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she {hearts} the mason bar company

Do you love mixing your own iced coffees at home?  Do you love taking your refreshing lemon water on-the-go?  This past summer, I began to mix my own iced coffees to enjoy at home.  I would pour my coffee into a mason jar and head out to run errands with my crew.  One major problem I had was that my squatty mason jar didn’t fit well in my cup holder.  Coffee would slosh around and then I would have a mess on my hands, literally.  I already shared my favorite coffee concentrate with everyone, but now I want to share my favorite way to drink my water and coffee.

IMG_1079The Mason Bar Co. is a great, eco-friendly company based out of California that offers tumblers with BPA free lids and straws!  I have been in the process of slowly tossing my plastic containers and cups, and adding in BPA free glass containers and cups.  The Mason Bar Company’s tumblers are a great way to move toward a more green, eco-conscious way of drinking our liquids.  They have a variety of sizes (sizes that actually fit in the cup holders in your car!!!) and multiple colors of straws.  I love that each member of my family has their own tumbler and their own straw so we don’t swap germs.

mason bar collageThe Mason Bar Co. even offers adorable tumbler cozies to go with your tumbler.  There are multiple colors and sizes to fit everyone’s taste preferences.  I love supporting small businesses that strive to help maintain a cleaner Earth.  mason collage

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Visit The Mason Bar Co. and pick out a tumbler for yourself!

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The Mason Bar Co. is offering on of our readers a $25 store credit to purchase your very own tumbler!!!

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she {hearts} no sew bookmark

So… some of you may remember my post for the back to school fabric bookmark here and some have no idea what I’m talking about.   No prob if that’s you, just click here to catch up with the rest of us.

I had some interest in a no sew option for bookmarks, well here ya go!

Gather your supplies, you will also need scissors, ruler, iron.

-coordinating fabric

-fusible web


Sorry for these pics.  I tried using my phone this time and clearly it is time for an upgrade.  I’m just not ready to fork out the money for that.  I vow today to not be lazy, I’ll pick up my camera next time for pics.

1.  Cut 2 – 2″x7″ pieces of fabric along with 1 – 1 3/4″x 6 3/4″ piece of fusible web.  Also cut 1 ribbon piece 2 1/2″ long. Then iron all visible wrinkles from fabric pieces because they will show in the end if you do not iron them out.

2. You can skip to step 3 if you don’t want to use pinking shears.  Other wise, place fabrics wrong sides together and cut with pinking shears ONLY long top of bookmark.  (Make sure fabric patterns are facing up before cutting.) Clearly, from the photos, I did not follow my own directions here and it was tricky cutting the top of the bookmark without cutting the ribbon.

3. Place ribbon in middle of fabric, the end should be 1 3/4″ from the top.

4. Place your fusible web on top of all that, careful not to move your ribbon.

5.  Then hold heated iron over top for about 6 seconds.  Let it cool.

6.  Once cool, peel paper off.

7.  Line up second piece of fabric over top, then iron again for about 8 seconds. Let it cool.

8. It’s ready from this point to be used! Or you can trim with pinking shears for a fun whimsical look.


she {hearts} ramble & roost

Ramble & Roost is a handmade, fine-art shop that I stumbled upon while searching for a unique piece to top off our schoolroom.  We have a map wall in our room and I wanted to continue the rustic, world theme with the entire room.  You can imagine how excited I was when I saw the string art in Ramble & Roost.  I was lucky enough to receive a custom piece of string art representing my home state on pieces of reclaimed wood.  The owner, Lauren, even put a sweet heart over a location that is special to me.

string art collage

The great thing about Ramble & Roost is the option to totally customize your piece.  Maybe you have a wedding coming up and want a one-of-a-kind gift for the special couple… Ramble and Roost can make a custom piece with the couples’ initials!  Maybe you have a baby shower… Ramble and Roost can create a piece to hang in the baby’s room.  The possibilities are endless!

ramble and roost collage


As if the string art weren’t enough, Ramble & Roost also offers custom tumblers for all your iced coffee and lemon water needs, as well as photo transfers!

r&R collage 2

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Purchase your own custom piece of art at Ramble & Roost!!

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flower artYou lucky readers get a change to win a Flower String Art from Ramble & Roost

($75.00 value)!!!

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she {hearts} diy photo coasters

Oh Mod Podge how I love you and love how versatile you are. I long to be as versatile as you some day! Hee Hee!  Another project brought to you by using, what else but, Mod Podge.  I think I need stock in this product. 

These coasters turned out very cute! They would be wonderful Christmas gifts for friends or grandparents.  They are very easy to make, just takes a little bit of patience waiting in between the coats of Mod Podge. 


Gather your supplies:

4×4 white ceramic tile

Photos of your choice cut to size

Mod Podge

Paint brush

Clear Acrylic Sealer

Small Felt Circles used for furniture

1. Start by cleaning and drying tiles.

2. Rough up tiles surface with sandpaper so Mod Podge on back of photo adheres to tile better.

3. Apply thin coat of Mod Podge to back of photo.


4. Center photo on tile and smooth out with credit card.  Let dry.


5. Apply thin even layer of Mod Podge over top of tile and photo.  Let dry. (Try to keep your brush strokes even because they will show up a little when it’s dry.)


6. Repeat step 5, two more times.  Let completely dry between coats.

7. Once Mod Podge layers are completely dry, then spray a coat of clear acrylic to make coasters water resistant. (Do this step in a well ventilated area.)

8. Adhere felt pads to bottom of tile to protect table tops from being scratched.

I recommend waiting 72 hrs before using your coasters to make sure all layers have set completely.



she {hearts} framed jewelry holders

I was on a mission this week to organize my girls earrings.  They are everywhere in their rooms, on the tables, dresser, floor, everywhere.  I have seen these $1 frames in Michael’s for a long time and finally thought they would be perfect for this mission!  You could make these a little fancier for yourself by the scrapbook paper you use.


These were so easy to create! I will be letting my girls make these for their friends birthday.  They would be perfect gifts at a very little price.  You could pair the jewelry holder with a gift card to Claire’s!


I got my supplies from Michael’s and Home Depot.  You will need:

$1 wood frame

scrapbook paper of your choice

any embellishments you want to add

patterned sheet metal and sheet metal cutters

spray paint


Mod Podge

Gorilla Glue

1. Start by cutting the sheet metal to size.  Use the insert inside of frame as your template.



WARNING!!! Use extreme caution while cutting the sheet metal.  It is VERY sharp.  I recommend to wear some gloves while cutting it.


If sheet metal is not your thing, you could use burlap to size desired and use the holes to hang earrings.

2. Spray paint the sheet metal or you could leave it as is.  Since I am painting accent frames same color as sheet metal, I sprayed them all at same time.



3. Trace outline of frame onto scrapbook paper, then cut out.



4. Apply Mod Podge to back of paper, then apply to frame.  Let that dry.  Once dry, sand as needed to smooth paper edges. Then apply a coat of Mod Podge on top of scrapbook paper and sides of frame to seal it.  That will also give it a more finished look.

5. Glue accent frame to scrapbook paper frames. Let dry. Be careful using Gorilla Glue because it expands quite a bit, so use a thin amount. Add any other embellishments you want!

6. Insert spray painted sheet metal in center of frame, then insert peg to back of frame.

7. Lastly hang your jewelry on it and enjoy!





she {hearts} DIY lip gloss

Having 3 girls in our house, we use A LOT of lip gloss. I thought it would be fun for us to make our own flavored lip gloss. This is very simple and very easy recipe!

Items needed:

13 oz petroleum jelly (use about 3oz per flavor so you can get 4 different flavors with one container of petroleum jelly)

4 flavors of kool-aid drink packages

lip gloss containers ( I found mine at hobby lobby in the paint section.)



1. Put about 3oz of petroleum jelly in a microwave safe bowl. (That is about a 1/4 of the jar.)

2. Heat it for 30 second to 1 minute increments.  Don’t forget to stir between each heating time to liquify the petroleum jelly, it took about 8 minutes.  It could be more or less time depending on your microwave and it’s settings.

***It will be HOT so BE CAREFUL!***


3.  Once petroleum jelly is liquid, stir in 1 Kool-Aid package until completely dissolved.  (You can reheat if it starts to harden.)

4. Pour into lip gloss containers and let it harden completely for an hour or two.


5.  Repeat with other flavors.

6. Enjoy and share!

IMG_5388web IMG_5389web

She {hearts} May Designs

may designs logo_v2

Gorgeous stationery has always made my heart go “pitter-patter,” so when I stumbled across May Designs I knew I had to have one of their custom books!  I had so much fun designing my own cover (complete with my monogram!) and picking out the inside pages.

maybookcoverMay Designs allows you to pick from TONS of chic, trendy patterns and colors to create a work of art that is truly customized for your style!  The options for inside pages of the book range from weekly agendas, meal planners, and address books, to dots, lines, and blank pages.  The books are hand-sewn and meant to be well-loved!  The covers are soft yet durable, and the inside pages are easy to write on.

maybookinsideThe custom May Notes would be fun to purchase for yourself, but they also would make great gifts!  The May Notes are also can be customized with the same beautiful patterns and monograms as the May Books.

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Design your own May Book or May Notes here (it’s really fun to do!)maybooks2

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