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she {hearts} britax bob b-safe

britax_logoOne of the most important things a momma will buy for her babe is a car seat.  It gives you peace of mind and allows you to rest easy knowing you are doing all you can to protect your little one.  We were in need of a new infant car seat since ours was expired from seven years ago.  Britax has a stellar reputation for creating safe and sturdy car seats for kiddos.  I knew I wanted to experience the Britax difference and share it with all you readers, so when you are making a purchase as important as a baby car seat, you can make the safest decision for your little one!

car seat collage

The first thing I noticed about the car seat was the sturdiness of the seat.  It fit tightly into the car and the actual seat sits securely into the car seat base.  I have always had a difficult time finding infant seats that had a nice shade canopy.  The Britax BOB B-Safe boasts a very deep shade canopy that protects little ones from the sun’s rays.  I am so excited to have that feature! The car seat comes in three different colors- orange, black, and navy- and holds babies up to 30 lbs.  The most important feature… when your babe is in this seat, it will be protected by top-notch side impact protection foam.  The most important quality in a car seat is how well it will protect the baby in case of a collision.  The Britax BOB B-Safe seat distributes crash forces equally and shields the head and neck from anything that might come in contact with the baby during a crash.

There are many items that parents can skimp on, car seats are not one of those items.  I feel so secure putting our sweet bundle in the BOB B-Safe car seat.  The safety features and quality of the seat reassures me that she will be riding in the top infant seat on the market.  When she get here (less than two weeks!!!), I will do a follow up review about the ease and user-friendliness of the seat!


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Be sure to head over to Britax and explore all their amazing car seat options.  The have infant seats, convertible seats, boosters, and more!

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she {hearts} diono

When you have more than three kids, or they are spaced out years apart, you will usually have to purchase multiple car seats due to expiration dates.  As our fourth baby prepares to make her arrival, we have been working to get everything ready for her. Car seats were an issue for us.  We had car seats expiring and the brands we had been using we weren’t fans of.  So, I went on a hunt for the best car seats on the market.  That is how I came across Diononew-lineup-rotator-v2

Diono is a company that is at the forefront of car seat innovation.  They routinely have the highest crash test ratings and their streamlined shape makes them easy to fit into any vehicle.  One thing I love is that you can fit three across in most mid-sized vehicles since they aren’t bulky.  Another benefit that is that Diono seats can be used from birth, up until your child is out of a booster.  The weight limits on these seats, 5 lbs to 120 lbs, allow you to use them for your child’s entire car seat experience and not have to purchase another seat.  That is a huge bonus when you consider how much is spent on infant, convertible, and booster seats for kiddos.

                                     full_Diono_US_RadianRXT_Shadow_420         photo

I reviewed the Diono RadianRXT seat and we are in love with it!  It boasts a steel frame, which I love where safety is concerned.  The seat folds up so when we travel and have to take it through an airport it can be carried as a backpack.  I noticed the buckles were easy to use and I never questioned whether they were securely fastened, or not.  I was sure they were fastened properly and securely.  When the seat is installed, there is no movement.  It is the first seat we have owned that we have been able to install without any movement from the seat.  It certainly gives me peace of mind.

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Be sure to check out Diono‘s selection for yourself!  They have three new car seats is fantastic colors that would be perfect for your child- Pacifica, Rainier, & Olympia.

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she {hearts} Levana


As a mom, I have spent a good deal of time wondering what was going on when my child was sleeping (or, supposed to be sleeping).  I never wanted to open the door for fear of disturbing him/her from their slumber.  At times, I wondered if my child was just “crying” in their sleep, or if they really needed me.  The products we are featuring today solves all the problems I’ve mentioned… and more!

levana collage

Levana is a forward-thinking company that has created several amazing products to ease the minds of mommas everywhere.  They have video monitors that display clearly what is happening with your baby while they are resting in their crib or play-pen.  They have a new movement monitor, the OMA+, that alerts parents if their babe hasn’t had breathing movement for 20 seconds or more.

I reviewed the “Keera” video monitor and was blown away by its capabilities.  I can talk to my baby through the monitor or play music to soothe her back to sleep.  The display was crystal clear in a lit room, and was clear enough to see my baby blinking in a dark room at night.  We are about to welcome our fourth child into our family, and in the process are moving our third child into her sister’s room.  I am so excited to be able to monitor what is going on while they are in the room together.

color video

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Visit Levana for yourself and see all the amazing products for you and your baby!  From Movement Monitors to Video monitors, they have what you need to set your mind at ease.

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she {hearts} back to school preparation

back to school collage

Back-to-school planning and preparation is in full swing around here.  We have our schoolroom painted and ready to go!  That was a huge item I needed to check off of my list… whew!  Now I can breath a little.  We typically buy the kids a couple of new outfits to wear through out the year.  We never go overboard… they grow so fast and their clothes show wear from playing outside.  Even so, it is nice to have a few special pieces for them to wear when we are out and about and need to look pulled together.  That is where the Tea Collection comes into play.

tea collage

With their new fall line featuring beautiful jewel tones and scenes from abroad, my kiddos have those “go-to” fashion-forward pieces.  I love the feel of Tea Collections clothing- both soft and very durable.  Round it off with super adorable boots, and we’re good to go!

tea two collage

Next item to check off my back-to-school list… supplies!  I love breaking open a new box of crayons or markers.  What back-to-school preparations are you entertaining?

Tea Collection: Ella’s Shirt/scarf; Liam’s shirt; Guinnyth’s romper

Timber & Tamber: Ella’s rain boots

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She {hearts} The Well Planned Day

the well planned dayConfession: I am a list maker. I make lists for everything, from meal planning to what I want to accomplish in the next week. I love to cross or check things off, I will even re-write my ongoing lists to keep them neat and orderly (sometimes adding already done things just so I can check them off). So when it comes to my daughters schooling I am no different. Even being attracted to a more simple approach to schooling and having a laid-back lifestyle I still love having something to check off. A written plan is especially helpful since we do 5 days of school curriculum in our 4 day school week. With The Well Planned Day planner I can easily see were to spread that extra day of work throughout the week.

I love all the extras this planner packs, chores charts, a budget page, an area to keep track of letters and cards you send. Each new month includes a calendar month, an article on homeschooling, tear off shopping lists, and space for books read and field trips taken that month. The weekly part divides 5 school days using a two page spread. There is a small section for weekend and dinner menu. Along the top are different scripture verses and quotes each week. There is a section to keep track of grading with 4 cardstock report cards you can give out in the back. December even has an extra Holiday Organization section!

The only drawback is it is designed for 4 children- not a big deal for me since I have only one in school, but I already have a 3 year old, a newly 2 year old, as well as a newborn so we’ll be maxed out in a few years. However for now as a homeschooling mama, it’s the only planner I need- and I look forward to purchasing one for next year.

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You can purchase The Well Planned Day planner- hard copy or software from Home Educating Family Association in their shop or check out a sample here. You can also find many reviews and articles- a fantastic resource for the homeschooling family.

She {hearts} Savings

Right now The Well Planned Day Homeschool Planner (2012-2013) is on sale for $12.48 (regularly $24.95) and if you want to get ready for next year, all of their 2013-2014 planners are on sale as well.


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She {hearts} Hannah’s Oak


Hannah’s Oak began with a product to sell- cute wool dryer balls, which Paula sent to me for review. However since then Paula felt like she was being called to use Hannah’s Oak mainly to help mothers and families rather than sell a product. Hannah’s Oak is an awesome site whose heart of  their mission is to particularly help those “brokenhearted by pregnancy complications, children in intensive care units; & child loss through our projects & support.” Paula recently began Project Bella’s Bows to provide adorable bows for babies in her local NICU as well as for bereavement photos shoots.

I have been witness to the loss of a child in labor, miscarriages, unable to conceive, having a child in the NICU and each trial brings about it’s own unique set of hardships. I think it’s wonderful that someone is doing something for these mothers, using her time and talents in service of others. Offering a small bit of encouragement- soaked in love, to them in their pain.

{heart} It

Check out Hannah’s Oak and see where you can jump in to help, one way is by purchasing your own cute bow from their etsy shop (all proceeds go towards providing bow’s to babies in need), or find resources to receive encouragement and support with whatever pregnancy difficulty you are expeiriencing.

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She {hearts} Perfect Pushing

baby boom virtual shower


Well in a few short days or weeks… I will be in that place again…

In Labor… ready to push.

Now this post may be bizarre for some and something many of us never even think about. After my 3rd born though and a very hard and intense natural birth experience… I realized I knew very little about pushing in labor.

With my 1st two births I relied on the epidural and by the time I had to push, it was just something that felt very unsure about and unnatural. Maybe because I could not feel with my first two… with them though, I just followed the instructions of the nurses and it eventually worked out. After hours of pushing. The good thing with those was the fact I couldn’t feel a thing :) but come my 3rd born and the ability to feel, I realized I knew nothing about pushing.

My pushing with Owen was extremely difficult… I wish going into that birth experience I had known more about that process, besides the “given” – you will know when you need to push. :)

Months ago I came across a site that sold a dvd called “Perfect Pushing.” I had heard about this company prior and the amazing techniques they have for women who have a Diastasis after pregnancy… but the information about pushing in labor was something I had never seen before.

perfectpushingdvdI’ve since watched the dvd and have learned so much about how our bodies work in pregnancy… but also after pregnancy. The methods Julie teaches on this dvd are so wise and make perfect sense.

It is something that you can put into practice at the beginning of your pregnancy and use throughout. Once baby comes you can use these methods to strengthen your abdominal again and begin the journey back to your pre-pregnancy figure. :) Obviously after 3 kids and soon to be my 4th, I do not expect a perfect stomach…. but I do know strengthening it properly is so important… not just for comfort reasons in clothing but also core strength and even spinal health.

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The Perfect Pushing DVD is available online. You can read many reviews on how this dvd helped so many women during labor… I can’t vouch for its methods personally, since… well, my baby is still cooking ;-) – but I look forward to going into this labor experience with a little more knowledge and help, than I have in the past.

She {hearts} Freebies

Julie would like to give one of our readers the chance to win the Perfect Pushing DVD.

To Enter:

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