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She {hearts} IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions


irrmeFor those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@dreawood), you would have seen by now, my amazing clip in hair extensions by IrresistibleMe. I have been eyeing clip in extensions for some time now. Even when my hair was super long, I wanted some. They truly are just a great and easy way to liven up a hair style or lengthen up what you have or dont have. ;-) The beauty of them is that they are clip in. So easy in, easy out.

IrresistibleMe carries all 100% real hair. It isn’t the fake synthetic hair you can find at some beauty stores… that does not allow you to use heat on it… These extensions act and feel like real hair.

The Extensions I got are the Royal Remy in Royal Natural Black 200G. My natural hair color is almost totally jet black but has a hint of brown. So the “Natural Black” was perfect and matches my hair exactly. When I put these in you truly cannot tell they aren’t real and I have been nothing but impressed with them.

In order to show how these work, I filmed a video ::cringe:: … I DO NOT LIKE VIDEOS of myself. I am not a video person and I feel I am so bad at them… but filming a video putting these in, for me, just made sense. I wanted to show you all a newb putting in these extensions, to show you, even the “less than talented hair people” can use these. ;-)

Here goes…

I probably wear my extensions 3-4 times a week. I LOVE THEM… but because it is extremely hot, humid and rainy in Georgia… I do not wear them on days I know I will be outside sweating… or in the rain. I want these suckers to last ;-) – so I am trying to take care of them. I love to wear them to church… or on dates. One day I literally wore them all day long and they did not budge. If you are new to extensions, a warning… they do take some time to get use to. They are slightly heavy if you are not use to having long hair… and therefore it does take some time to adjust to that feeling.

They stay in great though and even with 4 boys constantly tugging on me, they stay put and look good all day.

Enjoying my #irresistiblemeextensions this am. I've had a fever the last two days and with that came horrible head aches. Extensions def do not team well with head colds  ... Woke up feeling better today tho so decided to play with the hair. Y'all it's soHeaded to #firstbaptistwoodstock with my dudes. :) wish my husband could come. #dudemom
Had some request for a front shot of the extensions. These btw are #irresistiblemeextensions - in dark brown. Perfect match to my natural hair. I am not one to typically fuss over hair to much but the current length of my hair is so unflattering to my facUsed three extensions to do the side pony tail which is very comfortable and easy to pull off. Used two, two clip wefts and one three clip one. #irresistiblemeextensions #clipinextensions
*from my instagram*

To those curious, why I wanted extensions. Maybe wondering why I don’t just grow out my hair. I donated 11 inches of hair last year to a cancer foundation… and while I enjoyed having a pixie cut, I get bored easily ;-) – so I am currently IN the process of growing out my hair. My hair is to my shoulders now and for me personally, I am not a fan of its length ON ME (its cute on others hah…). I don’t find it the most flattering for my face shape or body frame… so having extensions for me, are a fun and useful item to help me get pass the awkward “growing my hair out” phase. It to me is no different than someone going to a stylist for new hair color or new trims often. I don’t color my hair, so this is my way of “treating my head” to some fun hah… and its a very affordable one, seeing as these can last 1-2 years if well taken care of.

A few tips to leave you with… If you do purchase some:

1. Wash them when you get them!
– to wash use 1 tsp of shampoo (no thickening shampoos) to every 3 cups water. You want it pretty diluted. Then condition them well, rinse, hang dry. Or you can blow dry… just be sure to treat them with a heat spray. I hang mine dry on the clothing hangers that you clip pants too. Works great!! *HERE IS A VISUAL*

Now this is an odd sight :) / read that you should wash your extensions before you use them. Oops ;) so went ahead and washed them and hung them to dry. Looks off to have hair hanging around haha. This hair is naturally wavy. Kinda in love with it  #irres

2. Watch lots of videos on youtube on how to blend them. There are so many great youtubers with great tips and tricks to using these. When I used them to make my pony tail long, I didn’t have to use all of them. Made for a great lighter use of the hair… with still the illusion of long hair.

3. Have fun! :)

{heart} It

SO :), if you are in the market for some “real” human hair extensions, check out IrresistibleMe. They by far have some of the best prices I have found… the quality is great and color options are many. Feel free to e-mail them with any questions you have too. When I was about to get mine, I e-mailed them my photo, so they could help me choose the right color and length/thickness.

She {hearts} Savings

Use code IrresistibleAndrea for 10% off your purchase. *If the coupon code does not work e-mail me at drea[at] – so I can let the company know and get you a working code.*

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She {hearts} Sammy Dress


Many months ago I was introduced to a company called Sammy Dress. Some of you may have seen this company advertised on facebook. I know I have seen it there a few times. This website is packed full of fashion items for less. When I looked at the website I found myself stuck there for quiet some time. The variety of items offered was huge.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 12.51.59 PM

pursesI loved all their tunic tops, summer dresses and fun accessories. A great selection of purses and clutches.

Their prices are probably some of the most affordable prices I have seen for online shops such as this.

This website does allow returns as well. The sizing charts they offer are pretty true to size… but if you do get an item that does not fit or you do not like, you can ship it back for exchange or refund. They just ask you cover shipping.

For fun I thought I would list out some favorite items I found on the site. Just click the links and it will open them up unto a new window.

Loved this Newspaper inspired Tote. Would make a great over night bag!

Bow Knot Head Band, would be fun for working out, or casual day with a bad hair day.

Huge Make up Brush Set

Another Brush Set (I love make up brushes, always nice to have back ups too, while other ones are being cleaned)

Summer Dress – so cute!

Casual Swoop Top – stripes. I love tops like this.

A Purse organizer! Im so getting one of these!!

As you can see, lots to choose from. They often run lots of specials too. Items as high as 70% off.

{heart} It

So if you are in the market for some online shopping. Check out Sammy Dress. Stuck on bed rest? Kids sick? Got a niece to shop for or daughter, Sammy Dress is a great and fun place to start.


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she {hearts} sonnet james



Sonnet James is a company that specializes in making dresses for the everyday mom. They are comfortable, stylish, and impeccably made- right here in the US!  You can dress them up for a church morning, or put on some tennis-shoes and go for a walk with the family.

Sonnet James was created by a momma with all those things in mind- style, comfort, and workmanship.

These dresses are designed to be rolled around in with your kids, worn while jumping on the trampoline, or for going to the park and flying a kite!  Live life… with your family… in the perfect Sonnet James dress!

Sonnet James was birthed by a mom of two boys, so you know these pieces were made to be worn, enjoyed, and to last!

I received the Stella dress to review.  I have already worn it several times- once to church, once to a meeting, and another time to a conference.  I love that it is a non-maternity dress that can be worn during pregnancy!  I feel so comfortable wearing it right now with my expanding baby bump, and I can’t wait to wear it without my baby bump!  The fabric hangs so nicely and the care of the garment is super simple- wash and let air dry.

stella collage

Make sure you check out Sonnet James when you are thinking about your spring/summer wardrobe.  These dresses would make a perfect addition to your closet.  They are fabulous!

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Check out Sonnet James and get a Mommy Play Dress to enjoy this spring and summer!!!!

sonnet james collage

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She {hearts} Root


I try to be very careful about what I put in my body.  Sometimes, I am not so careful about what I use on the surface of my skin.  I started doing my research on foundations and make-up that are fairly popular.  I could not believe all the stuff that they put in the products.  That is when my search for a “healthy” foundation began.  I found Root through a friend who raved about the mineral foundation.  I did my research and loved every detail about the product… including the price!

root kitRoot is a new company that offers mineral make-up that is actually good for our skin.  There are absolutely NO fillers and chemicals- just four simple ingredients!  I was so happy to try Root’s pearl mineral foundation, bronzer, and setting silk.  I was blown away by the texture of the minerals.  They were so fine and literally glided on my face.  The setting silk felt just like… silk!

root pretty collage

I tried three different foundations (shade 1, 3, and 6) and landed on the formula 3 foundation along with the light bronzer.  I wore the product every day for a week and felt like it held up all day long, too.  There were a couple of days that I threw on a quick layer of the setting silk just to make me feel better, but honestly, I probably didn’t need it.  I am just so used to having to re-apply my powder, that it was habit for me to do so.  I do want to add that I have quite a bit of redness and scarring from acne on my chin and cheeks, so for a powder foundation to conceal all that is pretty good (these are raw images- no editing was done)!

mineral minis

I am so happy to share such a great product with our readers.  I feel like the product, coupled with the amazing price, is hard to beat!

{heart} It

Visit Root and check out all their foundations and NEW eye shadow options!!

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Use code QuickJourney for 10% off your purchase!!!

She {hearts} Freebies

Root is giving away a set of their mineral minis- foundation, bronzer, and setting silk.

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She {hearts} Jamberry Nails


I love having painted nails, but I never can seem to wear polish for more than several days without it starting to chip!  I’m a mom, so I have my hands in water about 37 times a day, which nail polish also does not like.  I was excited to try a set of Jamberry Nails wraps from Independent Consultant Beverly West, but I was a bit skeptical that they would last much longer than nail polish (and still look good).  Jamberry Nails wraps are kind of like stickers that are applied using heat (see how to apply here).

I found the application process pretty straightforward, though my first try took an embarrassingly long amount of time (I hear it gets faster the more you do it!).  I ended up leaving the wraps on my nails for 13 days (what?!) to fully test them out.  The verdict?  Amazing!  I love the look of fancy patterns on my nails (I chose these fabulous gold crisscross wraps) and the Jamberry Nails wraps held up beautifully!  Here’s what they looked like on Day 1.


Don’t they look so fabulous?  I kept smiling as I looked at my nails all day.  Jamberry Nails wraps are also easy to remove when you’re ready, and they don’t damage your nails at all.


Like I said, I kept mine on for 13 days.  Here’s what they looked like on days 8 (left) and 13 (right).

I was very impressed with how well they held up and how long they lasted!

I definitely want to try a few other patterns (and with 300+ to pick from, I have lots of options)!

Beverly West is available to do “virtual” Jamberry Nails parties, where you can host a virtual party for your friends (in your pajamas, if you want!) and earn some great hostess rewards.

I attended one of her parties, and it was super fun!

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Purchase your own Jamberry Nails wraps here!

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Beverly would like to give away a sheet of Jamberry Nails wraps to one lucky She {hearts} it reader!

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She {hearts} JANE

One thing I think most of us moms enjoy doing, is shopping online. At least I do. While I am the type to go out and thrift for almost everything I buy… there are times I do like to purchase things new… and enjoy finding fun places to shop without having to leave the house. After all, as a mom of 4, my “free time” to shop as I please is far and few these days.

I was introduced to way before Christmas! They were sweet to gift me with a few tops and have been so patient in waiting for my review on their company. Which honestly may have worked out in their favor… because as each month passed since I was first introduced to them, the more I grow to like their website.

It is filled with such awesome deals and fun products. With such variety. You can log on and find outfits for you but also for your children. You can find great decor items or gift items for friends and family. Practical pieces as well, such as USB readers, cell phone cases and recipe cards.

Check out this cute top they had listed this week.

As well as this adorable chevron diaper bag for under $15.00. I thought this bag would make a great nursery bag for a baby girl or boy! Looks really easy to monogram too, for an even more personal touch.

I love the yellow top they sent me. Light weight and great for summer or team with a skinny jean and layers in the fall.


{heart} It

So if you are in the market place for a fun gift for yourself or loved one, check out You will enjoy browsing each time you log on.

She {hearts} Freebies would like to giveaway a $50.00 gift certificate to one of our readers!
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She {hearts} Shop Miss A


I tend to be a youtube stalker on occasion… watching fun tutorial’s online and following a select few off and on. One day I logged in and saw a video up by one of the bargain fashion guru’s, who was showcasing a company called Miss A. It immediately got my attention because she started her video by saying everything on their shop cost a $1.

ED9A6137So! I of course logged onto the Miss A website and began browsing.

I spent way to much time :) – they sucked me in and I got to clicking through their entire site and thought their selection was great and had to showcase them.

I got to try out 30 of their items and it sure was fun. A box full of goodies just for me :) and possibly 1 or 2 for my boys. (yes they have some kid stuff too).

Some of my favorite item’s that I tried were their lip balms, both very simple and so me. Another favorite was their nail polish remove pads! They worked better than any other nail polish remove I have ever used. What was nice about them as well is that they didn’t involve a big bottle of liquid or cotton balls. Everything came in a nice compact little container. I highly recommend those. Also their owl jewelry, as well as their numerous number of small zip tote bags. Their hair clips are fantastic too! I stocked up on bobby pins like crazy.


You could easily stock up on just the variety of bags they had for fun Christmas gifts to give out at a school function for your daughter.

{heart} It

Miss A not only carriers great deals on ELF make up brushes and other cosmetics, they also carry a wide variety of jewelry, sun glasses, hair accessories and many more misc. items. Perfect place to shop, avoid crowds this Christmas and stock up on great smaller items and stocking stuffers!

Oh and did I mention shipping is only $3.95! No matter how big your order.

She {hearts} Freebies

Miss A would like to giveaway TWO $15.00 Gift Certificates to two randomly selected readers. That means you’d get to pick 15 items for free, since everything is just $1.00.

To Enter:

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