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she {hearts} fabric bookmarks

If your kids are like mine, those thin card stock bookmarks do not last very long.  I decided with school starting up to make something that is a little more kid friendly.  These fabric bookmarks turned out perfect! They would even make great gifts for teachers, your kids friends, or even your friends.



Gather your supplies:

fabric scraps

thin interfacing


Start by choosing your fabrics. 



Then cut 2 – 2″x7″ pieces of fabric along with  2 – 1 1/2″x 6 1/2″ pieces of thin interfacing.



Iron the interfacing piece in the middle of each fabric piece to the wrong side of your fabric.  You could keep it simple and just stitch all around fabric pieces, wrong sides together, then trim with pinking shears, OR add some ribbon flair.

If adding ribbon to the bookmarks, go ahead and cut across top of bookmark with pinking shears before sewing fabric pieces together.



Cut ribbon pieces 3 1/4″ long.  This is also a good time to heat seal the ends of your ribbon so they don’t fray on you later.  BE CAREFUL not to burn yourself or your ribbon!


Pin ribbon in between your two fabric pieces about 1/4″ or little more down from top of bookmark.


I then triple stitched across the top to reinforce the ribbon then continued around the other sides with a single stitch.


Cut outside edges of the bookmark with pinking shears then grab a book!


Pretty cute huh! No more bent bookmarks!



she {hearts} timber & tamber

timber header

Well, despite my best efforts to shoo away a new school year, summer is about to end, which means one thing- back to school shopping.  It is the best part of starting a new school year.  I love getting my kids a couple fresh outfits to choose from.  Ella has been begging for rain boots for almost a year.  I struggled because I couldn’t find a cute pair that was made well.  That was, until I stumbled across Timber & Tamber Boots on etsy.

timber collage

Ella was more than stoked when she opened her box of Timber & Tamber boots.  I fell in love with the details of the boots- the bows in the back… the labels on the front… the durability of the sole and boot.  Timber & Tamber has so many colors and offers boots for all different ages.  This is what Timber & Tamber says about their boots:

This company aims at producing products that are made from high quality materials, whilst always striving to reduce wastage and environmental impact.

I love when I find a fabulous company that offers an eco-friendly product.  And, they will be here just in time for your kiddo’s first day of school! Win-win!

tamber collage

{heart} It

Run by Timber & Tamber and check out their amazing boot selection! Favorite them on Etsy!!!

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she {hearts} proof eyewear

Wooden Sunglasses

upclose proof

Tell me you don’t love the idea of pairing fashion with the use of sustainable materials!  Proof sells one-of-a-kind eyewear made from wood.  I fell in love with all the shapes, colors, and sizes that Proof has to offer.  The lightweight feel of the wood is unlike any pair of shades I own.  They also offer optical eyewear for those who need it!

proof collage1

This amazing company not only does good by reusing materials, but

A large portion of each sunglass /eyewear sale goes to a
charity in India that provides sight–giving cataract surgeries to those in need.




Proof was born from the innovative genious of a small sawmill family.  The family worked hard to create special products while also giving back to their planet and community.  The glasses are truly amazing and they will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come!

{heart} It

Give Proof some love… visit and purchase your very own pair of Proof eyewear!

She {hearts} Freebies

Proof is giving away a pair of their amazing sunnies!  Winner’s Choice!!! ($200.00 value!!!)

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she {hearts} aiden’s hope body butter

aidenshope banner


Today is a special day.  I am privileged to get to introduce you to a very special company.  Aiden’s Hope is an ORGANIC body butter company whose funds are used to help with one family’s adoptions.  Erin, the owner and mommy who runs Aiden’s Hope, started this company to raise funds for the adoption of their little boy they were blessed with from Uganda.  They are continuing to sell their special butter blend to raise more funds for a second adoption of another precious child.



Aiden’s Hope sells several different scents of body butter, and is now offering a sugar body scrub for those who need a little extra exfoliating.  I got to try the Cocoa-Butter blend, but Aiden’s Hope also offers lavender, orange-sicle, peppermint, cinnamon, sugar & spice, and many more!  This body butter is a natural, organic way to moisturize your skin, or your baby’s skin.  It is super hydrating and works for all skin types: sensitive skin, skin of all ethnicity, and skin of all ages.

The body butters retail for $15 (it is a large jar!!), but there are deep discounts if you order more than one jar.  

{heart} It

Head over to Aiden’s Hope and support this sweet cause.

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One lucky She {hearts} It reader will win a jar of Aiden’s Hope Orange-sicle ORGANIC body butter!

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she {hearts} mirabelle lane

I have been searching for a sweet and unique blanket for Guinnyth.  I wanted something that was different than the blankets I see at the big box stores, and something that she could cling to when we were sleeping at different places.  When I went searching, I came across an adorable shop, Mirabelle Lane.  I love the fabrics Laura, Mirabelle Lane owner, put together for her blankets and burp cloths.  She has some vintage inspired patterns along with some ultra modern pieces.

mirabelle lane collageWhen we received our blanket, Guinnyth instantly took to it and started rubbing the soft, minky material.  It has been in her crib with her ever since!  I love that they are the perfect size for a little one.  They aren’t too big, so there is no fear of the baby getting tangled in it.  They are the perfect size to hold on to and snuggle with.  

mirabelle lane snuggle blanketMirabelle Lane also offers other sweet items for your little one.  There are burp cloths, wash rags, binky clips, and hair clips.  

mirabelle collage

{heart} It

Show Mirabelle Lane some love and go take a look at her adorable items!

She {hearts} Freebies

One lucky She {hearts} It reader will win a snuggle blanket of their own!  ($20.00 value)

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she {hearts} dot and army

Vintage… florals… gingham… oh, my!   Dot and Army offers a delicious array of eco-friendly cloth napkins.  When I found Dot and Army, I was thrilled to see all the colors and patterns.  They are perfect for mixing and matching to get that eclectic “not trying too hard” look that is so popular these days.  Plus, they are not only perfect for those special dinners, but they are meant to be enjoyed every day!  I know my family can go through a lot of napkins and paper towels during mealtimes.  It is so nice to have a reusable option that also dips into my trendy side.

dot and army

Dot and Army offers a wide selection of options for cloth napkins: wedding and event napkins, kitchen starter sets, and lunchbox napkins of all different patterns and colors.  My family has been enjoying the yellow, vintage florals during our mealtimes.  And, my kids are going crazy over their lunchbox set that they received.  They feel so special having their own little napkins.  Not to mention, they love picking out their color for the day.  They love them!

lunchbox napkins

cloth napkin collage

I am so excited to tell you all what Dot and Army is offering one of our loyal readers.  You can thank me later…

One of our readers will win a custom Kitchen Starter Set  ($125.00 value)!

Be sure to run over to Dot and Army and see what napkins you would want if you won this awesome set!

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Dot and Army is giving away a custom Kitchen Starter set to one lucky reader. ($125.00 value)

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she {hearts} colin’s closet

Oh, the cuteness that can be achieved by one simple, little boy accessory.  Have you seen the adorable bow ties that are out there theses days?  When I discovered Colin’s Closet I was giddy over all the patterns, fabrics, and styles that Andrea had available for our dapper dudes.  I love that there are moms out there that are evolving little boy fashion- so the rest of us can reap the rewards of their hard work.  Colin’s Closet came to be when a new mom, Andrea, wanted to have stylish attire for her little fella.  She perfected her craft and now offers it to all the mama’s out there that want their little to look super handsome for those special occasions.

bow tie collageI love dressing my little guy for church, special outings, and even family get togethers just as much as I like dressing my little girls.  It is so refreshing to have a go-to item to complete his outfit and to help him stand out as much as my little ladies.  I am having so much fun styling Liam… who would have thought that dressing a boy would be this much fun?!?  

bowtie closeup collageColin’s Closet offers bow ties and traditional neckties in fabulous patterns and fabrics.  They have a simple velcro closure in the back that makes it super easy to fit your little guy.  Also, they are handmade with so much attention to detail.  I love the sturdiness of the bow tie I received.  I know it will hold up for years to come.  The ties also come in different sizes- custom for your little boy’s age.  

Make sure you run over to Colin’s Closet and check out all the selection!  Come back and tell us which one (or, five) you love!

She {hearts} Freebies

Colin’s Closet is being so generous and offering a Necktie, or Bow Tie, to one lucky She {hearts} It reader! {$22.00 value}

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