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Citrus Lane is a unique, very current company that provides monthly subscriptions for boxes filled with fun, practical parent-approved baby and toddler products and items. Each month has a new box theme based on the current season and customer feedback. Best of all, each “best-of” item is a surprise!

Here’s how Citrus Lane works. The great minds at Citrus Lane choose products for their monthly boxes that not only really work, but also have had great feedback from real parents and fulfill a need of parents. To subscribe to their incredible monthly boxes, simply sign up on their website, including your child’s birthdate (up to 3 years) and gender (if desired), and Citrus Lane will cater the items included in each monthly box to you and the stage your child is at. They offer monthly billing and also offer 6 and 12 month packages, which include free boxes!

Citrus Lane‘s boxes are also great for gift giving. Monthly subscription packages are available to purchase as a gift, as well as their Deluxe Shower Box, which is THE perfect present for any mom-to-be. The Deluxe Shower Box includes items such as a swaddling blanket, skin care items, baby toys, and even gift cards for baby announcements. At 32 weeks pregnant with baby #3, I would be beyond delighted if this box happened to show up on my doorstep as we prepare for her arrival!

Citrus Lane sent me their July box. The theme was “Bon Voyage” and focused on items that would be useful as families travel in the summertime. My box included travel-sized gentle skin care products for baby, travel-sized baby detergent, a diaper bag friendly sized baby essentials/first aid kit, a soft baby toy able to clip onto baby’s carseat, a fun bracelet (for mommy!) that is safe for a teething baby, and a coupon to make free postcards on my phone and send them to anyone in the world. SO FUN! I squealed with delight as I studied each product in my box. Even though I’m pregnant with baby #3 (and have tried and been exposed to LOTS of baby products), I’m still constantly on the lookout for useful, tasteful, smart new products and this box alone blew me away! The packaging even made me feel special as I first opened the box. I can’t wait to try out these new products and goodies on our new baby girl.

August’s box will be themed “Back to School” and filled with items to help prepare your child to learn! Check out their cute new video to go with their August box.

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Citrus Lane offers monthly box subscriptions for $25 a month, or subscribe for 6 months for $125 (that’s one free box) or 12 months for $250 (that’s TWO free boxes!). Each box’s surprise items will be season-themed and carefully chosen with your child and his/her stage of development in mind.

She {hearts} Savings

Citrus Lane is offering a 10% discount on all orders with the code 10BLOG, good until 8/14. Also, keep an eye on their Facebook page for additional promotions and discounts!

She {hearts} Freebies

Citrus Lane would like to give away a “Bon Voyage” box to one lucky She {hearts} It reader. This box would be perfect for a new mom, or as a special treat for you and your baby or toddler.

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Ashley is wife to Ryan and is a stay at home mom to Brynlee, Mac, and Evyn. She dabbles in anything creative, sewing, making her home pretty, and cooking. She lives in upstate New York and loves family days, being organized, fashion, pretty patterned fabric, coffee, Jesus, and wrangling her three littles while keeping {or attempting to keep} a smile on her face.


Ashley is wife to Ryan and is a stay at home mom to Brynlee, Mac, and Evyn. She dabbles in anything creative, sewing, making her home pretty, and cooking. She lives in upstate New York and loves family days, being organized, fashion, pretty patterned fabric, coffee, Jesus, and wrangling her three littles while keeping {or attempting to keep} a smile on her face.

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    Packages for moms with babies and toddlers and expectant moms with products that are made from recycled or natural products is a wonderful and helps them with ideas on how to do more things naturally and pass that info to others to produce more earth-concious people!

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