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She {hearts} Sammy Dress


Many months ago I was introduced to a company called Sammy Dress. Some of you may have seen this company advertised on facebook. I know I have seen it there a few times. This website is packed full of fashion items for less. When I looked at the website I found myself stuck there for quiet some time. The variety of items offered was huge.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 12.51.59 PM

pursesI loved all their tunic tops, summer dresses and fun accessories. A great selection of purses and clutches.

Their prices are probably some of the most affordable prices I have seen for online shops such as this.

This website does allow returns as well. The sizing charts they offer are pretty true to size… but if you do get an item that does not fit or you do not like, you can ship it back for exchange or refund. They just ask you cover shipping.

For fun I thought I would list out some favorite items I found on the site. Just click the links and it will open them up unto a new window.

Loved this Newspaper inspired Tote. Would make a great over night bag!

Bow Knot Head Band, would be fun for working out, or casual day with a bad hair day.

Huge Make up Brush Set

Another Brush Set (I love make up brushes, always nice to have back ups too, while other ones are being cleaned)

Summer Dress – so cute!

Casual Swoop Top – stripes. I love tops like this.

A Purse organizer! Im so getting one of these!!

As you can see, lots to choose from. They often run lots of specials too. Items as high as 70% off.

{heart} It

So if you are in the market for some online shopping. Check out Sammy Dress. Stuck on bed rest? Kids sick? Got a niece to shop for or daughter, Sammy Dress is a great and fun place to start.


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she {hearts} ju-ju-be


I am in baby mode right now.  We only have a little over two weeks before we welcome our little bundle, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  I am even more excited now that I have the most amazing diaper bag to tote all the toddler and baby items I will need when out and about.  Ju-Ju-Be is an amazing bag company that specializes in diaper bags.  There are sizes, styles, and prints galore!  It is so nice to have great options when choosing a bag that will be used for such a special phase in every momma’s life.  They even have bags for daddy’s, too!

jujube collage

I have never had a “nice” diaper bag.  I just used what I had on hand and went with it.  Things got shoved into my make-shift diaper bag and it was never very convenient.  After experiencing my Ju-Ju-Be bag, I am now regretting not having invested in a quality diaper bag that makes taking a little one out so much easier.  I have been toting the Legacy ~ Be Prepared bag around for a couple weeks now.  It truly is a bag that has a place for everything, so I am never unprepared for any of the spills, needs, or mishaps that occur when you are a momma.

legacy be prepared collage

Not only does the Legacy tote have a roomy central compartment, but there are mini pockets and compartments inside of it.  There are pockets on each side of the bag and two pockets on the ends which are perfect for bottles or sippy cups.  I also love that I can wear it snuggly under my arm, or use the larger strap and wear it cross-body.  The fabric is Teflon so drips and stains wipe away easily.  Oh, did I mention that it is easily big enough to suit a mommy with two kiddos in diapers?  Even cloth diapers?  It is a dream diaper bag- for sure!

{heart} It

I had such a hard time choosing a bag, because all the prints and styles are so amazing.  Make sure to check out Ju-Ju-Be if you are a momma, soon-to-be-momma, or need a great baby gift for someone you know!

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She {hearts} Sage & Harper

Sage & Harper

I have been searching high and low for a handbag that fits my personality and my needs.  I have so many “wants” when it comes to the perfect handbag, that it is difficult to find one to fit the bill.  When I spotted a Sage & Harper handbag, I knew I was done looking for the perfect handbag.  Sage & Harper handbags are the perfect size, the perfect “cross-body” length, and have style for days.

yellow bag

Each bag is carefully crafted, right down to the pockets, stitching, and sweet details.  One of my favorite features is the size.  It is big enough for me to carry all my necessities for the kids, yet isn’t so big that I feel like a bag-lady.  The interior has 5 pockets- one which fits my cell phone like a glove- and three exterior pockets.  They help to keep my purse organized and everything in its right place.

LF05 collage

I can’t say enough about the beautiful details in each bag.  The fabric, the craftsmanship, the appliques on the flaps- perfection!  Finally, a bag that meshes beauty and style with function!

three bags

{heart} It

Visit Sage & Harper to see for yourself how fabulous these bags are!  Be sure to keep a look-out for the spring line that is preparing to launch soon!!!

She {hearts} Freebies

Sage & Harper is gracious enough to give away the {LF05} bag that they sent me!  ($72.00 value!!!)

To Enter:

Use the Rafflecopter below!  Good Luck!!!
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A winner from the U.S. will be chosen on ***February 19, 2014*** at 7PM CST. Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details.

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She {hearts} HayBugDesigns Camera Bags

ED9A8113You all know I love a good hand bag. You know even more so that I love a good camera bag. Cause well, ya know, photographers got to have accessories too, besides their rad cams.

HayBugDesigns about a month ago, maybe longer? shipped me one of their adorably trendy hand made camera bags. I was super pumped to get an email from them, one because I love camera bags but also because I’m a huge supporter of smaller shops on Etsy. They take pride in their products and this camera bag shows it.

I have a few camera bags, most of them are leather type materials. So it is nice to mix it up and tote a light weight and softer cotton bag.

These bags do come with thick padding to protect your gear. Although if I’m super honest I will say, it isn’t as padded as some of my camera bags, but it is plenty padded for every day use. I am a bit rough on my gear, so sometimes I feel more comfortable with my thicker bag. For those who want a great every day camera bag for park trips with the kids, zoo trips, vacation, a social event, etc..etc… this is a great choice.

I have dragged this bag with me to paid gigs where I am carrying gear for hours, it fits my shoulder well and rids perfectly on me. I love that is doesnt stick out and is a slim design, not bulky.

Typically I carry my 5D Mark III with a 50mm lens on it, an 85mm, 28mm and some spare cards/battery. It all fits, as well as my keys and cell phone.


This bag is totally washable too, so if you use it as a diaper bag/camera bag, the ability to wash it is an extra perk.


{heart} It

HayBugDesigns offers a variety of great camera bags and even diaper bags. Not only do they have bags but they also have matching camera straps, clutches and more.


She {hearts} Freebies

Now a camera bag showcase would be a tease if I didn’t offer you all the chance to win one!

HayBugDesigns would like to give a randomly drawn winner the chance to win not only a camera bag of their choice but also a matching strap!

To Enter:

Fill out the Rafflecopter below :) – note the giveaway does not open until noon today.

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A winner from the U.S. will be chosen on 8/19/13 at 7PM CST. Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details.

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She {hearts} Emilie Sloan

Emilie Sloan Seattle Logo

Emilie Sloan Mia Ringlet Cerise

Every now and then I’m able to slip away somewhere without my girls (even if it’s just the grocery store!), so I need a perfect little bag to take since I don’t need to lug my entire diaper bag with me.  Emilie Sloan offers a wide selection of beautiful bags, among which is the Mia Ringlet (pictured, right), which I received from them recently.  This ringlet is perfect for my cell, my license and debit card, a pen, a bit of cash, some change, and my keys.  I can just grab it and go!

Emilie Sloan bags come in beautiful prints that are sophisticated and fun.  All of their bags are made with wipeable material, premium hardware, and many have leather accents.

One thing I love about Emilie Sloan is that they have videos for each of their bags so you can see their features, quality, and scale.  Here’s the Mia Ringlet video so you can learn more about this great little bag!

Emilie Sloan has so many great bags it’s hard to choose just one favorite! They have everything from cosmetic cases, weekender bags, and totes of all sizes. Here are some of their beautiful bags (I love all the fun prints!).

Emilie Sloan Weekender Emilie Sloan Tall Tote

{heart} It

You can purchase your own Emilie Sloan mia ringlet for $42. Emilie Sloan has many other bags (totes, cosmetic bags, etc.) in a variety of price ranges as well!

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She {hearts} OiOi Baby Bags

baby boom virtual shower

OiOi Mustard Faux Buffalo Carry AllI love carrying an awesome bag. I also have two babies under two. I used to think I had to give up carrying beautiful bags in exchange for having beautiful daughters, but I have recently found a wonderful bag that is both fashionable and functional!

OiOi Baby Bags have it all!  They offer gorgeous bags that you would be thrilled to tote around even if you weren’t a mom, but inside these bags are some wonderful baby-friendly features!  I reviewed the Mustard Faux Buffalo Carry All, which, in addition to a whole bunch of outside pockets, has two main sections.  In one of these sections, there is a changing pad (perfect for taking care of on-the-go diaper changes), a baby wipes container, and an insulated bottle bag.  I use it to store a water bottle for myself, but a baby bottle fits in perfectly as well.  There are upwards of a dozen pockets in this bag, so it’s easy to keep all of your essentials organized!

This is the first diaper bag I have used that is truly cloth-diaper-friendly.  I can easily take several cloth diapers along with me without overstuffing my bag.  As you know, cloth diapers take up about 4 times the room in a bag as regular diapers (plus you have to store them when they’re dirty), so this is a big bonus feature to me!!OiOi Baby Bag Faux Buffalo Mustard Carry All Inside View

OiOi Baby Bags Faux Buffalo Mustard Carry AllThe faux buffalo material is so soft and the bag is really lightweight.  The mustard color is perfect and somehow goes with everything. The bag has normal straps as well as a longer adjustable strap that is great for crossing over your body or draping over a stroller.  I’ve used the bag daily for over a month now and it still looks brand new!

I love this bag and I highly recommend it to other stylish moms out there!

{heart} It

OiOi Baby Bags Logo
Browse all of the sophisticated OiOi baby bags, or purchase the mustard faux buffalo carry all for $160 (free shipping on that bag).

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She {hearts} Ness Bags

baby boom virtual shower

Before ever becoming a mom… I loved a good bag. I am sure I am not alone in this love – with a closet full of hand bags before the age of 20, and a terrible habit of switching my bag out daily depending on what I wore, was the norm. Once I became a mom, this however stopped. I no longer had the time to swap bags out & honestly, finding a good bag that fit my “personal fashion wants” – meshed with “mommy wants/photographer needs” was hard to find.

Ness Bags was a company I discovered a little over a month ago. I knew as soon as I read up on the company & saw their bags, I wanted one.The Eli bag is the bag I got to try and it is perfect. It honestly is a bag that I will use for far more than just trips to the park with my kids :) - it is just a beautifully made and designed bag, for not just moms, but women and even photographers.


IMG_0287What I personally found that was so practical was the fact it was built so incredibly sturdy. Floppy tote style bags, DO NOT work for me at all. Things get loss… my camera isn’t protected, stuff tips over… I really need a bag with shape, and organization. The creator of this amazing bag is also a professional photographer, like myself… and as a mom, who is a professional photographer, I like to have a bag I can use both for my “mommy needs” – but also for my camera. I have used this to carry around my Canon 5D or 7D with lens attached, with no trouble at all. I throw in a diaper at the bottom for a little extra cushion (just in case) – and it is good to go. The sides of the bag are thick enough that I feel totally comfortable carrying my expensive gear in it, all the while being out and about with my children.

Ness bags also has a lot more “thought” behind their bags than most realize. “Ness Bags, named after the Hebrew word for miracle. Each bag design is named for a special baby and its journey to survive birth, or an organization devoted to helping newborns and families in their struggle. Percentages of the sales go to support featured organizations that educate and support these babies and families. Ness Bags exists to inspire and encourage mothers while raising awareness and educating about issues like prematurity, stillbirth, and birth defects. We want to build a community where any mother can learn from and share with other mothers, and grow into an even better mama than she already is. Diaper bags aren’t just for diapers. They hold bottles and binkies, cameras and billfolds….”


{heart} It

You can learn lots more on the Ness Website about their mission and the amazing founder behind these bags. Its well worth checking out.

With the option to go totally hands free, the Eli bag also offers a variety of ways to carry it. Tote Style, Messenger and Backpack. It comes in a variety of great colors with pops of color on the inside for even more fun. Ness also offers the Mamie Bag, which is great for nursing moms. It can fit most pumps and even has a insulated (detachable) bottom to store pumped milk. Great for the mom who is out working and doesn’t want a bag that screams breast pump. :)

Be sure to follow Ness on Facebook for chances to win a free Bag & discounts. They also are coming out with a new bag design soon, so keep an eye out for that as well :)

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