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IMG_6866About a month ago, my husband started a journey I would of never guessed he’d attempt. It all started with his discovery of a book called Born To Run. He was intrigued by it after weeks of getting back into running – only to realize how bad it hurt his ankles and knees… yet had heard about these 70 plus years old men in Mexico running super marathons…. with no joint problems at all! The thing was, they ran barefoot or with these Huarache style sandals. It sounded crazy but after you read the book, it really makes total sense!

My husband has been running with the Invisible Shoes for a few weeks now and really enjoys it. Because this is new to him his foot is still weak, so he is finding that he has to really pace himself – and running on harder surfaces or even walking on really hard surfaces for longer periods can cause his feet to feel fatigued. This is totally normal. After years of cushioning his feet with arches in typical running shoes – he really is having to retrain his feet.

That being said. His ankles don’t hurt. His knees don’t hurt. Running this way is already showing to be so much better.


NBC featured Invisible Shoe’s not to long ago – and I thought the video really helped with showcasing how they work. So do watch it below to learn more.

{heart} It

The lightest, “most barefoot” shoe, start at only $19.95. You can wear them hiking, doing yoga, walking and even running super marathons! Great for the summer coming up and can even be made for children. Custom fitting for these can be done all via email. They will cut them for you if you’d like. With a variety of different colors – beads and tying methods, you really can make these fun for your own personal style as well.


She {hearts} Freebies

We get to giveaway a pair of Invisible Shoes to one of our winners!

To Enter:

Comment on this post letting us know which color string you’d like if you won… and why you think this shoe would be a good fit for you :) or loved one.

Additional Entries:
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Drea is the busy mother of 4 boys – running a successful professional photography business - home schooling – managing SAHM duties – & keeping it real as a Pastor/Cop wife. Read articles by Drea →

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112 Responses to She {hearts} Invisible Shoes

  1. Mandy Keel says:

    These are so cool. I think I’d want the brown.

  2. Mandy Keel says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  3. Lindsey Wolosiewicz says:

    I’m just getting back into running. I’ve been learning a lot about barefoot running. I would love to try these! I love how affordable they are!

  4. erika says:

    I have been wanting to try barefoot running. I have to spend a lot of money on my running shoes to prevent certain injuries. I have heard barefoot running shoes prevent injuries, helps strengthen your feet, and are better for you overall. I would really love to try a pair. I would like the black string.

  5. Heather says:

    Very cool! I think I’d go with purple or red strings. I used to always go barefoot, whenever possible. I think these would be perfect for me:)

  6. Jessie Fee says:

    I would love to have these shoes! I have wanted to try them ever since i read Born to Run. I think that I would want the black laces.

  7. Shannon says:

    would love these in brown!!

  8. Rebecca Orr says:

    I miss running! I actually prefer to run without shoes already, so these would probably work great! I love the pink laces! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  9. Rebecca Orr says:

    Feed subscriber. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  10. Rebecca Orr says:

    She Hearts it FB fan: Rebecca Orr bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  11. Rebecca Orr says:

    Invisible Shoes FB fan: Rebecca Orr bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  12. Rebecca Orr says:

    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  13. Honey Mommy says:

    I am intrigued. I have never enjoyed running, but I would love to give it a try with these shoes. I would probably go for brown, black or dark blue.

  14. Honey Mommy says:

    I am a fan of She Hearts It

  15. Samantha P says:

    I enjoy running but I’ve had knee problems my whole life. I can only run short distances before they start to bother me. It sounds like the invisible shoes might help with the knee pain I get while running. I’d love to try them! I would like them in black.

  16. Prudence says:

    I have suffered from arthritis in my foot for many years. This would be such a GOD send. This is a win-win scenario. If I win the prize then I win but if I don’t, then you’ve introduced me to a product that may change my life. THANK YOU!

  17. Libby says:

    I subscribe to your feed!!

  18. Libby says:

    I am a fan of she {hearts} it on facebook!

  19. Libby says:

    I am a fan of invisible shoes on facebook!

  20. Libby says:

    I tweeted about this awesome giveaway!! :) Thank you!

  21. Libby says:

    Oh and the most improtant entry – I would like the brown string!! I love barefoot running, and I am also into yoga so this would be perfect for me – Thank you for posting this giveaway!

  22. sandra says:

    i’d choose black because that’s my favoprite of the choices

  23. sandra says:


  24. Ursula says:

    I would probably choose black. I would love to try these as I hate wearing shoes!

  25. Ursula says:


  26. John Corso says:

    Hello – I would love these in a brown lace. The idea of wearing a minimalist shoe is exciting to me because I think it would be the best way to leave as little of a footprint as possible (pardon the pun) but I think the idea is very sound!! I look forward to seeing these shoes on my feet!!!

  27. Mark Parisen says:

    These would be awesome! Black string on black would look sick

  28. Mark Parisen says:

    Fan of invisible shoes

  29. Mark Parisen says:

    Fan of She {Hearts} It!

  30. Scott Duesterhaus says:

    Born to Run is a very inspirational book for those who love to run. Doing some barefoot running helped me get rid of my shin splints. I would love to have a pair of these in either brown or forest green.

  31. Lauren V. says:

    I would want purple since I’m a TCU Horned Frog. I am significantly overweight right now, and I have tried running before, but I always give up because it hurts my feet, ankles, hips, and back. I believe that these shoes are the solution. I can’t run without some sort of protection on the bottom of my feet because I live in an urban area, but I want the barefoot feel anyway. This fits the bill! :-)

  32. Anthony says:

    I love invisible shoes! I’d love to give a pair to one of my running buddies. Probably in black.

  33. Kevin Beaty says:

    I am in the military and stationed overseas. I began running barefoot last year and love it. I have recently started a barefoot running club on base and would love to be able to try these shoes out and possibly recommend them to my friends. I have another type of minimalist shoe but think your shoes take it to the next level. Thanks.

  34. Ally says:

    Soooo cute. Love open toe comfortable sandles. Love the black.

  35. Ally says:

    Became a fan of invisible shoes

  36. Ally says:

    Fan of she hearts it!!!!

  37. Sean Marling says:

    Black or brown string. This shoe would be great to start slowly breaking my dependence on new shoes every 400 miles, I would much rather support a more free feeling than the constraints of traditional shoes.

  38. Sean Marling says:


  39. Laura-Sue Karl says:

    I have been barefoot running for a year. But its hard having to wear real shoes the rest of the day. These sandles look perfect.

  40. Mandi says:

    Dude, I want some so bad! I wear Vibrams when I run and I LOVE them!! I would want the lime green strings I think!

  41. Mandi says:

    Tweeted! (@ourvibrantlife)

  42. Mandi says:

    I’m a subscriber to your feed!

  43. Mandi says:

    I’m a fan of She {hearts} it :)

  44. Mandi says:

    I’m now a fan of invisible shoes!!

  45. Kristi C says:

    I would like the white string. I think these would be great for me because I have a lot of knee problems.

  46. Kristi C says:

    email subscriber

  47. Kimberly says:

    I like the Royal Blue. This would be great for me because I don’t like to wear shoes and these look better than the flip flops I have.

  48. Kimberly says:

    Email subscriber of yours.

  49. Kimberly says:

    I’m a Fan of She {Hearts} It.

  50. Kimberly says:

    I’m a fan of Invisible Shoes.

  51. Sandy says:

    Wow. You can even make your own. I love sandals, so these look great!

  52. Mandy Keel says:

    I’m a fan of she hearts it.

  53. Mandy Keel says:

    I’m a fan of invisible shoes.

  54. Mandy Keel says:

    I tweeted. @mandykeelphoto

  55. I would want brown laces. I’ve always wanted to try ‘barefoot’ shoes, I don’t have any that are comfy

  56. liked Invisible Shoes on Facebook

  57. Kathleen says:

    I’m really intrigued by these, especially as a person who loves being barefoot. I’d love to try the Sparkling Pressed Glass kit.

  58. Katie D. says:

    Tweeted! – @kdevito

  59. Katie D. says:

    Already a subscriber!

  60. Katie D. says:

    Already a She Likes It Fan

  61. Katie D. says:

    Just became a fan of Invisible Shoes

  62. Amanda Miller says:

    Looks comfy! I would like the brown ones!

  63. Rebecca says:

    I’d choose a black string. I’d like to win because I’d like to try their 4mm sole.

  64. Rebecca says:

    I like Invisible Shoes on Facebook (Rebecca F.H.).

  65. mframe says:

    I would want the black strings

  66. mframe says:

    I think these would be great for running which I want to get back into.

  67. mframe says:

    email subscriber

  68. mframe says:

    I like you on FB- Michelle Frame

  69. mframe says:

    I like Invisible Shoes on FB- Michelle Frame

  70. Ana says:

    I’d love the red colored string!

  71. Ana says:

    Following you on Facebook

  72. Ana says:

    Newest fan of Invisible Shoes on FB

  73. amandasue says:

    I’d go with a pink! I’d love these shoes because I HATE wearing regular shoes because I feel like my feet can’t breathe! These sound fun!

  74. Two years ago, I was in the North Georgia mountains and was bitten on the foot by a copperhead snake. Thanks to the ER, and two different hospitals’ ICUs, plus some anti-venom and good karma, I was able to keep my foot!
    As I recovered, I learned about the benefits of barefoot running. I had been a runner for about six years when this happened and thought barefoot running sounded like the healthiest way to go, so I eased into it and have been running minimalist or barefoot ever since.

    I’d love to add some Invisible Shoes to my training – they are the perfect way to stay protected (well, maybe not from snakes) while being as barefoot as possible.

    I’d go for green laces – to remind me of the snake and how lucky I am to have two healthy bare feet to run/hike/yoga with.


  75. How awesome are these?! I’d love Forest Green! :)

  76. Subscribed to RSS Feeds google reader

  77. FB Fan – Courtney Heath

  78. FB Fan of Invisible Shoe ~ Courtney Heath

    And I want a pair because I am a flip flop girl and hate ‘normal’ shoes!

  79. Callee S. says:

    Well, I am flatfooted and I think these shoes would be most comfortable! I think I would like the pink or purple or green laces.

  80. elven johnson says:

    I’d like black strings. I hate to wear shoes all the time but have to.

  81. Doris says:

    I would choose royal blue.

  82. Eric says:

    My wife would like the black strings.

  83. Kalani says:

    I’m looking for some black sandals- so I would choose black! Thanks for the info- they sound good!
    inalak at msn dot com

  84. Ally says:

    Love the black!

  85. Ally says:

    Fan of she hearts it!

  86. susan says:

    I think I would choose the black string. I think my mom would love these because she is very particular about footwear but these sound so comfy!

  87. susan says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  88. susan says:

    I’m a Fan of She {Hearts} It.

  89. Katy M says:

    These are great! I love the royal blue.


  90. Katy M says:

    I subscribed to your RSS feed with my Google Reader as katygmorris.


  91. Katy M says:

    I like you on FB as Katy M.


  92. Katy M says:

    I like Invisible Shoes on FB as Katy M.


  93. Katy M says:

    I just Tweeted about the giveaway here:!/katygmorris/status/178567702321971201


  94. Vee says:

    I’d love the brown laces. I would love to try these shoes out because I hate shoes with too much cushioning and “support” because that actually hurts my feet more.

  95. jessica sandlin says:

    About to start running again after 9 mo bout w/plantar fasciitis and ennui. Love to try these.

  96. jessica sandlin says:

    Fan of Invisible Shoes.

  97. Seny says:

    I love these things. I got a pair 2 years ago that are starting to go. Ive worn holes under my forefoot on the left foot. Being a barista in NYC though – I honestly can’t even afford the 20 bucks to buy the DIY kit. I love the fact that I can clip these to a ‘biner on my belt and put them on when I go in the subway or into an establishment that requires shoes, only to take them off again while I hit the pavement. All the colors are awesome, though I gotta say hunter green looks the best in my opinion.

  98. Erin Borja says:

    I’m subscribed via rss

  99. Erin Borja says:

    I’m a fan of she hearts it

  100. Erin Borja says:

    I am a fan of Invisible shoes.

  101. melinda g says:

    I would like the brown. I need a good pair of brown sandals for this season. I simply adore flat sandals, so these would be perfect for me.

  102. I would like the Royal Blue laces and I think they would be a good fit for me because i have been wanting to try barefoot running, but have not been sure about truly running barefoot, because of all of the goats heads (poky thorn like burr thingys) along the trail where I run.

  103. Invisible shoes FB fan