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One thing that comes with a pregnancy, is preparing ourselves for nursing. I have had such bad experiences with nursing my babies, but I look forward to trying my hardest to make it work, each and every single time.

One thing I have noticed after my 3 boys, was how pointless my “typical” Nursing Pillow seemed. It was way to flat, way to tiny… and just did not seem to support baby properly during nursing. I always had to shove a few more pillows under it, in order to get it up high enough.

mercy2Sweetbottoms Baby offers an amazing nursing pillow called the Luna Lullaby. Since my baby is not here and I could not demonstrate with a baby :) – I got my friend Nichole (mother of 8!) to model for me. Her sweet baby is close to 6 months old now and fit on the pillow great. I can only imagine how supportive it would be with a newborn, especially during those early days, when mom is still fatigued and tired from labor. Having support during those early nursing days is a must.

What I also love is that the pillow is large enough that while you are pregnant, you can actually use it as a maternity pillow. It also comes with a washable cover, that has no zippers or velcro as well.

{heart} It

Check out the variety of great fabric choices for the Luna Lullaby Pillow. If you are tired of the flat style nursing pillows and want something that really does offer amazing support, this is a must! Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique also offers a variety of other great products. Such as baby carriers, cloth diapers, natural toys & more.


She {hearts} Freebies

Since not all of us are in the market for a nursing pillow :) – Sweetbottoms wanted to give away a $25 gift certificate to one of our readers. That way whoever wins, can spend it on whatever they’d like!

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Drea - Co-Owner

Drea is the busy mother of 4 boys – running a successful professional photography business - home schooling – managing SAHM duties – & keeping it real as a Pastor/Cop wife. Read articles by Drea →

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Drea is the busy mother of 4 boys – running a successful professional photography business - home schooling – managing SAHM duties – & keeping it real as a Pastor/Cop wife. Read articles by Drea →

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123 Responses to She {hearts} Sweetbottoms Boutique

  1. Jen says:

    That pillow sounds awesome. I have another one on the way and it would be awesome to try!!!

  2. Joanna L. B. says:

    I’m boring, and would probably get a set of mama pads.

  3. Rebecca says:

    That nursing pillow looks really, really great! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  4. Oh, I don’t know exactly what I would get. I would like a teething necklace for the babe, and I’d also like to start using cloth wipes, so some stuff to help me get started with that would be good. But grovia diapers are so nice that might be hard to resist.

  5. Michelle says:

    Due in less than 2 months. Would love this!

  6. amanda says:

    DEF the nursing pillow!

  7. Kara says:

    I have a friend who would LOVE this. If I win, i’d share with her bc she deserves it ;)

  8. Cortney says:

    I love that pillow!

  9. paige says:

    I would get a cloth diaper — not sure which one but thats definitely what I would buy!

  10. Melanie says:

    I’d totally get the lamb had; it’s too cute for words!

  11. Anna Cooper says:

    Hard decision, I might get a teething necklace for my son or a few diaper covers.

  12. karissa says:

    planetwise wet bag

  13. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I would love to try a rumparooz OS pocket diaper.

  14. Rachel M. says:

    i would like to get the fuzzi bunz os

  15. Rachel M. says:

    fuzzi bunz

  16. Heather M says:

    Nifty Nappy Woolie Wrap

  17. Chany says:

    I would get a new Tots Bots diaper!

  18. Chasity Boatman says:

    A nursing pillow

  19. Jill M says:

    A new cloth diaper!

  20. Moli E says:

    I would get either a few cloth diapers or else a swaddling blanket.

  21. Sara Miller says:

    I would buy a bg cloth diaper in mirror. I don’t have that color yet!

  22. Ladonna Mohler says:

    I would love the nursing pillow.

  23. Michelle says:

    Wet bag or a fuzzibunzf

  24. I’d get the LuSa Organics Postpartum Herbs. :)

  25. Talia says:

    I think I’d like to get some natural summer products like sunscreen and bug spray!

  26. Katie L says:

    Bumgenius 4.0

  27. Kristi H says:

    I would get a best bottom AI2 diaper… I have wanted to try one!

  28. Yesenia says:

    I would get the New Easy Fits by Tot Bots diaper in snaps.

  29. Rachel N says:

    I would buy some rumparooz lil joey diapers

  30. sarah o says:

    pillow please, would love one

  31. Jenny says:

    I would buy some cloth diapers! You can never have enough :)

  32. Olivia L says:

    I need a new Planet Wise pail liner and some hemp inserts.

  33. Dana K says:

    Either some diaper covers or some wool.

  34. Dori says:

    I would get some more cloth diapers.

  35. Jessica says:

    I would get the Sea Current Diaper Sprayer.

  36. Justice Montgomery says:

    I would put it towards a couple of FLIPs. I love those diapers!

  37. deltaflute says:

    tiny tush fitted

  38. Breanne says:

    TaylorMade French Twill Sling

  39. Beth R says:

    I would love to try a Rumparooz OS pocket diaper.

  40. debnmike m says:

    a bumgenius freetime

  41. Danielle says:

    I’d use the $ towards a diaper sprayer.

  42. Amy S says:

    I’d start with some hemp inserts.

  43. Jessica O says:

    I would buy an Aden + Anais Issie!

  44. susanne wedel says:

    i think i would get a wetbag

  45. Jenny W says:

    a tots bots diaper

  46. I would love a water carrier!

  47. Viviane says:

    I would love to get a new diaper!

  48. Michelle G says:

    I really like the pillow for nursing, but also the swimsuits with the built in swim diapers were awesome!

  49. bency john says:

    I would probably buy cloth diapers!

  50. Heather says:

    I’d get something cloth diaper related. Maybe a new wool cover or something :)

  51. Charlotte R says:

    I would buy an AppleCheeks™ 2-Size Envelope Covers & Little Bundles

  52. Sarah Bailey says:

    I would get the bowling set. Such cute things on the site…it’s hard to choose.

  53. Knocked Up and Nursing says:

    I’d get an aristocrats wool soaker.

  54. Joanna A says:

    I’d get some boingo’s, and some bamboo and help inserts! Never seen this sight before, and I already filling a cart!

  55. Ivanna says:

    Sounds so cool!

  56. Chelsea O says:

    I would probably get some bumgenius detergent

  57. Dan says:

    I need inserts. Or mama cloth.

  58. Gennie Pintang says:

    I want the Luna baby pillow!

  59. Jodi J says:

    I would get some Flip stay-dry inserts and a Coverall for nighttime

  60. Nikole H. says:

    I’d love some Amber for Me! Like the Adult Honey Cluster Amber Necklace.

  61. Kristi P says:


  62. Guatejen says:

    I would buy some newborn diapers. :)

  63. Bethany says:

    teething necklace

  64. Julie Ghrist says:

    I would buy a bumGenius Freetime All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper

  65. Kelly says:

    Some mama cloth.

  66. Stephanie Polen Reed says:

    I would buy a Sustainablebabyish Snapless-Multi Fitted

  67. Linda says:

    Nursing pillow definitely!

  68. Jessica K. says:

    I would want a Planet Wise Pail Liner

  69. Jess says:

    I think I would try a baby wrap!

  70. Theresa J says:

    I would get the Regular All-In-One Moonbow Pads

  71. brooke t says:

    aden + anais Bamboo Swaddles 3 Pack – Diwali

  72. Heather says:

    Amber teething necklace

  73. Sarah says:

    Wipes! I need more!

  74. Suzy Allen says:

    I actually would probably by the pillow you reviewed. I have one that was given to me when I was pregnant with my DD, but I honestly never used it as a nursing pillow. It did have a feature where you can strap the baby into it on the couch or floor, so that is what I used it for. I found it too bulky and didn’t like how it wrapped around me. I like the shape of this one. I am currently pregnant so it would be a total bonus to be able to use it as a maternity pillow.

  75. Liz quick says:

    I would get a pillow since the boppy doesn’t work for me.

  76. Mary Ann says:

    I want to try the S’bish snapless fitted.

  77. Amy says:

    The cloud B sea turtle :)

  78. Krystal says:

    I’d get some Rockin Green…since I really need some more.

  79. Lexi Conklin says:

    probably a diaper!

  80. Lily Ivey says:

    I’m interested in mama cloth and want to try the Moonbow Pads they carry.

  81. Jenna Burris says:

    planetwise wet bag. i need one to take dipes to my babysitter

  82. Nicole S says:

    I’d buy a bumGenius Freetime diaper.

  83. Mary says:

    Pregnant with my first, lucky to have a typical nursing pillow handed down to me, but would love the option of a larger one. I could also keep one upstairs and one downstairs.

  84. Amy says:

    I would probably buy cloth diaper covers or training pants.

  85. I would get myself (my DAUGHTER) a SoftBums Echo Diaper

  86. sus vandi says:

    i’d choose the bg elemental

  87. Geri Fink says:

    I would love a teething necklace

  88. CasSie C says:

    I am in need of more overnight diapers and hemp inserts

  89. Sarah Jane says:

    I’d use it towards a Nifty Nappy Woolie Wrap.

  90. Amie says:

    I would love to have an amber necklace for myself and my little one. I think I would probably put the gift certificate towards those!

  91. Karyn says:

    I would choose a SBish Organic Bamboo Fitted.

  92. Amy Bailey says:

    I would buy the Unbleached Indian Prefolds – Dozen. I really need them for our new upcoming baby! :D

  93. Bethany Beer says:

    I would have to go for some cloth diapers.

  94. Tiffany says:

    I would get a Kissaluvs Marvels Fitted.

  95. Christena says:

    planet wise wetbag :)

  96. Laura says:

    I would buy a turquoise hazel necklace for my 5yo. He would love it – he loves necklaces, and I know he would be so proud to have one of those.

  97. Raquel Beaty says:

    Applecheeks! Or maybe a Charlie Banana hanging diaper pail!

  98. Joanna B. says:

    A cloth diaper! Probably a kawaii heavy wetter. :) Buut…after this review, for the next baby, I’d probably look into this pillow! Thanks for the review!

  99. Jennifer B says:

    Rumparooz cover!

  100. gladys mendoza says:

    Definitely the nursing pillow it looks & sounds amazing!

  101. becki says:

    More cloth!

  102. Carla Garcia says:

    probably fuzzibunz or other cloth

  103. kristi r says:

    I can’t decide what I would get. I am helping friends get started with cloth, so I would probably get them some gifts :)

  104. Sarah K L says:

    Ooh tough decision! Probably the Grovia diaper!

  105. Ashley Smith says:

    I would buy a Bumgenius elemental AIO cloth diaper

  106. Copper says:

    I would get a fitted diaper. =)

  107. Bonnie Rodriguez says:

    i would use it towards the flip potty trainers

  108. samantha clinton says:

    some hemp or a fitted diaper

  109. Julie M. says:

    a planetwise wetbag:-)

  110. Laurie C says:

    I would get an Amber teething necklace.

  111. Alessandra Peterson says:

    I would love to try a GoGreen Champ diaper!

  112. martha van mulligen says:

    I would buy some diaper covers

  113. kat says:

    I would probably get bamboo doublers. Although I do love that pillow…..

  114. Jessica S. says:

    Eco sprouts soap!

  115. KaTIE says:

    I would buy a Tot Bots EasyFit diaper!!

  116. melissa m says:

    I would buy some Sustainablebabyish Bamboo Terry Flats!

  117. stephanie mcalexander says:

    I would get a newborn cloth diaper for the little one coming in a month. :)

  118. Cindy B says:

    I would either put it towards a baby carrier (like the ergo) or buy some clothes and a sunhat (I don’t know the gender of our new babe yet so can’t say just which ones).

  119. hayley says:

    i think id get a diper! not sure what one!