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Now Accepting Submissions For Our Holiday Showcase!

We are excited to announce that we are currently accepting submissions for our Holly Jolly Showcase! We’re looking to feature products that are unique and sure to turn heads! We’d love to put you in the spotlight by sharing our experiences with your products! If you have a product that you’d like to have featured here at She {hearts} It, please contact us at and we will get back to you with details and our Media Kit!

Sorry, we cannot review products based on product description. We cannot recommend products we haven’t tried! :)

She {hearts} 1,500

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all our readers for continuing to make She {hearts} It a success.

I know 1st hand how hard it is to get a review site off the ground.

After starting SIMPLE back in 2007 – to then in 2011 launching a new site,
lets just say – it took work.

Without our awesome sponsors, amazing writers, organizational and tech skills (oh Sheena I love you – could not of done this without you), and most of all, you all; this site would not of been possible.

So THANK YOU to those who {heart} our site :)

Who share it with their friends. Who enter our giveaways & continue to visit.

We have lots more to come in the next few weeks.
So keep an eye out for some
great giveaways and showcases.

Also to those curious why we don’t typical post on the weekend.
I don’t think this is the norm for review sites, but when we launched, we had this in mind. Weekends are our special time with our families… and we just thought it be nice for us to have a break but also to express the importance we feel for taking a computer break on a weekend and just enjoying time with those we are close to.

Thanks again!

& don’t forget to {heart} Us

If you haven’t already ;-)
By doing this it helps us to bring more to the site.
As well as help you keep up with when post go up.

oh & we have a cute lil’ button too ;-)
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She {hearts} Weekends with the Family

IMG_1196copyI just wanted to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful writers for what they contribute to She {hearts} It.

Also Thank You to our readers who keep us going and the incredible companies who took a gamble investing in a new site. We are so excited to have such a great interest from so many.

In case you missed it on Facebook our site was actually overloaded with hits a day or so ago, when one of our post was STUMBLED :) – getting 500 hits in 1 second! No joke. I didn’t even think that was possible :) – Obviously it caused our site to shut down for a few hours, as the kinks were worked out from the bandwidth overload, but really – its not a bad problem to have. ;-) right?

We are so glad our readers have enjoyed the site and we hope that you all continue to enjoy it. Feel free to chime in any time you’d like on our She {hearts} It facebook page. We love to hear from those who view our site. If you have items you’d like for us to showcase or even ideas for recipes, etc… don’t hesitate to speak up.

Thanks so much! I hope this made some sense :) – and I also wish you all an amazing 4th of July weekend! Lets remember all those who serve this Country, while we enjoy time with family, friends, fire works and more.

She {Hearts} Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day right around the corner… we have all been in search of some great products geared towards women.

Starting next week, Monday the 18th – we will start a series of reviews that do just that!

In the mean time help us out by adding the button below to your blogs.

It will come into play later with our awesome giveaways that are a part of this event.

What do you {heart}?

IMG_4206As we prepare for the launch we would love to hear from our potential audience what products, recipes, crafts, etc… you’d liked to see on “she {hearts} it”. Just comment! We will appreciate any feedback as it helps us have an even better idea what to offer our readers.

Also, just to mix things up, let us know what you DON’T like about some review sites…

Do you like lengthy posts?
Short to the point?
Lots of pictures?
Stock photos?
Big items, little items.
Home made or big corporations?

Fill us in!

the {she} in she {hearts} it

Some of you may be wondering who is going to be the {she} in she {hearts} it – the “she” obviously isnt just one of us :) – but many very talented and awesome women from around the US & even 1 Canadian!

Below is just a list of who will be contributing on this site.
These are in no particular order…

- Carrington



- Sheena



- Stacey (our awesome canadian mom)


– We do have plans on adding on a couple more… so stay tuned :).

– Since I knew listing everyone’s photo on this post would take up a lot of space, I decided I’d just put up this cute picture of one of our writers, Mindy. She had this up on her blog yesterday.

We look forward to our readers keeping up with “she {hearts} it”, but also look forward to getting to know you all as well!

Stay tuned for more info the rest of the week :), and then we launch our 1st review and giveaway on the 7th of March (Monday). In the mean time, don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook…. follow us via Twitter and or subscribe to the site!

Help Us {heart} Us!

We are so excited to finally begin the process of launching she {hearts} it, a site that is going to bring mothers, fathers, children, crafts, food, organic living and more into one destination!

With a team of amazing bloggers and fantastic companies lined up, she {hearts} it is destined to be a huge success! As eager readers and wonderful supporters of our own personal blogs, we’d love for you to help us build this site!

We have high hopes and really look forward to this fresh, new, and exciting beginning.

Next week on March 7th we will officially LAUNCH “she {hearts} it”.

Go ahead and help us get started by…

1) “liking” us or “becoming a fan” on facebook.

2) following us via twitter

3) subscribing to our feed

4) adding our cute button to your blog side bar or website.



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Throughout the week, we hope to introduce you to our writers, and then as stated above, on the 7th we will officially open up with an incredible giveaway and many more to come!

Thanks so much!

~ Drea & Sheena, co-founders of “she {hearts} it”.

Pssst… Feel free to comment on this post saying helloooo or you can wait ’til mid week for the 1st official giveaway!