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she {hearts} ramble & roost

Ramble & Roost is a handmade, fine-art shop that I stumbled upon while searching for a unique piece to top off our schoolroom.  We have a map wall in our room and I wanted to continue the rustic, world theme with the entire room.  You can imagine how excited I was when I saw the string art in Ramble & Roost.  I was lucky enough to receive a custom piece of string art representing my home state on pieces of reclaimed wood.  The owner, Lauren, even put a sweet heart over a location that is special to me.

string art collage

The great thing about Ramble & Roost is the option to totally customize your piece.  Maybe you have a wedding coming up and want a one-of-a-kind gift for the special couple… Ramble and Roost can make a custom piece with the couples’ initials!  Maybe you have a baby shower… Ramble and Roost can create a piece to hang in the baby’s room.  The possibilities are endless!

ramble and roost collage


As if the string art weren’t enough, Ramble & Roost also offers custom tumblers for all your iced coffee and lemon water needs, as well as photo transfers!

r&R collage 2

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Purchase your own custom piece of art at Ramble & Roost!!

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flower artYou lucky readers get a change to win a Flower String Art from Ramble & Roost

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She {hearts} Recipe For Men Skincare

How many times do we see commercials for anti-aging/moisturizing skincare? How many of those commercials are for men? None, right? Yanno because men don’t care about their skin or aging.


Ok, most men like my husband are pretty low maintenance. He washed his face with nothing but a wet towel up until his late teens, when I introduced him to face wash. Although most skincare products for men are very similar to those for women, there are important differences between men’s and women’s skin.

Men’s skin:

• Is twice as oily as women’s skin
• Has larger and more pores, making it an easier target for bacteria
• Is more fragile due to daily shaving
• Is more easily dehydrated
• Has fifty percent more blood flow

It is important to take those differences into account and Recipe for Men have. Recipe for Men is a skincare line created by men specifically for men. The skincare line was developed in the harsh winters of Scandinavia and contain the best quality ingredients to fit a man’s needs. Recipe for Men is simply logical skincare without the fuss of oil or shine.

So far, Greg (hubby) has only used the facial scrub and diving into the kit is going to take some discipline and getting used to since he’s not used to that sort of thing. The facial scrub has a light and pleasant “manly” scent to it and mini microbeads throughout. I used it too (for testing purposes). I’d prefer more micro beads since I have more problems with breakouts, but of course this has nothing to do with me. I personally think Recipe for Men is a step in the right direction for men’s skincare. The price point is, well, GQ status shall I say? But if you have a guy in your life that’s serious about grooming and having soft skin, I suggest you pick up a few products as a gift. :-)

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Shop for a selection of fuss-free skincare for men.

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She {hearts} The Mighty Max


IMG_9071Those who know us, know that we are a family on the go. From the many times we have moved (7 times in 9 years) – to the spontaneous trips we take. Even if its just a day trip – going requires a lot with 3 kids.

We recently made a trip to Atlanta – where I had a gig to photograph some baby carriers for a company. With the trip I not only had to tote boxes of baby carriers, I also had our diaper bag, hoodies (since it was chilly that day) and 30 lb two year old. It was a lot! All of it honestly would not have fit into our stroller.

The Might Max Cart was a great option. It is easy to control, light weight and can withstand the beating and weight of a couple grown men. So I knew, it would be great for us.

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The Mighty Max Cart comes with a life time warranty.

It never Rust!

It will never have a flat tire :)

& best of all it is made in the USA. No “made in china” stamp on this item.

So if you love to garden, travel with the kids, make trips to the beach or park and really just want a great product to help from time to time with a move. The Might Max Cart is a perfect fit.


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Mighty Max is generously giving away one of these great carts to one of our readers.

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She {hearts} NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner


How many women out there have husbands who do the finances… for which we are grateful for… but get tired of seeing receipts and other papers laying around on desk, counter tops or even the dining room table. My husband tells me he has a method to where he places things, but it never in my mind seems to really have “a place.” It just seems to be all over the place.

IMG_4202One day my husband came to me and said “Hey we should try this scanner out… its for receipts and documents.” – I immediately looked at the website and got the ball rolling.

NeatReceipts is a best-selling mobile scanner and digital filing system. You can use it to Scan receipts, business cards, and documents while the software identifies, extracts and organizes key information. This scanner works for both PC and MAC.

My husband hooked it up immediately and wrote out why he loves the NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner:

“I’m fairly diligent about keeping up with all the paperwork in case a problem arises in the future. In the past, I’ve had files boxes full of receipts for each year, which is why I really love the Neat Scanner. Now, I no longer have all of these files full of papers, receipts, and statements; they are safely stored on my computer and backup.

…I love how easy it was to set up and start scanning. In probably less than 10 minutes, I was already scanning in receipts. The software does an excellent job of recognizing the different points of information on the receipt, which saves you from having to type it in, like the vendor, date, taxes, total amount and so forth. Another aspect is the fact that you can make an unlimited amount of folders for all your different receipts. Keeping this properly organized.

The only con is that very small receipts like the ones from the gas station pumps are sometimes a little difficult to scan because the paper, which is very thin, has to be pushed so far into the scanner. …but I don’t really consider this a terrible problem, since once it’s able to grab hold of the paper; the scanner once again does exactly what it’s supposed to do.”

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The Neat Company sells not only the NeatReceipts but also a NeatDesk modile. Both a little bit different, to fit different needs. Check out the Try Neat Website to learn more about these great scanners & how you can free up some clutter in your office, err… dining room today :)

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The Neat Company would like to giveaway a NeatReceipts (a $200 value) to one of our readers.
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She {hearts} DadGear


IMG_0276copyHow many of you moms ever find yourself handing over your oh so lovely “ladies” diaper bag for your husband to carry. I for one will raise my hand and can admit my husband does this OFTEN for me. After all, diaper bags can get heavy… and sometimes we just want a break from the hassle of holding a bag.

One trip not to long ago to a local aquarium, my husband told me “Please invest in a back pack!” – after carrying my shoulder TOTE style diaper bag for an hour.

So I did my research and was so excited to find not only a “back pack” but one made especially geared toward Dads!

Dadgear all started over a plate of nacho’s (of course food had to be involved) – and the two new fathers meshed their ideas together creating a stylish, manly, yet very function-able bag for dads.


Overall we have both been very pleased with this bag. I love that we can now go out on a family trip and I have no more achy shoulders from my tote style diaper bags. I love that my husband when left with the kids has his own bag to turn to that is ready to go, with wipes and all. Speaking of wipes, I will say that we have found that if you buy the generic wipe refills, they fit PERFECTLY into the wipe compartment these bags come with. It is a great feature.

{heart} It

With a variety of styles. From messenger solids, graphics, backpacks and even “ladies” style bags – they have got it all covered. Also know when you purchase the bag, you are supporting a USA company, with a product manufactured and made in the United States. This would make a great gift for any dad this Christmas.

She {hearts} Savings

Use the promo code “sheheartsit15″ and save 15% off your Dadgear Purchase(s) :)

She {hearts} Bentwood Rings by Stout Woodworks

Back in June this year, I photographed one of the most amazing weddings!

One of my favorite things about a wedding, besides the obvious – are the details. All these beautiful and yet sometimes very small touches are so fun to capture.

The Bride and Groom’s wedding rings are one of those details.

IMG_9332copyAs soon as I saw Jessie (My June Bride’s) wedding band for her husband, I was instantly intrigued. It was by far the most unique wedding bands I had ever seen. What made it even more amazing was when I held it. Virtually weightless yet amazingly strong and durable.



My husband has wanted a new band for some time now. Neither his or my wedding band fits anymore. We had debated getting our rings tattooed, but when I discovered these rings – my mind was changed!

My husband is now the proud owner of a beautiful handcrafted Bentwood Ring by Stout Woodworks. I want one for myself come anniversary time :)

What I love about this ring, besides the obvious beauty. Is the company it comes from.

I love being able to spread the name of a Family operating business. Knowing that the product I am purchasing is hand crafted with great pride and passion.

None of our products are mass-produced. Instead, each item is carefully constructed using traditional tools and techniques.

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So if you are in the market for a unique, durable – beautiful yet very affordable wedding band – shop Bent Wood rings by Stout Woodworks. You can even buy matching sets for husband/wife!

Bent Wood Rings may be purchased off their etsy shop.

Feel free to email them via their website as well.

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We get to giveaway a Classic Walnut Ring! (winners choice in size)

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She {hearts} BlackRapid Camera Straps


IMG_9576copyOver the past few years, after a huge variety of experiences shooting in all sorts of environments, tight spots, hot spots and what not – One thing I have learned is that hassling with a regular neck strap on a camera can be anything but pleasant. While I don’t totally “dislike” traditional neck straps, I must say that the Black Rapid RS-W1 wins hands down.

Designed by women this strap not only has a girls figure in mind but also a professional photographer in mind as well.

The R-Strap unlike a traditional camera strap does not lay in front of your body, or stick out when slung across a shoulder. It is what they call a “sling strap” – and because of its design, your strap will hang straight down, out of your way. When the camera is needed a quick hand motion down to pull it up is all it takes. To help make more sense of this, watch the video below:

*Tutorial Video also very informative HERE*

I have truly enjoyed my Black Rapid Strap! It works beautifully and has made shooting with two cameras at a wedding a breeze.

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The R-Strap not only comes in the woman’s style, but also other more traditional styles. I am not a busty person, so if I were to buy another Black Rapid strap I would go with the RS-5 – It doesn’t have the curves to it and also has storage built into the strap for cards. Either way, RS-W1 or RS-5, Black Rapid has the perfect strap for you. They even have a new sports style!


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We get to giveaway a Black Rapid Camera Strap.

A winner who is randomly chosen can either pick the RS-W1 or RS-7 (womens or unisex R-Strap).

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