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she {hearts} britax bob b-safe

britax_logoOne of the most important things a momma will buy for her babe is a car seat.  It gives you peace of mind and allows you to rest easy knowing you are doing all you can to protect your little one.  We were in need of a new infant car seat since ours was expired from seven years ago.  Britax has a stellar reputation for creating safe and sturdy car seats for kiddos.  I knew I wanted to experience the Britax difference and share it with all you readers, so when you are making a purchase as important as a baby car seat, you can make the safest decision for your little one!

car seat collage

The first thing I noticed about the car seat was the sturdiness of the seat.  It fit tightly into the car and the actual seat sits securely into the car seat base.  I have always had a difficult time finding infant seats that had a nice shade canopy.  The Britax BOB B-Safe boasts a very deep shade canopy that protects little ones from the sun’s rays.  I am so excited to have that feature! The car seat comes in three different colors- orange, black, and navy- and holds babies up to 30 lbs.  The most important feature… when your babe is in this seat, it will be protected by top-notch side impact protection foam.  The most important quality in a car seat is how well it will protect the baby in case of a collision.  The Britax BOB B-Safe seat distributes crash forces equally and shields the head and neck from anything that might come in contact with the baby during a crash.

There are many items that parents can skimp on, car seats are not one of those items.  I feel so secure putting our sweet bundle in the BOB B-Safe car seat.  The safety features and quality of the seat reassures me that she will be riding in the top infant seat on the market.  When she get here (less than two weeks!!!), I will do a follow up review about the ease and user-friendliness of the seat!


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Be sure to head over to Britax and explore all their amazing car seat options.  The have infant seats, convertible seats, boosters, and more!

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she {hearts} ju-ju-be


I am in baby mode right now.  We only have a little over two weeks before we welcome our little bundle, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  I am even more excited now that I have the most amazing diaper bag to tote all the toddler and baby items I will need when out and about.  Ju-Ju-Be is an amazing bag company that specializes in diaper bags.  There are sizes, styles, and prints galore!  It is so nice to have great options when choosing a bag that will be used for such a special phase in every momma’s life.  They even have bags for daddy’s, too!

jujube collage

I have never had a “nice” diaper bag.  I just used what I had on hand and went with it.  Things got shoved into my make-shift diaper bag and it was never very convenient.  After experiencing my Ju-Ju-Be bag, I am now regretting not having invested in a quality diaper bag that makes taking a little one out so much easier.  I have been toting the Legacy ~ Be Prepared bag around for a couple weeks now.  It truly is a bag that has a place for everything, so I am never unprepared for any of the spills, needs, or mishaps that occur when you are a momma.

legacy be prepared collage

Not only does the Legacy tote have a roomy central compartment, but there are mini pockets and compartments inside of it.  There are pockets on each side of the bag and two pockets on the ends which are perfect for bottles or sippy cups.  I also love that I can wear it snuggly under my arm, or use the larger strap and wear it cross-body.  The fabric is Teflon so drips and stains wipe away easily.  Oh, did I mention that it is easily big enough to suit a mommy with two kiddos in diapers?  Even cloth diapers?  It is a dream diaper bag- for sure!

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I had such a hard time choosing a bag, because all the prints and styles are so amazing.  Make sure to check out Ju-Ju-Be if you are a momma, soon-to-be-momma, or need a great baby gift for someone you know!

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she {hearts} persnickety prints






One of my favorite social media outlets, maybe the favorite social media outlet, has become Instagram.  I love taking quick snippets of our daily life, editing them on my phone, and then sharing with friends and family instantly.  It is quick, simple, and a no-fuss way to interact with other people.  I have been looking for a printing company to print my instagram photos so that I can not only view them on my phone, but also use them in my home.  I had heard rave reviews about Persnickety Prints and how nice their prints were, so I reached out to them to help me with a little DIY project I have had up my sleeve for quite some time.

Persnickety Prints is easy to use- make an account, download photos, pick the size (white boarder or no boarder), and order.  Super simple!  When I ordered mine, I received an email that same day telling me my prints were shipped!  I loved the quick turn around time!

persnickety CollageWhen I received my prints, I noticed they were clear and crisp and the coloring matched the original picture perfectly.  Once I flipped through the prints, I wasted no time starting my DIY project.  I had a frame I had been saving for this project.  I prepped it and got started.  I used tacky glue on the back of my prints (you can use hot glue or double sided tape as well) and glued them onto the frame- easy peasy.  I love that when I need to retire a photo, I just remove the old picture and paste up a new one in its place.  No need in replacing the entire piece of artwork!  Plus, the kids LOVE looking at the pictures.  They have their favorite ones and will stand on the love seat and chat about the memories the pictures bring back.  That is exactly what I was hoping for!

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Visit Persnickety Prints and see for yourself how easy and fun it is to order and style your instagram prints.  You can also upload photos from your computer as well!

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she {hearts} diono

When you have more than three kids, or they are spaced out years apart, you will usually have to purchase multiple car seats due to expiration dates.  As our fourth baby prepares to make her arrival, we have been working to get everything ready for her. Car seats were an issue for us.  We had car seats expiring and the brands we had been using we weren’t fans of.  So, I went on a hunt for the best car seats on the market.  That is how I came across Diononew-lineup-rotator-v2

Diono is a company that is at the forefront of car seat innovation.  They routinely have the highest crash test ratings and their streamlined shape makes them easy to fit into any vehicle.  One thing I love is that you can fit three across in most mid-sized vehicles since they aren’t bulky.  Another benefit that is that Diono seats can be used from birth, up until your child is out of a booster.  The weight limits on these seats, 5 lbs to 120 lbs, allow you to use them for your child’s entire car seat experience and not have to purchase another seat.  That is a huge bonus when you consider how much is spent on infant, convertible, and booster seats for kiddos.

                                     full_Diono_US_RadianRXT_Shadow_420         photo

I reviewed the Diono RadianRXT seat and we are in love with it!  It boasts a steel frame, which I love where safety is concerned.  The seat folds up so when we travel and have to take it through an airport it can be carried as a backpack.  I noticed the buckles were easy to use and I never questioned whether they were securely fastened, or not.  I was sure they were fastened properly and securely.  When the seat is installed, there is no movement.  It is the first seat we have owned that we have been able to install without any movement from the seat.  It certainly gives me peace of mind.

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Be sure to check out Diono‘s selection for yourself!  They have three new car seats is fantastic colors that would be perfect for your child- Pacifica, Rainier, & Olympia.

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she {hearts} Levana


As a mom, I have spent a good deal of time wondering what was going on when my child was sleeping (or, supposed to be sleeping).  I never wanted to open the door for fear of disturbing him/her from their slumber.  At times, I wondered if my child was just “crying” in their sleep, or if they really needed me.  The products we are featuring today solves all the problems I’ve mentioned… and more!

levana collage

Levana is a forward-thinking company that has created several amazing products to ease the minds of mommas everywhere.  They have video monitors that display clearly what is happening with your baby while they are resting in their crib or play-pen.  They have a new movement monitor, the OMA+, that alerts parents if their babe hasn’t had breathing movement for 20 seconds or more.

I reviewed the “Keera” video monitor and was blown away by its capabilities.  I can talk to my baby through the monitor or play music to soothe her back to sleep.  The display was crystal clear in a lit room, and was clear enough to see my baby blinking in a dark room at night.  We are about to welcome our fourth child into our family, and in the process are moving our third child into her sister’s room.  I am so excited to be able to monitor what is going on while they are in the room together.

color video

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Visit Levana for yourself and see all the amazing products for you and your baby!  From Movement Monitors to Video monitors, they have what you need to set your mind at ease.

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she {hearts} favorite recipes

We love sharing recipes with our readers.  There have been so many super yummy recipes that I thought I would share a few of the favorites with you today!  With Mother’s Day and Memorial weekend coming up soon, it is always nice to have a few recipes up your sleeve to whip out for these occasions.

banana breadOne of my all-time favorites is Ashley’s Banana Bread.  When I first started baking with fresh milled wheat, three years ago, I had such a hard time finding recipes that tasted just as good as my regular flour recipes.  This banana bread exceeded my expectations and I bake it all the time when we are expecting overnight company.  It yields two loaves and they are moist and tasty!

avocada salad

This next dish is the perfect appetizer when served with tortilla or pita chips, or as an add-in alongside tacos.  Avocado and Black Bean salad is very tasty, easy and packs a powerful punch when it comes to nutrient dense foods!

stuffed chicken

Anyone will love this Stuffed Chicken recipe.  It doesn’t require a bunch of ingredients, but tastes fabulous as the main dish served with fresh fruit and vegetables!


And, of course, no gathering would be complete without a sweet treat to end the meal.  With strawberries about to hit their peek season, this Strawberry Pie would be perfection at the end of a delicious meal.  It uses a graham cracker crust that is super simple to throw together, and fresh strawberries!  Top it with some homemade whipped cream and you are good to go!

The She {hearts} It writers wish all you mommas a wonderful Mother’s Day!

she {hearts} sonnet james



Sonnet James is a company that specializes in making dresses for the everyday mom. They are comfortable, stylish, and impeccably made- right here in the US!  You can dress them up for a church morning, or put on some tennis-shoes and go for a walk with the family.

Sonnet James was created by a momma with all those things in mind- style, comfort, and workmanship.

These dresses are designed to be rolled around in with your kids, worn while jumping on the trampoline, or for going to the park and flying a kite!  Live life… with your family… in the perfect Sonnet James dress!

Sonnet James was birthed by a mom of two boys, so you know these pieces were made to be worn, enjoyed, and to last!

I received the Stella dress to review.  I have already worn it several times- once to church, once to a meeting, and another time to a conference.  I love that it is a non-maternity dress that can be worn during pregnancy!  I feel so comfortable wearing it right now with my expanding baby bump, and I can’t wait to wear it without my baby bump!  The fabric hangs so nicely and the care of the garment is super simple- wash and let air dry.

stella collage

Make sure you check out Sonnet James when you are thinking about your spring/summer wardrobe.  These dresses would make a perfect addition to your closet.  They are fabulous!

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Check out Sonnet James and get a Mommy Play Dress to enjoy this spring and summer!!!!

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