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She {hearts} Sammy Dress


Many months ago I was introduced to a company called Sammy Dress. Some of you may have seen this company advertised on facebook. I know I have seen it there a few times. This website is packed full of fashion items for less. When I looked at the website I found myself stuck there for quiet some time. The variety of items offered was huge.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 12.51.59 PM

pursesI loved all their tunic tops, summer dresses and fun accessories. A great selection of purses and clutches.

Their prices are probably some of the most affordable prices I have seen for online shops such as this.

This website does allow returns as well. The sizing charts they offer are pretty true to size… but if you do get an item that does not fit or you do not like, you can ship it back for exchange or refund. They just ask you cover shipping.

For fun I thought I would list out some favorite items I found on the site. Just click the links and it will open them up unto a new window.

Loved this Newspaper inspired Tote. Would make a great over night bag!

Bow Knot Head Band, would be fun for working out, or casual day with a bad hair day.

Huge Make up Brush Set

Another Brush Set (I love make up brushes, always nice to have back ups too, while other ones are being cleaned)

Summer Dress – so cute!

Casual Swoop Top – stripes. I love tops like this.

A Purse organizer! Im so getting one of these!!

As you can see, lots to choose from. They often run lots of specials too. Items as high as 70% off.

{heart} It

So if you are in the market for some online shopping. Check out Sammy Dress. Stuck on bed rest? Kids sick? Got a niece to shop for or daughter, Sammy Dress is a great and fun place to start.


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She {hearts} reVetro


Who doesn’t love pretty jewelry?  I know I love wearing statement necklaces, and my new piece from reVetro is an eye-catching addition to my collection!

reVetro offers gorgeous recycled jewelry made from glass bottles!  It’s so great to know that when you buy this jewelry you are saving a glass bottle from a landfill.  The jewelry is so stylish and fun!  These unique pieces would make great gifts for moms, friends, and coworkers.

The piece I received is called the Bombay Gin Mini Square.  It’s so pretty and versatile!


There are tons of other pieces of jewelry to fall in love with.


Follow reVetro on facebook and Instagram for the scoop on the latest giveaways, new products, and events!

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Shop reVetro eco-friendly accessories here, starting at $9!

She {hearts} Freebies

reVetro is giving away a necklace to one lucky She {hearts} It reader!

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She {hearts} Origami Owl

I love when a product comes along that allows me to show off my “Mama” in a sophisticated and classy way. Long live the days of oversized buttons attached to purses and picture keychains that beam pride of your kiddos, and say hello to Origami Owl custom jewelry. Telling your story couldn’t be easier.

Both of my kids were born in March and obviously share a birthstone, Aquamarine. So when I began to build my locket I quickly decided on the March Heart Birthstone to be the center of attention in my locket. I also decided on 2 initials, one for the first letter on each of my child’s names. I chose the locket and chain that caught my eye, and even added on a dangle to give it a little more personality. Here’s my finished
piece, what do you think?

The wide variety of sports, hobbies, and causes makes it easy to create a Living Locket that just about anyone would love. Are you into photography? Do you love dogs? Are you a foodie? Do you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart? Origami Owl most certainly has something for you!

One piece I wish I would have ordered, and would have made my locket complete (for now!) is the “mama” plate. I think it would really wrap up my locket, so if you do order yourself one, think about adding that piece on to your order too!

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Independant Consultants, and Mother/Daughter Team, Jacque and Rachel would love to give you a locket you will love, check out their site HERE.

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Jacque and Rachel are offering up a $30.00 giveaway to use on their site to one She {hearts} It reader!

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She {hearts} Comparing Stella & Dot and Forever 21

I love buying fashion jewelry, and I consider it to be one of the best ways to update your “wardrobe” each season with the latest trends!  Of course for trendy accessories, it’s always a good idea to shop around so you don’t spend a lot.  It’s worth investing in classic pieces, but for “of the moment” pieces, it’s best to spend less!

I thought it might be fun to compare some pieces from Stella and Dot (great style!) and Forever 21 (great prices!).  Not everything is a “perfect match,” but I think you’ll find the comparison fun!

stonebibnecklacechandelierearrings2beadedearringsbeadednecklace rhinestoneballstudslayeringnecklaceschandelierearringsarrownecklace


Have you ever shopped at Forever 21 for trendy accessories?  What’s your favorite find?

All images courtesy of Stella & Dot and Forever 21

She {hearts} Personalized Jewelry At Jewlr


When it comes to jewelry, I am not hard to please. I love simple and dainty pieces and would never feel comfortable in lots of expensive bling. I personally love pieces that represent special things in my life and characteristics of myself. I seldom purchase or ask for random pieces just because they’re pretty. Most often, they have to mean something.

I usually gravitate towards pieces that represent peace, tranquility, and courage… all traits that I believe are vital to raising self and children. Being a mom is so important to me and with the birth of Jaxon, I realized that I am lacking jewelry that represents my role as a mom. I only have a mother heart necklace Greg bought me over 4 years ago.


I was given the opportunity to design a piece of jewelry from Jewlr. They offer just the types of jewelry I love, lots of sterling silver and white gold which are my favs, but they also have yellow and rose gold available too.

I chose the “Cherish” MOM Cut-out Ring. It’s just as beautiful in the stock photo as it is in person. I chose sterling silver with 3 birthstones; one for Jaxon, one for me, and one for Jayden… in that order :-).


{heart} It

Jewlr has hand selected the perfect gifts for every recipient to help make your Christmas shopping easy. Use their holiday guide guide for helpful gift giving guidance, and start personalizing! View the Holiday Delivery options to help ensure that your special person receives their gift in time for Christmas! As a thank you, Jewlr will provide a free gift with every item. I received a beautiful heart necklace.


She {hearts} Savings

Use coupon code HOLIDAY2012 for 10% OFF everything at Jewlr!

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She {hearts} Sira & Mara

One of my favorite thing about accessories (and specifically jewelry) is that it allows me to embrace current fashion trends without investing in a whole new wardrobe!  Paired with a basic wardrobe piece like a black blazer, some on-trend fashion jewelry can take a look from basic to fabulous!

I’m glad I recently stumbled upon Sira & Mara, a site chock-full of fashion jewelry that is affordable and trendy.  The quality of the jewelry is what you would expect for the price point, but I was quite satisfied even after wearing my chain bracelet repeatedly.

Sira & Mara USA offers affordable fashion jewelry that suits any style!  Be sure to grab your favorite pieces right away, because their inventory is always changing!

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Browse Sira & Mara’s collection and select some great bracelets of your own, starting at just $7.

She {hearts} Freebies

Sira & Mara is giving away a bracelet (a chain bracelet like the one featured, except in gold tone) to one lucky She {hearts} It reader!

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She {hearts} Cheerfully Charmed



 Have you guys seen this pretty necklace all over the web? Sure ya have. But maybe not from Cheerfully Charmed, which is a small business owned and operated by a mom, just like you and me.

Isn’t it a pretty necklace? I’ve worn it a few times now and it seems to really hold up well.  I know, doesn’t really showcase it well rolling around on a blanket with my toddler, but I just couldn’t resist getting him in my shoot.

{heart} It

For a limited time Cheerfully Charmed is offering buy two get one free! That’s a deal!  I really have my eye on the red one and the colbalt blue one! But the special isn’t just on the bubble necklace, it’s on any of their necklaces, and there are some pretty ones!

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