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She {hearts} Lullabies for Sweet Dreams

In my home, there is almost always music playing. I like to expose my children to a variety of music starting when they’re very young so that they’ll appreciate the many ways music can affect our mood, express feelings, and simply add beauty to our lives.

One of the best ways to do this is to create a bedtime routine around soothing melodies. I recently had the opportunity to share a new compilation of piano and violin music with my children with Across the Meadow‘s CD Lullabies for Sweet Dreams.

We’ve been hooked ever since.

You don’t have to be a classical music fan to appreciate these beautiful songs. There are familiar melodies such as “All Through the Night,” and others which I wouldn’t have considered lullabies before this compilation but am so glad they were included.

This CD would be the perfect gift for a new mom or for a baby shower. The CD cover art is so sweet and would compliment any nursery!

My favorites songs on the Lullabies for Sweet Dreams collection are “The Swan” and “Song of the Moon.”

And best of all, my children are all fans now, too.

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Visit Across the Meadow to hear some of the beautiful and soothing songs on Lullabies for Sweet Dreams and to find out where the CD can be purchased.

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