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She {hearts} The Snugg

ED9A0383One thing I knew was important when I became the owner of an iPad, was to get a good case for it. The Snugg is one of the first iPad cases to spread throughout the world of amazon and beyond. Quality is something they strive for and because of this, they offer a life time guarantee on these great cases.

I own the iPad 2 Flip Stand in blue leather case.

It fits my iPad to the T and even has a stylus holder on it (something my old iPad case did not have), as well as the ability to be used as a TV in my car, with their iPad Headrest Mount Holder.

Another perk, it is kid friendly. All of my boys use my ipad, daily… and this case works well to protect it.

{heart} It

The Snugg comes in a variety of great colors. They have cases available for not only the iPad2 (which is what I have), but also the newer iPad, as well as iPhone’s, androids and more. They have had over 6,000 happy customers leave 5 star reviews about their cases. With that and the life time warranty, you really can’t go wrong.

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She {hearts} iMO Camera Fashion





Hey Photogs! You know the durable, but ugly strap your camera came with? Maybe you’ve covered it with a bulky, but lovely slip cover that didn’t end up all you had hoped it to be.

Want a new one that’s awesome and gorgeous?

Then you’ve got to check out iMo Camera Fashion. I am loving my strap! It’s so me! Thank you iMo, for knowing me!;) It’s thin enough to be super light and comfy, but totally durable. They have a gorgeous selection. I’m drooling over this one and this one.



{heart} It

Such a variety of colors and textiles, will suit anyone’s style and taste.

She {hearts} Freebies

I’m so thrilled to tell you that iMo is giving one of our lucky readers a camera strap! Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter this awesome giveaway. Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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She {hearts} Snupped

How many of you own laptops?

Or netbooks?

Or ipads… kindles, iphones?

IMG_3263Some sort of portable device that you use to browse the web, check emails and of course update your status. For me, having a laptop was a must. Especially once I started my business. Being able to take it with me, was something I knew I wanted.

Traveling with a laptop though requires protection.

That brings me to Snupped :)

Snupped cases offer you a wide variety of unique looks – fabrics – feels… handle options, zipper, or even pouches. If you don’t feel their looks are a fit for you, they even offer you the ability to design your own look!

Snupped cases are all hand-made, beautifully.

I got to try out the Cotton Zipper Sleeve for my macbook pro 15 inch – with a handle… and love it. It has extra room for me to throw in my charger and even a cell phone or wallet if need be. It is the perfect size.

I also tried out their Space Suit Sock Sleeve – for my netbook – which created a very “kid friendly” look – that wipes off easily.

{heart} It


So if you are in the market for something trendy, unique… function-able and handmade – to protect your gear, then check out Snupped.


She {hearts} Freebies

We get to giveaway a gift certificate to Snupped for the value of $54.90. This allows you to pick which item(s) you’d like – and design them to suit you best.

To Enter:

Simply commenting here, telling us which case you’d want :) – if you were to win.

Additional Entries:
Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

Giveaway is open to World Wide Readers. Winner will be chosen on 6-6-12 at 7PM CST. Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details.

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She {hearts} The Q2 Internet Radio

004_1 I recently receive a cute little wifi radio that originates from the UK. It’s only been in the US for a few weeks and it’s called the Q2. The Q2 Wifi Radio is just four inches square and can fit in the palm of my hand. It comes in five fresh colors, and has no dials, buttons, switches or screen. In fact, it’s motion controlled. You simply flip the radio on one of its four sides to change the radio station (you preset using the computer software). The volume is adjustable by tilting the radio up for up and down for down.

We keep the Q2 in the bathroom since we like to listen to music while we shower and groom. The Q2 is the perfect size and eliminates the use of cords (it’s rechargeable or can be use plugged in) and time spent fumbling through controls. Setup is a breeze. All I had to do was download the software, connect the radio to my laptop via USB, connect to our wifi network, and program our favorite radio stations.

The Q2 Wifi Radio is an innovative way to listen to your favorite local, national or international radio stations or podcasts. It requires no subscriptions or fees or a huge level of tech savviness. The Q2 is a unique little radio that I was surely impressed with. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, consider this a great last minute gift!


{heart} It

The Q2 Wifi Radio can be purchased at Amazon ($119.99) and Radio Shack for $99.99 (Sale valid until: 05/31/12).

She {hearts} Freebies

Be sure to like Q2 on Facebook for a chance to win a Q2 Wifi Radio!

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She {hearts} Oransi

A few weeks ago I received a small little item in the mail.
Its size though really means nothing :) – although it is rather cute to look at. It however has a big job.

Often times we spend a lot of effort keeping the air IN our home pure and clean. There are lots of great products out there that do this and I think its wise to do, especially if you suffer from allergies.

However, what about the air INSIDE our refrigerators?oransifri

Oransi Fridge Air Purifier was made for just that.

  • Eliminating Food Odors
  • Killing Bacteria in the air
  • Reducing food spoilage
    (I noticed this especially with strawberries!)
  • Prevents Mildew
  • Sterilizes Fridge every 2 hrs.

Its very simple to install and use.

All it takes are two double AA batteries and you are good to go.

It can run for about 60 days on those two batteries too, so no need to worry about spending lots of money on replacement batteries. You never have to buy costly filters for it either.

{heart} It

So if you are looking for a way to freshen that fridge – check out the Oransi Ionic Air Purifier for Refrigerators. Silent, intuitive and effective in making your refrigerator smell incredibly fresh.

She {hearts} Freebies

We get to giveaway a Oransi Purifier just like this to one of our readers :)

To Enter:

Simply comment on this post telling us one other Oransi Product that stood out to you, or you’d like to try off their website.

Additional Entries:
Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

Giveaway Closed. Congrats Mary Beth!

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She {hearts} Drea’s favorite APP’S

I had a request from a reader – to write a few post on our favorite apps. For those who don’t have a iphone, or droid… or ipad, etc..etc.. this post will mean nothing :) – however for those who do have these things, finding good apps to entertain the kids, can be a life saver at a Doctor’s Office or on long trips.

So here is a list of my favorites!

For the Kids:

Soosiz HD – (cost) I am amazed how well my 5 year old can play it. Each world you beat on it, the levels get harder. So it is always creating for a more challenging game. Which I like :)

Fruit Ninja HD - (free) Hilarious. Fun. Great for entertaining groups of kids – last time I was with my nieces, we had a competition to see who could get the highest score.

Checkers – (free) Classic game. Great for teaching kids strategy.

Sonic – (cost) I was a huge Sonic Sega fan. So I had to have this. My kids however love it too. It’s just like the Sega version!

Early Bird HD – (free) It’s sorta like angry birds, but for younger kids.

Pocket Phonics – (free lite version, I upgraded to full version for like a buck) – great for teaching kids to write! we use this as an activity during home school writing… It also has cursive, which we really push in K-2nd

Carl & Gugi – (cost) So funny, slightly annoying… but Owen (age 2) adores it.

Contraptions – (cost) One of my favorites for sure. For older kids age 7 and up. It really teaches them to solve problems and build things.

TallyTots – (cost) Teaches basic numbers – Owen loves it, although he cant count yet… but our older two actually enjoy it too.

Talking Tom – (free) Similar to Carl & Gugi – but free. Our boys all love this one.

Lego Duplo – (free) If your kids enjoy Legos they will like this one.

Swapsies - (cost) A great one for pre-school kids.

I also recently downloaded Toca Monsters & Curious Zoo – my kids haven’t played the ipad since downloading that though, so I can’t promote those as good ones :) – but they did get great ratings and both are free.

Now next time I will write a post with MY favorite APPS ;-)

{heart} It

Many of these APP’S work on the Kindle or Droid as well.

So check out your APP Store today – and have fun :)

She {hearts} Jill-e Everywear Gadget Bag



I know I’m not alone when I say “I love bags!”  What girl doesn’t, right?  I love all kinds. But, being a photographer, I love a good camera bag.

I’ve had some nice ones in the past that were extremely functional, but they were really lacking  fashion appeal.  I’ve even returned one that was really fashionable due to it’s flimsiness. I wouldn’t say I was picky, but  it just has to “feel right” especially when it comes to my camera bag.



Recently I was introduced to a great camera bag! The Everywear Gadget Bag by Jill-e designs. Not only do I think it’s classy looking and goes with a ton of styles, it’s super durable and has a compartment for everything. It’s so easy to carry and I love the way it holds my camera, convenient access, and I feel like my camera is safely stored.

{heart} It

Jill-e designs has a ton of adorable tech-gear bags to choose from. If you would like to learn more about Jill-e designs, visit the Jill-e Facebook page and “Like” their page.  They offer giveaways and all kinds of great info about their gear.

She {hearts} Savings

Jill-e is giving our readers 20% off any purchase through their site.

After “liking” the Jill-e Facebook page simply request your discount code by emailing, and be sure to mention our blog in a fb comment. :)


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