just pop in some ice or frozen food. Another thing I love is that the sac sizes are interchangeable, which means you can purchase one feeder in small or large and additional replacement sacs in the other size separately.

kidsme feeder lid{heart} It

You can purchase your own Kidsme feeder small or large size in color of your choice from

“Like” Kidsme on facebook for product news and updates – coming soon


She {hearts} Freebies

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She {hearts} The Wet Brush


the wet brush

There are three girls in our home, including myself, and we all have long thick hair. While I haven’t had much issue with hair brushing myself, my 8-year-old daughter has an extremely sensitive scalp. So much so that hair brushing was a hated chore and avoided when possible. When it was unavoidable, tears and gritted teeth were expected (sometimes on both sides). When I heard of The Wet Brush I thought she would be the perfect guinea pig to discover if there was really something THAT different about this brush.

When our brush arrived and we used it for the first time, we rejoiced to experience hair brushing without eyes closed tightly and grimaces. No tears or “ouches,” no shrinking away…and I was sold. I knew we would have one of these in our home forever. We’d been using it for about a month before I fully appreciated it for myself as well. It had been misplaced so I had to use a regular brush and I realized then that there is a difference, even for those of us with less sensitive scalps.

My daughter said it simply while she was brushing her own hair (which she can actually do now thanks to this brush), we had been talking about advertisements and how sometimes they exaggerate and she said “Mom, they [The Wet Brush] were really honest, weren’t they?” Yes, yes they were.

Brushing is better, hair is better, life is better.

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the wet brush (4)

With so many colors, sizes, and styles (even combs) to choose from you can get your own Wet Brush directly from “The Wet Brush Store” also available in select salons and at Amazon.

She {hearts} Freebies

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She {hearts} Oatmeal Bake

Have you read about soaking grains? There is a lot out there, so I will break down what I’ve learned to the basics (ie. what I actually understand) soaking aids in digestion of your food.

My conclusion, soaking = better digestion. (But you don’t have to take my word for it, read up on it yourself!)

This recipe, passed onto me by a friend, turns oatmeal into a delicious treat.


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Oatmeal Bake

Oatmeal Bake

Served warm the combined flavors from the coconut oil and molasses makes for a happy mouth and comforted belly, or you can eat {the leftovers} straight from the fridge cold making for an almost cake-like consistency. Also, this bake is easily halved, which is how I usually make it (in a large pie dish).

    To Soak:
  • 6C dry oats
  • 2C water
  • 1/3C yogurt/whey/kefir
  • 1C soft/melted coconut oil
  • Next Morning:
  • 1T cinnamon
  • 2tsp baking soda
  • 1tsp salt
  • 2tsp vanilla
  • 8 eggs
  • 1/2C molasses (1/3 C if using black strap, as it is so strong)
  • 1/2C raisins (optional)
  • Additional Toppings:
  • shredded coconut (optional)
  • brown sugar (optional)
  • additional yogurt or milk (optional)
  • honey (optional)
  1. Combine all "to soak" ingredients in glass bowl and leave on counter, covered, overnight or for 24 hours
  2. The next morning, pre-heat oven to 350
  3. Grease 9x13 pan
  4. Add all "next morning" ingredients to the soaked oats and scoop into prepared pan (optional: sprinkle top with shredded coconut and/or brown sugar)
  5. Bake for 30-35 min
  6. Serve warm or cold (optional: top with additional yogurt or milk and/or drizzle honey on top)

She {hearts} The Well Planned Day

the well planned dayConfession: I am a list maker. I make lists for everything, from meal planning to what I want to accomplish in the next week. I love to cross or check things off, I will even re-write my ongoing lists to keep them neat and orderly (sometimes adding already done things just so I can check them off). So when it comes to my daughters schooling I am no different. Even being attracted to a more simple approach to schooling and having a laid-back lifestyle I still love having something to check off. A written plan is especially helpful since we do 5 days of school curriculum in our 4 day school week. With The Well Planned Day planner I can easily see were to spread that extra day of work throughout the week.

I love all the extras this planner packs, chores charts, a budget page, an area to keep track of letters and cards you send. Each new month includes a calendar month, an article on homeschooling, tear off shopping lists, and space for books read and field trips taken that month. The weekly part divides 5 school days using a two page spread. There is a small section for weekend and dinner menu. Along the top are different scripture verses and quotes each week. There is a section to keep track of grading with 4 cardstock report cards you can give out in the back. December even has an extra Holiday Organization section!

The only drawback is it is designed for 4 children- not a big deal for me since I have only one in school, but I already have a 3 year old, a newly 2 year old, as well as a newborn so we’ll be maxed out in a few years. However for now as a homeschooling mama, it’s the only planner I need- and I look forward to purchasing one for next year.

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You can purchase The Well Planned Day planner- hard copy or software from Home Educating Family Association in their shop or check out a sample here. You can also find many reviews and articles- a fantastic resource for the homeschooling family.

She {hearts} Savings

Right now The Well Planned Day Homeschool Planner (2012-2013) is on sale for $12.48 (regularly $24.95) and if you want to get ready for next year, all of their 2013-2014 planners are on sale as well.


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She {hearts} Manhattan Toy: Groovy Girls

I have two doll loving girls in my house, they love them all…from baby to barbie; the little teeny tiny hard plastic ones, and super groovy plush dolls. We can’t have enough.


Groovy Girls is a brand of Manhattan Toy and they’re doing something right. My girls (ages ranging from 3-8) love the Cali Candy Cane doll we were sent. She’s soft enough for my three year old to snuggle with and my eight year old loves how trendy and stylish she looks. Even the one year old boy thinks she’s grand (of course he plays by holding onto one of those long legs and swinging her around like a club).

Cali Candy Cane is a great addition to your holidays, with her bright and festive attire she’ll fit right in under the tree.

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With lots of dolls and accessories to chose from Groovy Girls is sure to please, in fact you may want to try to collect them all!

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Manhattan Toy is giving away 1 (one) Cali Candy Cane Groovy Girls to a She {hearts} It reader.

UPDATE: Due to lack of stock Manhattan Toy will be replacing the giveaway of Cali Candy Cane with Holiday Wishes Hadley


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