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she {hearts} quail lane company


You know those shops that you simply fall in love with the moment you lay your eyes on them?  Well, that company is Quail Lane Co. I could drool over their adorable baby moccasins all day long!  I was so excited to try some of their moccs for Guinnyth and see if they were as functional as they were cute.  The answer… Yes, they are perfect for little feet!

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Quail Lane Co. is run by two mommas who have created a product that is unique and affordable.  The moccs are handmade and it is easy to see they are fabulous quality.  I love the colors and styles Quail Lane offers its customers.  You have bows, fringe, bold colors, neutrals, metallics… all made with care and consideration.  I am so glad that Guinnyth will have these “Mermaid” moccs to waddle around in for the next year.

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Go visit Quail Lane Company and check out their amazing selection!!!

To get a 15% discount on your pair of moccasins… use the code SHEHEARTSIT until February 14th!!!!

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Quail Lane Company is giving away a pair of Moccasins to one of you!!!! ($35.00 value)

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she {hearts} timber & tamber

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Well, despite my best efforts to shoo away a new school year, summer is about to end, which means one thing- back to school shopping.  It is the best part of starting a new school year.  I love getting my kids a couple fresh outfits to choose from.  Ella has been begging for rain boots for almost a year.  I struggled because I couldn’t find a cute pair that was made well.  That was, until I stumbled across Timber & Tamber Boots on etsy.

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Ella was more than stoked when she opened her box of Timber & Tamber boots.  I fell in love with the details of the boots- the bows in the back… the labels on the front… the durability of the sole and boot.  Timber & Tamber has so many colors and offers boots for all different ages.  This is what Timber & Tamber says about their boots:

This company aims at producing products that are made from high quality materials, whilst always striving to reduce wastage and environmental impact.

I love when I find a fabulous company that offers an eco-friendly product.  And, they will be here just in time for your kiddo’s first day of school! Win-win!

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Run by Timber & Tamber and check out their amazing boot selection! Favorite them on Etsy!!!

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She {hearts} Wittlebee

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The company I am about to tell you all about, is genius. I was excited to learn about them months ago and got to work with them. Trying out one of their hand selected boxes for little Owen (age 2).

That company is Wittlebee.

IMG_2788How often in life are we in situations where we honestly can’t get out in shop for our children. May it be hectic work schedules, sickness, bed rest due to a hard pregnancy or you may even be a single dad who just has no idea what to dress your kids in :) – there really are many situations where this service would be so handy.

Wittlebee‘s allows you to create a custom box through a short questionnaire on their website, that suits your kids style and size. You can choose the colors you love (or your kid loves), what items you really need more of and so on.

It was a lot of fun to do and we love the items they sent little Owen. The gym sweat shorts he has on in the photo are some of our most used shorts now. Perfect for him :) The shirt also has become one of our favorites. We also really love this gray and white striped shirt. It goes with so much.


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Wittlebee also donates a onesie to children in need, any time a box is order. So if you are in the market for a place to get clothing for your kids, with no sales shopping, gas stops & all the other things we do face when shopping for our kids, check out Wittlebee.


Also Wittlebee is on Pinterest! I love Pinterest and found looking at their selection on there was so fun :) & helpful.

She {hearts} Freebies

We get to giveaway a custom box to one of our readers! You get to pick whatever you’d like to go into your box and what size. Its a lot of fun :) and I know whoever wins will love what they get. This would also make an awesome gift for someone to give.

To Enter:

Use the Rafflecopter below :)

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She {hearts} Vivobarefoot

PhotobucketOver the past few months I’ve been discovering the benefits of being barefoot.  I find that working out barefoot is so much easier on my body, and I don’t lose my balance like I do in shoes.  So when I look at footwear, whether it’s for myself or my kids, I want to have something that is as close to barefoot as possible.

sent a great pair of shoes for Rowan.  The Neo Kids Velcro from Vivobarefoot are exactly what I was looking for.  Rowan loves them, although he seems to have outgrown them very quickly… he has grown over an inch in the last couple of months, so it’s no wonder his shoes don’t fit either!  I’m looking to get him another pair soon.  He says they are great for running, and he was super excited to be able to wear them for playing sports at school.

These shoes are super flexible to provide the best for your child’s feet.  If you’re looking for a shoe that will allow you to feel the ground beneath you, you will want to give these a try.


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Vivobarefoot offers shoes from Toddler sizes to adult.

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Use code  SHEHEARTSIT20 for 20% off your purchase.

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She {hearts} Invisible Shoes


IMG_6866About a month ago, my husband started a journey I would of never guessed he’d attempt. It all started with his discovery of a book called Born To Run. He was intrigued by it after weeks of getting back into running – only to realize how bad it hurt his ankles and knees… yet had heard about these 70 plus years old men in Mexico running super marathons…. with no joint problems at all! The thing was, they ran barefoot or with these Huarache style sandals. It sounded crazy but after you read the book, it really makes total sense!

My husband has been running with the Invisible Shoes for a few weeks now and really enjoys it. Because this is new to him his foot is still weak, so he is finding that he has to really pace himself – and running on harder surfaces or even walking on really hard surfaces for longer periods can cause his feet to feel fatigued. This is totally normal. After years of cushioning his feet with arches in typical running shoes – he really is having to retrain his feet.

That being said. His ankles don’t hurt. His knees don’t hurt. Running this way is already showing to be so much better.


NBC featured Invisible Shoe’s not to long ago – and I thought the video really helped with showcasing how they work. So do watch it below to learn more.

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The lightest, “most barefoot” shoe, start at only $19.95. You can wear them hiking, doing yoga, walking and even running super marathons! Great for the summer coming up and can even be made for children. Custom fitting for these can be done all via email. They will cut them for you if you’d like. With a variety of different colors – beads and tying methods, you really can make these fun for your own personal style as well.


She {hearts} Freebies

We get to giveaway a pair of Invisible Shoes to one of our winners!

To Enter:

Comment on this post letting us know which color string you’d like if you won… and why you think this shoe would be a good fit for you :) or loved one.

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She {hearts} Pediped

PhotobucketMy youngest child {hearts} shoes. Since she learned to walk, she has been walking in my high heels, her siblings boots and shoes, and pretty much any footwear she can find in our house. It’s so fun to watch!

Sometimes she actually has to wear a pair of shoes that fit her though, and when that time arises, she wears her Pediped Grip n Go shoes. They are super simple for her to get on. Just a strap that closes with velcro. So no problem at all for a little person to do alone.

My other favorite feature of Emery’s Pedipeds is the fact that they are really flexible, while still having a rubber outer sole. She’s almost 2, so she’s all over the place. She likes to walk by herself, and needs a shoe that can be worn outside. But little feet also need that flexibility to be able to move without tripping.

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Pedipeds are top quality, fit chubby baby feet, and come in some super cute styles.


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She {hearts} Nomadic State of Mind Rope Sandals

005 Rope sandals, have you heard of them? Jesus sandals is what I call them and I absolutely love them. I found these babies *points to the photo to the left* over at Nomadic State of Mind. I bought a pair for Jayden and the folks at Nomadic State of Mind were kind enough to send a pair for me too! Jayden got the Kids JC in camel and I chose the Mountain Momma style in camel. They are so cool, comfy too. They definitely turn heads. Jayden gets compliments whenever he wears his and well, if I had my feet in everybody’s face, I’m sure I’d get them too!

Nomadic State of Mind’s sandals are made entirely out of rope! They make styles with and without soles. The styles that Jayden and I have are without soles. They are fine on rougher terrain, but on tile or wood flooring, things get a little slippery. I’m going to see about getting some sole stickers to put on the bottoms so that we can wear them more often. We’ve washed our sandals once and they held up great in the washer. I just love our rope sandals. I feel so cool while sportin’ ‘em together, like modern-day mommy and son nomads :).

We are not responsible if you begin your planet travel once you put our sandals on. – Nomadic State of Mind

They are usually groomed and painted, eh ignore. They’re in their nomadic state ;).

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You can get your very own pair of “Jesus Sandals” at Kids styles range from $13 (on sale)-$19 and adult styles range from $25-50!

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