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She {hearts} Atoning Yoga

atoning yoga

Since 2003, when I was first introduced to the practice of yoga,  I’ve felt a closeness to God while on my mat. The stillness, the quiet allowed me to focus on God’s presence and never have I feel it more strongly.  That was one of the reasons I was so drawn to Yoga, and the best times on the mat were either alone or in a class with an instructor who didn’t speak Sanskrit or read mantras. Often times though, I had to block out what the instructor might be saying, since it usually didn’t align with my Christan faith.  I was on a mission for awhile, to find “Christian yoga.” I found a few books, but never a DVD…until now!

“We believe that yoga, like all other things in our lives, should be used to glorify God… Atoning Yoga is a full body workout that tones your mind, body, and soul. “

If you’re a Christ following yogi, that should make you say, Yes!

it did me:)

I really love the Extended Grace DVD by Atoning Yoga.  It’s great for beginners, my kiddos have even done it with me. It’s easy to follow and at a very peaceful pace, and it’s broken into three sessions:  15 min, 20 min and 45 min. So it’s very easy to work into our busy schedules. And I love how it’s focused around scripture, like from 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you.”

{heart} It

If you are looking for a way to add some peace to your life, wanting to finally do yoga or wanting a tool to help deepen your walk with God, Atoning Yoga DVD for you!

She {hearts} Freebies

I’m excited to tell you that Atoning Yoga is giving one of our readers a copy of their DVD, Extending Grace!

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She {hearts} Scripture Lullabies

There are often two types of music in my car at any given time: (1) “me” music and (2) “kid” music. As a mom of four little ones, the “me” music is rarely heard (unless I am driving by myself) since the “kid” music is always on!  Can anyone else relate?


Well, if this is a dilemma in your car,  keep reading because I have a CD that solves the problem! I have found “kid” music that I love and choose to listen to even when there are no kids in the car! Scripture Lullabies features beautiful, classical music, with accompanying words that are straight from Scripture.  So, not only is the music soothing and peaceful, but everyone listening to the music is learning Bible verses without even knowing it! That’s a WIN-WIN in our family :)

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IMG_6701After downloading the CDs onto my vans’s hard disk drive, the Hidden in your Heart CDs have resided in the kids’ CD players: one in Nathan and Natalie’s room, and one in Samuel and Samantha’s room. Each night, the CDs get turned on and are played on repeat through the night. If I happen to forget, Samuel is quick to point out that the “usik” is not on. The kids LOVE their music, and so do I.

Even now, as I type this post, I can hear the music coming from their rooms. As they sleep peacefully, the words to the songs are reminding them of God’s love, God’s grace, and God’s plan. I have children who sleep peacefully through the night, who wake up in good moods, and who know the words to the songs (and therefore Scripture verses) without the effort of rote memorization!

Here’s another testimony from the Scripture Lullabies website about the influence of their music:

“This powerfully peaceful music is helping children sleep soundly, free from nightmares, while also providing some much needed peace for mom and dad.  It’s the perfect baby gift but as you listen, you’ll understand why so many adults are buying their own copy or several to give as gifts to friends and family members.  One out of every 10 “Hidden in My Heart” CDs is donated to Pregnancy Resource centers around the country, so by purchasing this CD, our customers are blessing more than just their own family.”

She {hearts} Savings

Would you like to own a copy of this relaxing and powerful music? Scripture Lullabies is offering our readers 15% off their “Hidden in your Heart” CDs.  Just go to their website and enter SL2012 at checkout for your 15% off.
hidden in my heart

She {hearts} Freebies

We also get to pick TWO lucky winners! The winners can choose to receive either a physical CD or digital download of their choice: Hidden in your Heart Vol. I or Hidden in your Heart Vol. II. (We own both and they are equally wonderful!)
To Enter: For a chance to win, leave a comment with how you’d use this CD. Would you give it as a gift to an expectant mom? Would you keep it for yourself and play it in the car for your kids (and you)? Would you play it in the living room while your kids are playing?

Additional Entries: For more chances to win, make sure to leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

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Congratulations to the winners, Libby and Anastasia! 

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She {hearts} Kidz Bop 21

My kids have always been fans of music. Dancing and shimmying all over the house to just about any tune being played is kind of the norm around here. So when I got the chance to check out the new Kidz Bop 21 CD, I was thrilled. I already know my kids love some of these songs, like “Moves Like Jagger”, “Stereo Hearts”  and “Party Rock Anthem”, but the some of these radio versions still aren’t quite kid-friendly and not appropriate for little impressionable ears and minds. It’s a relief that we are able to listen to their favorite songs, without those not so favorable lyrics. I truly appreciate the effort put in to letting my kids listen to popular and hit songs, without the worry of the bad words or questionable situations.

Kidz Bop is the number one music brand for kids ages 5-12 and they just added the launch of their new radio show on XM Radio, Kidz Bop Block Party (tune into channel 78 on XM Radio Friday’s from 6-8pm EST). You can also find a safe and interactive social network and video sharing site for kids and tweens on the Kidz Bop website. Kids can submit videos, participate in a safe text messaging system, challenge each other in “Super Contests”, and build “Fan Pages”. Now, my two little ones are obviously too young to use the website, but it makes me feel better knowing that expert moderators have screened more than 35,000 hours of video and nearly half a million photos, all before their are published.

We can’t wait to see what Kidz Bop comes out with next, I’m sure we’ll love it!

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Kidz Bop CD’s and interactive games and videos can be found on the Kidz Bop website.

Sidenote: If you have loads of unwanted kids CDs, or even DVDs, that your children don’t use anymore, then a great way to get rid of them is by visiting Here, you can earn some cash whilst also helping the environment.

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She {hearts} Totsy

If you are reading She {hearts} It, then I have to assume that you have come across a flash sale site or two (or way more!) in your time browsing the blogosphere! I have my favorites, but today, I want to talk about Totsy, a private sale site just for mom’s (or dads) that I love to visit daily, to see what steals I can score, all at or under my budget!

Just today, I was looking over all of the blowout sales they currently holding. From kids boots, to apparel for Mom’s, toys and games, decor, outerwear, and more, I often find myself “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over numerous items, for me, for my kids, or for just about anybody I know! And with the prices, you can’t beat the deals.

Totsy is by invite or referral only, so if you aren’t a member, feel free to email me at and I will be happy to send your name along. Then you can get inviting YOUR friends, and racking up referral credits (once they make their first purchase). Today, I found a cute tee and cardigan, all for only $17 (before shipping!) and since I had a referral credit, I ended up paying only $9.95 (majority of that being shipping). Now I am not sharing totsy with you just to get some referrals my way, but I truly want to share with you the amazing deals that can save you money, in a time that most of us our pinching our pennies.

Tee ~ only $5 on

sweater ~ only $12 on

Tips on using Totsy:

~Check out the site DAILY. Sales only last 24-48 hours typically, and once the items are gone, they’re gone. By becoming a member, you will get daily emails sharing the sales with you as well.

~Be sure to check the return policy. Many, if not all, of the blowout sales are FINAL SALES, so double and triple check the description and sizing charts, to make sure you get what you pay for.

~Being a Flash Sale Site, you sometimes have to wait a bit longer to get the products. When you add an item to your cart, it will tell you when the estimated delivery date is. Make sure you are okay with that date, or if the item is a gift or for a holiday, so you will have it in time.

~The only thing that I’d like to see changed with Totsy is making a “search” section available. Since many items do not have all sizes available at all times, it can get a bit frustrating, for example, to sift through ALL of the kids boots looking for ANYTHING that is in a certain size. You can filter by GIRLS, BOYS, and MOMS & DADS, but that’s it.

Again, be sure to check out all those Blowout Sales, they are all ending today, so don’t miss out on some last minute sales. You won’t regret it.

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Email me ( or any other Totsy member, for your invite!

She {hearts} Scripture Lullabies-Hidden In My Heart

hidden in my heart

When I was a little girl, my sister and I had a cassette tape we listened to every night. It was a talking animal that lived in an oak tree or something. It had a moral lesson about forgiveness and grace along with peaceful music in between stories. I can’t tell you how much peace that tape brought us. To this day I remember the feeling it had over me. I can’t find that tape online, and since it’s been over twenty-five years, doubt I ever will. No amount of google searches are going to find it either.;)

But that’s okay. I now have something even better for my kids to fall asleep to.


This past summer while my husband was on a long deployment, I found Hidden In My Heart on a friend’s blog. I immediately had to order several. One for us and some for gifts. I was so drawn to this music. My kids have fallen in love with this CD. It’s as much a part of bedtime as brushing their teeth. Just today, when I was prepping for this post, my four year old son heard a song on and he goes “I love that song.” That warmed my heart.

“So much more than a lullaby CD, Hidden In My Heart weaves Scripture into music that sounds more like a movie score than a nursery rhyme song. The result, which we call Scripture Lullabies, is a musical and spiritual experience that is having a profound effect on listeners of every age. The Word of God is powerful and changes lives – experience God’s Word in a unique and gentle way with Hidden In My Heart.”


{heart} It

Hidden In My Heart makes a great gift! Shower gifts, “feel better gifts,” Christmas!:) I bet your Grandma would love this CD! Good for all ages!  We all need peace and we all need comfort. No better comfort than from Scripture. I plan on using this as my “birth music” again someday…

She {hearts} Savings

Use coupon code  SL2011 for 15 % off your total purchase.

She {hearts} Freebies

In addition to the discount, Scripture Lullabies is offering three of our readers a chance to win the CD, Hidden In My Heart!

To Enter:

Check out Scripture Lullabies and listen for yourself. Then come back and comment telling us what you thought. Maybe which song you enjoyed the most.

Please note: Because the song samples are optimized for internet playback, they are of lower quality.

Additional Entries: Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

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Congratulations to our three winners, Leanne, Dori and Kelly

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She {hearts} MonkiSee

My kids love watching TV and DVDs, so I like to use that time for educational shows. Some DVDs that all three of my children enjoy are the MonkiSee DVDs. These DVDs are designed to help teach little ones to recognize words, and ease them into reading at an early age. They are very well made, and hold the attention of even my 6 year old!

MonkiSee sent me a baby reading kit, filled with DVDs and flash cards. The cards are high quality, bright prints, with the words on one side and picture on the other. By flashing the card quickly, while saying the word, the baby learns to associate the picture with the word. It’s really neat to watch my kids learning!

The DVDs feature real live children and objects, as well as puppets.  The songs are catchy and fun, and will keep your baby engaged for the full 1/2 hour.  This is one 1/2 hour that I don’t feel guilty about!

Whether this makes Emery & Bria learn to read faster or not, it is a lot of fun, and I know they are being exposed to language, which is never a bad thing!

{heart} It

  • Monkisee offers 5 different sets of flashcards, 6 DVDs, and 2 books.
  • Also available is a Teaching Babies to Read Guide DVD for parents.
  • You can also buy the whole set in one convenient kit!

She {hearts} Freebies

MonkiSee would like to offer one She {hearts} It reader a set of 4 DVDs!

To Enter:

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Additional Entries: Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

WINNER CHOSEN!  Congrats to Betsy Hoff!
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She {hearts} The Elephant DVD

Congrats to our winner…..Kimberly B.!

My kids have always been movers and shakers; when they hear the rhythm and harmony to a song (any song and any style), they are immediately bopping to the beat. And they have always had their favorites songs and DVD’s (of song) that were favorites for extended periods of time. Most come and go and with each passed on DVD or CD, a new one quickly takes its place. We have been through many phases, most including Barney or Kidsongs to date. A while back we were browsing through YouTube & Kidzui (kid focused videos, games, shows, etc. It’s like YouTube, for kids!) , we stumbled upon a video, “Ants in your Pants” by Eric Herman. The kids could not stop laughing and dancing!

So can you imagine how elated I was when my kids and I got a chance to preview the new (and first ever) DVD, The Elephant DVD by Eric Herman, creator and magical man behind the song “Ants in Your Pants”?! You’re right, I was BEYOND excited!

All 10 songs/videos are a mixture and variety of catchy tunes and sweet ballads. Besides “Ants in Your Pants”, the kids often rock out to “Dance Like an Animal” and “In the Box” (a fantastic alternative to the old stand-by “Clean Up Song”). But Eric Herman slows it down in the beautiful “The Tale of the Sun and the Moon” (a song you will feel in your heart, and desperately want to make your nightly lullaby), a song that will ensure snuggles and cuddles from the kiddos upon the first verse.

The graphics range from cartoons to “real kids”, and cover topics from dancing, eating your vegetables, cleaning up, and just all around honest to goodness fun!

I don’t want to tell you anymore, because I want to see this DVD for yourself (oh yeah, and for your kids too! ) And Eric Herman wants to put a copy of his new DVD that will be released TOMORROW into the hands of on She {hearts} It reader!

{heart} It

Find even more awesome Eric Herman CD’s, check out his LIVE tour dates and any other awesome news he wants to share on his website! You can also find tons of his videos on his You Tube Channel!

She {hearts} Freebies

To Enter: Go to Eric Herman’s website and tell me which of his CD’s look the most fun to you!

Additional Entries:
Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

A winner from from
U.S. will be chosen on Thursday July 28, 2011 at 7PM CST

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