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She {hearts} MiMi’s Soda Shoppe

customized name plaques

customized name plaques

A few years ago, a sweet friend of mine Aliesha, her mother Valerie, gifted me with one of the most precious gifts. She custom made me name matted prints, framed with my boys names in them. At the time she created them for my 1st three children. I loved them! I told her if we ever had any more kids she would have to make us more.

A few weeks before Reed was born, she sent me another….

I loved seeing my baby’s name on the print… knowing that in a few short weeks I would be meeting him. It was a precious gift to get before he was born. I cannot wait to move into our new home and set up a wall with all my boys photographs framed and these prints proudly shining.

I love the effort she puts into making them but also how personal they are to us. With our prints I never even gave her scripture… she found pieces of scripture though that just went perfect with the meanings of each one of my boys names. I loved that!


{heart} It

If you are looking for a perfect keep sake for your children, this is it. Mimi’s Soda Shoppe like I mentioned above is owned by my friend Aliesha’s mom, Valerie. She not only home schooled all 3 of her children. She is also incredibly talented in so many areas and this is one of them. If you have a friend who is due to have a baby, this would be an amazing shower gift… and one that I know they will absolutely love.

She {hearts} Savings


Tell MiMi that you read She Hearts It and you will get a “Two Scoop” deal!.  She will set up a special listing for you on Etsy… buy one name print and get the second for 25% off!  Email her at MiMisSodaShoppe@gmail.comOffer ends on February 15th. 

She {hearts} Freebies

Valerie would like to giveaway four matted prints (each to a different reader) in a color choice of their pick.

To Enter:

Super simple… all you have to do is comment on this post… and tell us what color mat you would like and also if it’s for your child tell us an interesting story as to how you chose their name. :)

Contest over; winners selected.  Congratulations, Lindsey L, Emily l, Holly, and Susan!

Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details.

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She {hearts} Advent

This is a little late in coming considering that the first advent Sunday has already passed, however I thought there may be a few of you, that like me, procrastinate. And there’s nothing to say you can’t jump into something in the middle of it, especially if the only thing holding you back is a lack of wreath.

I am relatively new to observing this season with a wreath and lighting candles. I bought one about 5 or so years ago, a nifty little one that used tea candles. I even had the foresight to purchase a few extra packs of the traditional purple and rose candles. I have by no means been faithful in remembering to do our reading and light our candles daily these past 5 seasons, but I knew that it was something I wanted to continue. Last year I really had to piece together the leftover candles from previous years, since by the end of the season you only light the last Sunday’s candle for a few days  there is always left over, whereas the first Sunday’s candle has probably needed to be replaced (those little tea lights don’t last long). Anyhow, last year should have been the time I would prepare for this year, knowing that I would not remember to buy the candles in time. But I didn’t. Which brought me to this past Sunday, the first Sunday of advent and no purple/rose candles.

So instead I just rummaged around for things I had on hand, and came up with this:


A beautiful bamboo tray given to me recently for my bday and 4 pillar candles I had stashed in the garage. Just yesterday I added the tulle after buying some at a craft shop since I did want to incorporate the purple and rose colors. I love how it turned out, and look forward to having more burn time then the little tea lights allow.

{heart} It

DIY Advent Wreath Ideas

Wreath: Use a simple 4 candle holder (or 5 if you want to include the Christ candle). Or to “make” your own, get creative like a thin log round or matching vases. Of course you can just use what you have on hand like a bowl or a plate/platter, they both work great.

Candles: Again you can use what you have. They certainly don’t need to be the purple and rose, or if you want to keep to that tradition wrap the candles you have in ribbon, tulle, twine, or use this cool idea (tutorial here) and you can print a graphic (or the word of the candle, like HOPE and JOY)  in the right color to apply to your candle.

Decorate: Not needed, I put little bells around ours, you could find some fresh greenery, or small ornaments, etc. Have fun and make it your own!

*Never leave your candles burning unattended! And remember to be extra careful if you add embellishments as they can be additional fire hazards.*

She {hearts} StickyGram

StickyGram - turn your Instagrams into magnets

I’ll admit it… I’m addicted to Instagram! I take tons of photos with my phone each week and upload them via Instagram, but I am the worst about printing them out as more permanent keepsakes!  That’s why I was excited to find out about StickyGram, a great company that prints your Instagrams on magnets!

The process of selecting your Instagrams to be made into magnets is quick and easy (well, if you can decide on your favorites!).  StickyGram offers excellent customer service if you get, well, “stuck.” ;)  Shipping is free worldwide (awesome!) and I got mine in the mail really quickly.

StickyGrams would make awesome gifts, but I loved mine so much I couldn’t give any of them away!

{heart} It

StickyGram offers sheets of 9 magnets for $14.99 (FREE worldwide shipping!).

She {hearts} Savings

Use code SHEHEARTSIT for 10% off your purchase!

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She {hearts} Hallie Lu Ya

Hallie Lu Ya etsy header

I have been working on a gallery wall for my daughters’ room, and I knew I wanted to include some great art in the arrangement. I came across Hallie Lu Ya through another blog, actually, and I immediately fell in love with many of her beautiful watercolors!

I selected Summer Reading List, Legs on a Bike, and Crazy Daisies to be the key anchor pieces of my gallery wall.  I how timeless these pieces are, and even as my daughters grow up (sniff, sniff!), this art will grow with them.  I would hang any of these pieces other places in my house.  (I totally wanted to steal Summer Reading List and Legs on  a Bike to hang above my desk!)

Hallie Lu Ya gallery wall artI know you will find some pieces you love as well, whether you’re into bridges, hot air balloons, flowers, or Harry Potter.  Hallie Lu Ya is always adding something new, so be sure and add her shop to your etsy favorites!  Hallie is super sweet and awesome to work with, and it just feels good to order something lovingly handcrafted by a real person (and not just picking out something mass-produced).

{heart} It

Shop for watercolor prints from Hallie Lu Ya on etsy.

She {hearts} Freebies

Hallie Lu Ya is giving away a winner’s choice 8×10 art print to TWO lucky She {hearts} It readers!

To Enter: Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!
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She {hearts} P Carter Carpin’s Serious Whimsey

Whenever my kids have a birthday I always struggle with what type of gift to buy them. I want the gift to be special and something that is tailored to their specific personalities. My oldest daughter just turned eight years old. She LOVES horses. And so I planned her gift around her love of horses.

My daughter has definitely moved from the young child stage and is really wanting her own space and independence. So I thought that it would be perfect to spruce up her bed with new horse sheets, as well as horse themed artwork, to make her bedroom represent more of who she is.

I had the privilege as I was shopping and browsing online of stumbling upon the esty shop, P Carter Carpin’s Serious Whimsey. As soon as I started looking at the artwork I fell in love! The only issue I had is that I was only going to buy one, but I wanted them all! I ended up choosing the “Colorful Pony Ride” print, and the look on my daughters face when she opened it up was priceless. She hung it up over her bed and now falls asleep under it every night, a great gift indeed!

colorful pony ride

P Carter Carpin’s Serious Whimsey also just released it’s own fabric. So, if you love to sew, which I do, you can also get these beautiful prints on fabric for all of your fun sewing projects. My youngest daughter loves dresses, and I can’t wait to make her a skirt and a headband, just in time for the Georgia fall weather at the Apple House!

fabric collage

LOVE_500B larger lace bird field

{heart} It

It was a pleasure working with the owner, Carter, and I had so much fun dreaming up ideas, as I wandered through her wonderful store online. P Carter Carpin’s Serious Whimsey can be found at

She {hearts} Savings

The owner is graciously offering a 15% DISCOUNT on anything in her etsy shop when you use the promo code:


She {hearts} Children’s Artwork

I now have 3 little ones regularly supplying me with pieces of their soul on paper. While that is a little melodramatic, my oldest at least, does put a lot time and herself into her drawings, and I don’t like to toss them quickly. However the fridge can only hold so much. In my quest to find a solution to display my children’s art in a creative and chic way, I came across so many good ideas.

I love how simple and CHEAP this one is. Two old spools of thread anchored to the wall, twine tied between them and cloths pins.



This one is a system you have to buy. While it looks ultra modern with all those clean lines {drool}, it’s just a little too pricey.



I think this is an awesome idea, and one that I would like to do eventually. Scan artwork, re-size and make a collage. Again clean, modern, and you could fit A LOT of artwork into one frame.



I like the simplicity of this one as well. Curtain rod and clips. Switch out pictures with ease.



This idea looks so whimsical. I love the different colors and shapes of the frames. Simple wire strung across an empty frame. It looks completed and contained, while still giving ease to trade out masterpieces.



And lastly clipboards. This is what I ended up going with. I hung ours with hooks so they can be taken down and used if desired. My thought is to display both artwork and pictures of the kids. I’ve been really happy with it, and so has my 7 year old. My only complaint is our clipboards are a very similar color to our wall, so it kind of blends. I need to eventually paint the wall or the boards so there is more contrast.



How do you proudly display your children’s (or grandchildren, nieces/nephews, students, etc) artwork?

She {hearts} Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July! What does your family have planned to celebrate? I think we’re just going to hang close to home this year. With the 4th falling on a Wednesday and having to work Tuesday and Thursday, it makes it difficult to celebrate on the actual 4th! We will however be celebrating with friends and family this weekend!

The photo to the right shows what our calendar that hangs on our refrigerator looks like for this month. Allie Grace made this calendar at her pre-school for her Daddy for Father’s Day. Each month has her hand print but her hand is decorated based on a theme/holiday from that month. To replicate this artwork you’ll need blue and red finger paint. Paint your child’s palm blue and their fingers red before pressing their hand down on white paper. Once the hand print has dried you can draw stars on the paper in the blue area with darker blue marker. If you have a white-out pen, that makes even better stars too!

I did go to the grocery store yesterday to pick up some things to make a simple everyday dessert, just a little more festive, for us to have after dinner tonight! Star Spangled Ice Cream Sandwiches (photo & recipe from Disney Family Fun) All you need are cupcake liners, popsicle sticks, mini ice cream sandwiches and red, white, and blue sprinkles! First skewer the sandwiches onto the popsicle sticks. Next, press the exposed filling onto a plate full of sprinkles and place sandwiches into cupcake liners to help keep the mess to a minimum! It’s that easy!


Need something to wash it down with? Try this Patriotic “Mocktail” for the Kids! (Image and recipe from Baby Center)

4th of July Kiddie Mocktails
Adapted from Family Fun. Makes 1 12-ounce (tall) glass.

3 oz fruit punch
3 oz blue Gatorade (not sugar-free)
3 oz diet 7-Up or Sprite (must be sugar-free; so diet only)

Fill glass 1/3 full with ice cubes. Pour fruit punch almost (but not quite) to top of ice cubes. Fill another 1/3 with ice cubes and slowly pour blue Gatorade almost to top of cubes. Fill final 1/3 ice cubes and slowly pour sugar-free Sprite. Add straw and voila! How does it work? The drink with the highest sugar content stays on the bottom… super fun 4th of July drink!

I have an entire board on Pinterest devoted just to 4th of July recipes, crafts, decor, etc.

 You can follow all of my boards here.