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One of my favorite social media outlets, maybe the favorite social media outlet, has become Instagram.  I love taking quick snippets of our daily life, editing them on my phone, and then sharing with friends and family instantly.  It is quick, simple, and a no-fuss way to interact with other people.  I have been looking for a printing company to print my instagram photos so that I can not only view them on my phone, but also use them in my home.  I had heard rave reviews about Persnickety Prints and how nice their prints were, so I reached out to them to help me with a little DIY project I have had up my sleeve for quite some time.

Persnickety Prints is easy to use- make an account, download photos, pick the size (white boarder or no boarder), and order.  Super simple!  When I ordered mine, I received an email that same day telling me my prints were shipped!  I loved the quick turn around time!

persnickety CollageWhen I received my prints, I noticed they were clear and crisp and the coloring matched the original picture perfectly.  Once I flipped through the prints, I wasted no time starting my DIY project.  I had a frame I had been saving for this project.  I prepped it and got started.  I used tacky glue on the back of my prints (you can use hot glue or double sided tape as well) and glued them onto the frame- easy peasy.  I love that when I need to retire a photo, I just remove the old picture and paste up a new one in its place.  No need in replacing the entire piece of artwork!  Plus, the kids LOVE looking at the pictures.  They have their favorite ones and will stand on the love seat and chat about the memories the pictures bring back.  That is exactly what I was hoping for!

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Visit Persnickety Prints and see for yourself how easy and fun it is to order and style your instagram prints.  You can also upload photos from your computer as well!

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She {hearts} JANE

One thing I think most of us moms enjoy doing, is shopping online. At least I do. While I am the type to go out and thrift for almost everything I buy… there are times I do like to purchase things new… and enjoy finding fun places to shop without having to leave the house. After all, as a mom of 4, my “free time” to shop as I please is far and few these days.

I was introduced to way before Christmas! They were sweet to gift me with a few tops and have been so patient in waiting for my review on their company. Which honestly may have worked out in their favor… because as each month passed since I was first introduced to them, the more I grow to like their website.

It is filled with such awesome deals and fun products. With such variety. You can log on and find outfits for you but also for your children. You can find great decor items or gift items for friends and family. Practical pieces as well, such as USB readers, cell phone cases and recipe cards.

Check out this cute top they had listed this week.

As well as this adorable chevron diaper bag for under $15.00. I thought this bag would make a great nursery bag for a baby girl or boy! Looks really easy to monogram too, for an even more personal touch.

I love the yellow top they sent me. Light weight and great for summer or team with a skinny jean and layers in the fall.


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So if you are in the market place for a fun gift for yourself or loved one, check out You will enjoy browsing each time you log on.

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She {hearts} The Litter Robot

Litter-Robot Logo
Litter Robot 27974Many years ago I was introduced to a product called the Litter Robot after we got our first indoor cat. Since that time we moved… found our cat a nice new home and have since settled down in Georgia (for now) and rescued the sweetest cat ever, Toby! He was in the Animal Shelter for 6 long months… a stray that was up next to be killed… but due to his good temperament he was kept a while longer. Thankful we found him when we did, he has been the sweetest cat we’ve ever met.

I knew as soon as we got him that getting another Litter Robot was high on my priority list.

I decided to just do a video review on this product even though I HATE MYSELF on camera… It always helps to see the product working to give you an idea on how it works… although its pretty self explanatory.

So enjoy, be kind – Im so bad at videos! :-)



{heart} It

So if you are like me and very much dislike the litter box… invest in a Litter Robot. Look around youtube. You will see praise after praise over this product. Amazon as well has review after review on how much people love this litter box. One guy in fact on youtube altered his Litter-Robot in order to house MORE cats, his video can be viewed HERE. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. You can learn more about the Litter Robot on their website.

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she {hearts} ramble & roost

Ramble & Roost is a handmade, fine-art shop that I stumbled upon while searching for a unique piece to top off our schoolroom.  We have a map wall in our room and I wanted to continue the rustic, world theme with the entire room.  You can imagine how excited I was when I saw the string art in Ramble & Roost.  I was lucky enough to receive a custom piece of string art representing my home state on pieces of reclaimed wood.  The owner, Lauren, even put a sweet heart over a location that is special to me.

string art collage

The great thing about Ramble & Roost is the option to totally customize your piece.  Maybe you have a wedding coming up and want a one-of-a-kind gift for the special couple… Ramble and Roost can make a custom piece with the couples’ initials!  Maybe you have a baby shower… Ramble and Roost can create a piece to hang in the baby’s room.  The possibilities are endless!

ramble and roost collage


As if the string art weren’t enough, Ramble & Roost also offers custom tumblers for all your iced coffee and lemon water needs, as well as photo transfers!

r&R collage 2

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Purchase your own custom piece of art at Ramble & Roost!!

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flower artYou lucky readers get a change to win a Flower String Art from Ramble & Roost

($75.00 value)!!!

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she {hearts} quiet home paints

Quiet Home Paints

We are about to begin another school year.  Last year, we would spend our mornings in a room that made us feel like Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.  No really.  Our school room was this burnt orange color that, five years ago, I really loved.  Let’s just say that I have outgrown that color now.  I have been working on lightening and brightening our house as a whole.  “Cooling” it off, so to speak.  I was thrilled when I ran across Quiet Home Paints, and I knew I had to use their paint in our school room.

schoolroom before

Let me tell you a little more about Quiet Home Paints.  They are a company led by a mother/daughter team who were inspired to create a paint line that could be used around little ones while still offering a beautiful selection of colors.  Quiet Home Paints are VOC free, contain ZERO toxins, are solvent free, and green.  When we were using the paint, the first thing that was mentioned was the lack of odor.  This paint didn’t smell in the least.  Not only was it odor free, but it had a nice consistency and covered the burnt orange really well.


Quiet Home Paints also has a paint line designed for little one’s nurseries and rooms.  These paints are so kid friendly, that you can include your child in the process.  They are water-based and completely non-toxic!  So, let your special helper be involved in creating their very own place in your home!


schoolroom three in a row2{heart} It

Click over to Quiet Home Paints and check out their fabulous selection of colors.

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she {hearts} norwex

I am a mom.  I have three kids and a hubby (he kind of counts as a kid, right?).  I have a house, which happens to be the stomping grounds for those three kids and the hubby.  With that being said- my house gets dirty fast.  And, if that weren’t enough, we live on a gravel road that is fairly busy, so it requires me to dust often.  I don’t have a ton of time to spend dusting, cleaning toilets, washing windows, wiping counters- oh, the list could go on.

Norwex cleaning

Even though life is busy, I love a clean house.  Not only do I love a clean house, but I also require cleaning products that are good for my family.  I get plenty of “help” when it comes to cleaning, so the products I use need to be safe for my littles to use.  I have found that Norwex cleaning products are the answer to so many of my problems.

“Norwex is committed to radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning to promote health.  

More than ever we feel the need to emphasize the positive environmental impact of reducing chemical use.”

When I opened my Norwex box, it was like Christmas.  I could not wait to use my products and share them with y’all.  I dusted my entire first floor with the dust mitt right away.  I loved how quick it was.  

Little fingers like to make messes of clean, sparkling glass.  Any momma knows this.  The Norwex window cloths- heaven!  They made cleaning my windows easy, fast, and the came out streak free!

Norwex Cleaning products

My stove gets used a lot.  I cook from scratch almost every day.  With all that cooking comes spills and messes.  Some of those messes don’t like to come clean.  The Spirisponge and Spirinetts were gentle and effective.  They worked great on my smooth top stove.  There were no scratches and the sponges were not abrasive in the least.

stovetop using Norwex

It is time… time for y’all to run and grab yourselves some Norwex bliss of your own!  I believe in these products so much, I know you won’t be disappointed.

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she {hearts} dot and army

Vintage… florals… gingham… oh, my!   Dot and Army offers a delicious array of eco-friendly cloth napkins.  When I found Dot and Army, I was thrilled to see all the colors and patterns.  They are perfect for mixing and matching to get that eclectic “not trying too hard” look that is so popular these days.  Plus, they are not only perfect for those special dinners, but they are meant to be enjoyed every day!  I know my family can go through a lot of napkins and paper towels during mealtimes.  It is so nice to have a reusable option that also dips into my trendy side.

dot and army

Dot and Army offers a wide selection of options for cloth napkins: wedding and event napkins, kitchen starter sets, and lunchbox napkins of all different patterns and colors.  My family has been enjoying the yellow, vintage florals during our mealtimes.  And, my kids are going crazy over their lunchbox set that they received.  They feel so special having their own little napkins.  Not to mention, they love picking out their color for the day.  They love them!

lunchbox napkins

cloth napkin collage

I am so excited to tell you all what Dot and Army is offering one of our loyal readers.  You can thank me later…

One of our readers will win a custom Kitchen Starter Set  ($125.00 value)!

Be sure to run over to Dot and Army and see what napkins you would want if you won this awesome set!

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Dot and Army is giving away a custom Kitchen Starter set to one lucky reader. ($125.00 value)

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