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She {hearts} Urban Baby Bonnets (Giveaway)


July 2014 029Summertime brings with it loads of sunshine and blue skies.  While I was looking for a fashionable way to keep Holland’s head covered this summer, I came across Urban Baby Bonnets, a great Etsy shop run by Colette.

Urban Baby Bonnets are so stinkin’ cute with completely reversible prints.  They have the perfect sized brim to shade baby faces from the sun.  I actually tried another similar style bonnet while waiting for the Urban Baby Bonnet, and it just doesn’t cover as well.

The adjustable snaps on the chin strap are genius!  Holland is at the age where she will try to pull hats off and can easily untie a string.  Snaps keep her hat in place, and are also adjustable as she grows.

One cannot help but notice the care that goes into making these hats.  Every stitch and seam is perfectly done.  The quality far exceeds what can be found in the average store.

for Stacey

{heart} It

Urban Baby Bonnets are unique and original and come in great colours and patterns.

Available in 6 sizes to fit a large range of little people.

She {hearts} Freebies

Urban Baby Bonnets would like to offer a $25 gift certificate to one lucky reader!  Please enter via Rafflecopter below.
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A winner from North America will be chosen on August 7, 2014 at 7PM CST. Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details.

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she {hearts} grumpy playdough

I feel like my household has been a little on the grumpy side lately, so I decided to make some playdough and add essential oils to it.  I used wild orange, but any citrus blend like lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange is very uplifting to energize the mind and body.  Sounded perfect for my family!

Gather your ingredients:

3 cups of flour (I used fresh milled hard white.  It’s all I had.)

2 Tbsp oil

3/4 cup salt

3 Tbsp cream of tartar

1 1/2 cup boiling water

10-20 drops of essential oil

food coloring

1.  Start by stirring together your salt, flour, cream of tartar and oil in a large bowl.

2.  Add the boiling water and keep stirring till it gets a little stiff, then use your hands to knead mixture until it forms into dough.

3.  Once its mixed pretty good and has cooled down, add essential oil and food coloring.   Knead the dough until the dye is thoroughly mixed in.  It may take a bit of arm strength but keep it up!

Once your done, its playdough time for the whole family!  Let the giggles begin!


You could even use lavender essential oil to create a relaxing environment while your kids play.

Don’t forget to store playdough in air tight container!

She {hearts} Sage & Harper

Sage & Harper

I have been searching high and low for a handbag that fits my personality and my needs.  I have so many “wants” when it comes to the perfect handbag, that it is difficult to find one to fit the bill.  When I spotted a Sage & Harper handbag, I knew I was done looking for the perfect handbag.  Sage & Harper handbags are the perfect size, the perfect “cross-body” length, and have style for days.

yellow bag

Each bag is carefully crafted, right down to the pockets, stitching, and sweet details.  One of my favorite features is the size.  It is big enough for me to carry all my necessities for the kids, yet isn’t so big that I feel like a bag-lady.  The interior has 5 pockets- one which fits my cell phone like a glove- and three exterior pockets.  They help to keep my purse organized and everything in its right place.

LF05 collage

I can’t say enough about the beautiful details in each bag.  The fabric, the craftsmanship, the appliques on the flaps- perfection!  Finally, a bag that meshes beauty and style with function!

three bags

{heart} It

Visit Sage & Harper to see for yourself how fabulous these bags are!  Be sure to keep a look-out for the spring line that is preparing to launch soon!!!

She {hearts} Freebies

Sage & Harper is gracious enough to give away the {LF05} bag that they sent me!  ($72.00 value!!!)

To Enter:

Use the Rafflecopter below!  Good Luck!!!
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A winner from the U.S. will be chosen on ***February 19, 2014*** at 7PM CST. Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details.

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she {hearts} quail lane company


You know those shops that you simply fall in love with the moment you lay your eyes on them?  Well, that company is Quail Lane Co. I could drool over their adorable baby moccasins all day long!  I was so excited to try some of their moccs for Guinnyth and see if they were as functional as they were cute.  The answer… Yes, they are perfect for little feet!

four collage

Quail Lane Co. is run by two mommas who have created a product that is unique and affordable.  The moccs are handmade and it is easy to see they are fabulous quality.  I love the colors and styles Quail Lane offers its customers.  You have bows, fringe, bold colors, neutrals, metallics… all made with care and consideration.  I am so glad that Guinnyth will have these “Mermaid” moccs to waddle around in for the next year.

g collage

{heart} It

Go visit Quail Lane Company and check out their amazing selection!!!

To get a 15% discount on your pair of moccasins… use the code SHEHEARTSIT until February 14th!!!!

She {hearts} Freebies

Quail Lane Company is giving away a pair of Moccasins to one of you!!!! ($35.00 value)

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A winner from the U.S. will be chosen on February 5, 2014 at 7PM CST. Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details. Product Sample Provided

she {hearts} another ornament

I love wrapping gifts with not only a bow but adding just a little extra on the outside.  Sometimes that is in the form of something as simple as raffia bow with a cute tag or an ornament for Christmas.  This craft ornament is a little baby Jesus.

It makes a cute accessory to your gift wrap presents or make one to hang on your own tree as an ornament.  It is a simple and very flexible craft! Think outside the box, always!

Gather supplies: (I got everything from Michael’s)

small wood stars

wood boy game pieces (if you cant find these you could just use the round ball heads)

craft paint

wire (I used 20 gauge)

small bird nest



glue gun

1.  Start by painting your star and the head of your boy game piece.

2.  As that dries, twist end of wire to connect to bird’s nest.  Then wrap wire around end of pencil or I used my paint brush.

3.  Hot glue star to wire.

4.  Now is time to wrap the baby with felt.  I cut felt piece in half, then half again, one more time.  Put two dots of hot glue on neck and fold felt.

5.  Fold one side over and glue, then fold other side over and glue.

6.  Fold up bottom piece of felt hanging down, hot glue in place in the nest.

7.  Lastly tuck in those side pieces sticking out.  Use the sharpie and add two dots for the little eyes.  I added a string so it can be tied onto a gift, then later used as an ornament.  I also added some glitter to the star to give it a little pop.


she {hearts} cinnamon ornaments

My girls and I made these cinnamon ornaments this weekend.  The house smelled wonderful while they baked.  We will be tying them to gifts for our family and friends this year.

Start by gathering supplies:

3/4 cups applesauce

1 bottle ground cinnamon (about 4 ounces)

cookie cutters of your choice



1.  Start by mixing cinnamon and applesauce together till it forms a dough ball.  You might have to start with a spoon to mix, then get in there with your hands to continue to mix it up.

2. Take about 1/3 of the “dough” and roll out between 2 pieces of plastic wrap till about 1/4″ thickness.

3. Take off top plastic wrap and cut with your cookie cutters.

4. Use the straw to make the hole for the ribbon.

5. Carefully place on baking pan and bake for 2 1/2 hours on 200F.

6. Let them completely cool for 1-2 days then they are ready to be used for gifts!



she {hearts} diy christmas ornaments

Did you know Christmas is 42 days away?! WOW! Christmas is coming!

With that knowledge, I decided to make a few new ornaments for my tree.  These ornaments are very easy to make and would be a very fun craft afternoon for you and your kids, might be better for older children though.  

All these supplies I got at Michael’s!  I’ll show you 5 ornaments I created.  Feel free to come up with some new ideas based off these.  There are a lot of possibilities!

Gather your supplies:

The first ornament I cut strips from pages of an old book and stuffed them into the glass ball.  Done!

Next one is little bit more challenge.  Find the small bottle pipe trees, place a dot of hot glue on bottom of tree, then use tweezers to place in ornament quickly before glue drys.  Then fill with fake snow. Done again!

Third one is just as easy as the first, just fill with feathers. Done!

Fourth ornament, use any glitter color of your choice.  

First, fill empty glass ornament with a little bit of Pledge Multi`Surface Floor Cleaner and swirl all around the inside of ornament.  Pour excess cleaner back into bottle.

Place ornament upside down to allow excess to drain out.  

Next funnel a good bit of glitter into the glass ball and roll around to coat inside with glitter.  Turn ornament upside down and tap gently to shake out excess glitter.

The floor cleaner will harden and seal the glitter. Done!

Last ornament!  Fill with paint color of your choice and roll it around.  Use as few or as many colors as you would like.

Allow ornament to dry upside down for about 20-30 minutes between colors. Then you are done with your final ornament!