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She {hearts} reVetro


Who doesn’t love pretty jewelry?  I know I love wearing statement necklaces, and my new piece from reVetro is an eye-catching addition to my collection!

reVetro offers gorgeous recycled jewelry made from glass bottles!  It’s so great to know that when you buy this jewelry you are saving a glass bottle from a landfill.  The jewelry is so stylish and fun!  These unique pieces would make great gifts for moms, friends, and coworkers.

The piece I received is called the Bombay Gin Mini Square.  It’s so pretty and versatile!


There are tons of other pieces of jewelry to fall in love with.


Follow reVetro on facebook and Instagram for the scoop on the latest giveaways, new products, and events!

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Shop reVetro eco-friendly accessories here, starting at $9!

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reVetro is giving away a necklace to one lucky She {hearts} It reader!

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She {hearts} Root


I try to be very careful about what I put in my body.  Sometimes, I am not so careful about what I use on the surface of my skin.  I started doing my research on foundations and make-up that are fairly popular.  I could not believe all the stuff that they put in the products.  That is when my search for a “healthy” foundation began.  I found Root through a friend who raved about the mineral foundation.  I did my research and loved every detail about the product… including the price!

root kitRoot is a new company that offers mineral make-up that is actually good for our skin.  There are absolutely NO fillers and chemicals- just four simple ingredients!  I was so happy to try Root’s pearl mineral foundation, bronzer, and setting silk.  I was blown away by the texture of the minerals.  They were so fine and literally glided on my face.  The setting silk felt just like… silk!

root pretty collage

I tried three different foundations (shade 1, 3, and 6) and landed on the formula 3 foundation along with the light bronzer.  I wore the product every day for a week and felt like it held up all day long, too.  There were a couple of days that I threw on a quick layer of the setting silk just to make me feel better, but honestly, I probably didn’t need it.  I am just so used to having to re-apply my powder, that it was habit for me to do so.  I do want to add that I have quite a bit of redness and scarring from acne on my chin and cheeks, so for a powder foundation to conceal all that is pretty good (these are raw images- no editing was done)!

mineral minis

I am so happy to share such a great product with our readers.  I feel like the product, coupled with the amazing price, is hard to beat!

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Visit Root and check out all their foundations and NEW eye shadow options!!

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Use code QuickJourney for 10% off your purchase!!!

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Root is giving away a set of their mineral minis- foundation, bronzer, and setting silk.

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She {hearts} MY ECO



My primary grocery store is Aldi, which requires you to bring your own bags, so I’m a bit “seasoned” at using reusable bags.  I typically stuff a bunch of random-sized bags into the car before we leave and then shove all my groceries in as best as I can.  UNTIL… I discovered MY ECO Bags!  These reusable shopping bags are absolutely fantastic.

The MY ECO 4-in-1 bag set is a small pouch that unzips to reveal four HUGE reusable bags (which have been made from recycled yogurt containers!).  The bottom of one of the bags forms the zippered pouch so you’ll always be able to put it back together.


The first bag is for groceries and dry goods, and it holds a TON. The second bag is for produce.  I buy lots of produce usually, so it’s nice that this bag is really large too!  The third bag is possibly my favorite: the insulated bag for cold and frozen items.  The top zips shut to keep groceries cold (worked for me on a 40-minute drive home!).  The fourth bag is for glass jars, bottles, and cans.  On my recent trip, I didn’t even end up needing this bag because the other bags had so much storage!  The cool thing about this bag is that it has mesh bands inside to keep the bottles and jars from clanking against each other and breaking.

The bottoms of the bags are square, which keeps them upright for bagging, fitting in the cart, packing in the car, and unloading without falling over.  All of the bags are quite sturdy and have wide straps which makes them easy to carry.  As an added bonus, the bags are all wipeable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!  

The MY ECO 4-in-1 Bag Set holds the equivalent of 30 plastic grocery bags!  Did you catch that I fit ALL my groceries into just three bags?  So awesome!  I plan on leaving the pouch in the car so it’s always there when I shop!

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You can purchase your own reusable shopping bag set here for just $25.  (But be sure to check out the coupon code below!)

myeco shopping_bag_slide_1

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Use code shnc02 for 20% off your purchase!  Valid through 2/15/14.

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MY ECO would like to give away one 4-in-1 bag set to a lucky She {hearts} it reader!

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she {hearts} the mason bar company

Do you love mixing your own iced coffees at home?  Do you love taking your refreshing lemon water on-the-go?  This past summer, I began to mix my own iced coffees to enjoy at home.  I would pour my coffee into a mason jar and head out to run errands with my crew.  One major problem I had was that my squatty mason jar didn’t fit well in my cup holder.  Coffee would slosh around and then I would have a mess on my hands, literally.  I already shared my favorite coffee concentrate with everyone, but now I want to share my favorite way to drink my water and coffee.

IMG_1079The Mason Bar Co. is a great, eco-friendly company based out of California that offers tumblers with BPA free lids and straws!  I have been in the process of slowly tossing my plastic containers and cups, and adding in BPA free glass containers and cups.  The Mason Bar Company’s tumblers are a great way to move toward a more green, eco-conscious way of drinking our liquids.  They have a variety of sizes (sizes that actually fit in the cup holders in your car!!!) and multiple colors of straws.  I love that each member of my family has their own tumbler and their own straw so we don’t swap germs.

mason bar collageThe Mason Bar Co. even offers adorable tumbler cozies to go with your tumbler.  There are multiple colors and sizes to fit everyone’s taste preferences.  I love supporting small businesses that strive to help maintain a cleaner Earth.  mason collage

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Visit The Mason Bar Co. and pick out a tumbler for yourself!

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The Mason Bar Co. is offering on of our readers a $25 store credit to purchase your very own tumbler!!!

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she {hearts} rudabegga’s


I am a coffee lover.  I don’t like to add anything to my brew- just yummy, black coffee.  Lately, I have been craving iced coffees.  I have a difficult time making iced coffee at home that is strong enough for me, yet not bitter, so I began searching for the perfect brew for my iced coffees.  This is where Rudabegga’s Artisian Coffee Concentrate comes and saves the day!  I was so excited to find a concentrate that was delicious without adding in a ton of calories, carbs, and artificial sweeteners.

Apple Cider

You might be wondering what makes this concentrate so special.  This is the key… cold brewed coffee!  That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your coffee hot.  It means that the concentrate is made using a cold brewing process.  It makes the coffee smooth and it goes down so easily.  No puckering when you drink this coffee!  It is also so gentle on your gut and there is no irritation after you enjoy a delicious cup of Rudabegga’s joe.

Apple Cider

Rudabegga’s doesn’t stop at coffee.  They offer healthy soaps, body butters, bath salts, and even original pieces of art work!

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Show Rudabegga’s some love visit their website and facebook page.  You can also follow them on instagram!

she {hearts} timber & tamber

timber header

Well, despite my best efforts to shoo away a new school year, summer is about to end, which means one thing- back to school shopping.  It is the best part of starting a new school year.  I love getting my kids a couple fresh outfits to choose from.  Ella has been begging for rain boots for almost a year.  I struggled because I couldn’t find a cute pair that was made well.  That was, until I stumbled across Timber & Tamber Boots on etsy.

timber collage

Ella was more than stoked when she opened her box of Timber & Tamber boots.  I fell in love with the details of the boots- the bows in the back… the labels on the front… the durability of the sole and boot.  Timber & Tamber has so many colors and offers boots for all different ages.  This is what Timber & Tamber says about their boots:

This company aims at producing products that are made from high quality materials, whilst always striving to reduce wastage and environmental impact.

I love when I find a fabulous company that offers an eco-friendly product.  And, they will be here just in time for your kiddo’s first day of school! Win-win!

tamber collage

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Run by Timber & Tamber and check out their amazing boot selection! Favorite them on Etsy!!!

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she {hearts} quiet home paints

Quiet Home Paints

We are about to begin another school year.  Last year, we would spend our mornings in a room that made us feel like Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.  No really.  Our school room was this burnt orange color that, five years ago, I really loved.  Let’s just say that I have outgrown that color now.  I have been working on lightening and brightening our house as a whole.  “Cooling” it off, so to speak.  I was thrilled when I ran across Quiet Home Paints, and I knew I had to use their paint in our school room.

schoolroom before

Let me tell you a little more about Quiet Home Paints.  They are a company led by a mother/daughter team who were inspired to create a paint line that could be used around little ones while still offering a beautiful selection of colors.  Quiet Home Paints are VOC free, contain ZERO toxins, are solvent free, and green.  When we were using the paint, the first thing that was mentioned was the lack of odor.  This paint didn’t smell in the least.  Not only was it odor free, but it had a nice consistency and covered the burnt orange really well.


Quiet Home Paints also has a paint line designed for little one’s nurseries and rooms.  These paints are so kid friendly, that you can include your child in the process.  They are water-based and completely non-toxic!  So, let your special helper be involved in creating their very own place in your home!


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Click over to Quiet Home Paints and check out their fabulous selection of colors.

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Quiet Home Paints is offering one of our lovely readers a gallon of paint- free!  {$84.00 value!}

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