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irrmeFor those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@dreawood), you would have seen by now, my amazing clip in hair extensions by IrresistibleMe. I have been eyeing clip in extensions for some time now. Even when my hair was super long, I wanted some. They truly are just a great and easy way to liven up a hair style or lengthen up what you have or dont have. ;-) The beauty of them is that they are clip in. So easy in, easy out.

IrresistibleMe carries all 100% real hair. It isn’t the fake synthetic hair you can find at some beauty stores… that does not allow you to use heat on it… These extensions act and feel like real hair.

The Extensions I got are the Royal Remy in Royal Natural Black 200G. My natural hair color is almost totally jet black but has a hint of brown. So the “Natural Black” was perfect and matches my hair exactly. When I put these in you truly cannot tell they aren’t real and I have been nothing but impressed with them.

In order to show how these work, I filmed a video ::cringe:: … I DO NOT LIKE VIDEOS of myself. I am not a video person and I feel I am so bad at them… but filming a video putting these in, for me, just made sense. I wanted to show you all a newb putting in these extensions, to show you, even the “less than talented hair people” can use these. ;-)

Here goes…

I probably wear my extensions 3-4 times a week. I LOVE THEM… but because it is extremely hot, humid and rainy in Georgia… I do not wear them on days I know I will be outside sweating… or in the rain. I want these suckers to last ;-) – so I am trying to take care of them. I love to wear them to church… or on dates. One day I literally wore them all day long and they did not budge. If you are new to extensions, a warning… they do take some time to get use to. They are slightly heavy if you are not use to having long hair… and therefore it does take some time to adjust to that feeling.

They stay in great though and even with 4 boys constantly tugging on me, they stay put and look good all day.

Enjoying my #irresistiblemeextensions this am. I've had a fever the last two days and with that came horrible head aches. Extensions def do not team well with head colds  ... Woke up feeling better today tho so decided to play with the hair. Y'all it's soHeaded to #firstbaptistwoodstock with my dudes. :) wish my husband could come. #dudemom
Had some request for a front shot of the extensions. These btw are #irresistiblemeextensions - in dark brown. Perfect match to my natural hair. I am not one to typically fuss over hair to much but the current length of my hair is so unflattering to my facUsed three extensions to do the side pony tail which is very comfortable and easy to pull off. Used two, two clip wefts and one three clip one. #irresistiblemeextensions #clipinextensions
*from my instagram*

To those curious, why I wanted extensions. Maybe wondering why I don’t just grow out my hair. I donated 11 inches of hair last year to a cancer foundation… and while I enjoyed having a pixie cut, I get bored easily ;-) – so I am currently IN the process of growing out my hair. My hair is to my shoulders now and for me personally, I am not a fan of its length ON ME (its cute on others hah…). I don’t find it the most flattering for my face shape or body frame… so having extensions for me, are a fun and useful item to help me get pass the awkward “growing my hair out” phase. It to me is no different than someone going to a stylist for new hair color or new trims often. I don’t color my hair, so this is my way of “treating my head” to some fun hah… and its a very affordable one, seeing as these can last 1-2 years if well taken care of.

A few tips to leave you with… If you do purchase some:

1. Wash them when you get them!
– to wash use 1 tsp of shampoo (no thickening shampoos) to every 3 cups water. You want it pretty diluted. Then condition them well, rinse, hang dry. Or you can blow dry… just be sure to treat them with a heat spray. I hang mine dry on the clothing hangers that you clip pants too. Works great!! *HERE IS A VISUAL*

Now this is an odd sight :) / read that you should wash your extensions before you use them. Oops ;) so went ahead and washed them and hung them to dry. Looks off to have hair hanging around haha. This hair is naturally wavy. Kinda in love with it  #irres

2. Watch lots of videos on youtube on how to blend them. There are so many great youtubers with great tips and tricks to using these. When I used them to make my pony tail long, I didn’t have to use all of them. Made for a great lighter use of the hair… with still the illusion of long hair.

3. Have fun! :)

{heart} It

SO :), if you are in the market for some “real” human hair extensions, check out IrresistibleMe. They by far have some of the best prices I have found… the quality is great and color options are many. Feel free to e-mail them with any questions you have too. When I was about to get mine, I e-mailed them my photo, so they could help me choose the right color and length/thickness.

She {hearts} Savings

Use code IrresistibleAndrea for 10% off your purchase. *If the coupon code does not work e-mail me at drea[at] – so I can let the company know and get you a working code.*

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Drea is the busy mother of 4 boys – running a successful professional photography business - home schooling – managing SAHM duties – & keeping it real as a Pastor/Cop wife. Read articles by Drea →

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