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She {hearts} Bright Starts Sunnyside Safari {Portable Swing}


041_1 When Jayden was a baby, his bouncer was an absolute must-have. While I wore him most of the day in a wrap, there were times when I needed to put him down in order to take a shower. Whenever I took a shower, I brought the bouncer in the bathroom with me and he would be content. Jaxon, like his big brother comes along with when Mommy needs to take a shower. We kept the bouncer, but he hasn’t been too interested in it. Instead, he loves his Bright Starts Portable Swing from the Sunnyside Safari collection. It’s funny how babies have their own personal preferences.

The swing is amazing! I mean, it’s a simple swing, but sometimes simplicity minus all the bells and whistles is best. The Bright Starts Portable Swing is very light-weight and folds up easily for transporting or storing in small spaces. The padded seat is also very durable and machine washable. Ours has been through a few diaper accidents and washes and it is just as bright and whimsical as it was the first day we started using it. The seat reclines in two positions. We’ve kept it on the lowest position from newborn to six months.

The Bright Starts Portable Swing has six speeds to choose from, all of which are super quiet and consistent even as baby grows. We usually default to the third speed and when the batteries are running low, we crank it up to six.


Yes, I realize the straps are a little weird, but I didn’t want to wake him shuffling around. :-)

{heart} It

Bright Starts has exceeded my expectations on the Sunnyside Safari Portable Swing. At $45.00 ($39.00 at Walmart), you have an affordable and very practical travel swing that will keep baby content during a visit at grandma’s or a quick shower. Sidenote: If you’re looking for a bounce pad/saucer, may I suggest the Bounce Bounce Baby – another budget friendly Brights Starts fav!

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She {hearts} An Autumn Intermission For The Babies

Edited to add: Drea and Ashley had their babies last night!

As you all know for the last few months a handful of us on She {hearts} It have been busy bringing you the must have’s for baby and mama. When we started the Baby Boom adventure, 3 of us were expecting… that number had since grown to 5!

Sheena and I both are due within 6 weeks of each other… putting us in a tight position in regards to running She {hearts} It, let along just life.

Her and I both have come to the decision that for a solid month, through most of October; She {hearts} It will be on a partial break.

While we are away, birthing babies, nursing babies, adjusting to life with babies again… She {hearts} It will still have an occasional showcase go up. Because we have many writers, we are leaving this option open for some who have to get posts in.

Aliesha has agreed to pitch in to help manage things, for that we are grateful.

Daily posting will not be a requirement though.

We just wanted to write and let our readers know what is up.

Let you all know we are human ;-).

Life happens… changes happen…. and breaks are a total must during certain seasons.

We hope that you all continue to read She {hearts} It, knowing that once these babies are born, we will have lots more to come! Also you have to keep up with us so you can see all the adorable baby cuteness coming our way. We will be sure to put up announcements on our facebook page as well as main page, as these babies are born.

We hope you all understand as well as the companies who have invested in our site.

Continue to share us with your friends and check out some of our favorite reviews to date below!

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~ Drea and Sheena

She {hearts} Puj

baby boom virtual shower

Puj (pronounced “pudge”) is a company founded by a creative couple seeking to create products to “simplify parenthood.” As a parent, I know most of us need all the help we can get while on this crazy, challenging, ever-rewarding journey!

Puj‘s innovative products are not only appealing because of their purpose to simplify the care of your baby, but also because of their stylish and modern designs. Puj’s products include the Puj Tub (a soft, space saving, baby cradling bathtub), the Puj Flyte (an even more compact, space saving, travel friendly baby bathtub), Puj Unos (adorable, breathable, machine-washable, symmetrical baby shoes) and the Puj Snug (a flexible, ultra soft bathtub spout cover that is mildew resistant and made from recycled materials).

Puj graciously sent me a Puj Snug to try out. Not only is this soft spout cover adorable, but I love that it is non-absorbent to resist mold and mildew. My crazy kids love to splash around in the tub, so bumps are inevitable. I love the protection that the Snug provides to their baby shampooed heads! The Snug is also BPA/formamide/PVC free and made from reclaimed materials. It is flexible to fit most any bathtub spout, while still giving easy access to the shower diverter. I also love how the water still runs out of the faucet normally with the Snug, unlike other similar products that I’ve tried that make the running water spray everywhere and freaks my kids out! My kids LOVED having a new “friend” in the tub with them during bathtime, and my 3 year old daughter was sure to keep Mr. Elephant clean and rinsed. The day after their first bath with the Sung, my 22 month old son was eating dinner and announced “There’s an elephant in there!” when I mentioned bathtime. Needless to say, the Snug was a hit in our household, for both mama and babies!

{heart} It

Puj’s baby care products range from $15 to $45 and can be purchased directly through their website. Also, be sure to “like” Puj on Facebook and follow Puj on Twitter to stay in the loop on new products and more giveaways of their fun products!

She {hearts} Freebies

Puj would like to give away a Puj Snug Ultra Soft Spout Cover to one lucky She {hearts} It reader.

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She {hearts} What to Expect When You’re Expecting

baby boom virtual shower

whattoexpect2Any time I think I may be pregnant… one of the 1st books that comes to mind is the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Despite having the internet at my finger tips this book for some reason always finds its way to my desk during a pregnancy.

It has been around since I was a baby! In fact it was 1st released only a year after my birth in 1984.

What I did not realize was that the book has been updating since its original release… and they’ve added more information to it, as times have changed and our culture has changed, medicines, natural living and so on.

They have new sections in the book on beauty during pregnancy, sex and even a chapter on Multiples!

{heart} It

Along with this best seller, What to Expect also has published a….

What to Expect the 1st Year and 2nd year.

Both great resources for new parents. Even though I am about to have my 4th, I still find books like this helpful at times. So it is something great to have on the shelf for some reference :)

She {hearts} Freebies

whattoexpect3We get to giveaway a good handful of the What to Expect books!

2 Copies of Each Book.
(What to Expect when You’re Expecting, What to Expect the First Year, What to Expect the Second Year)

So that is a total of 6 books :) – meaning 6 winners!

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She {hearts} Exederm For Baby

baby boom virtual shower

I recently received a email from the winner of our last Exederm giveaway. The Flare Control Cream is working on her daughter’s skin. She was so grateful for her prize!

Hi Sheena,

Just wanted you to know I received the Exederm cream I won on your blog. It is amazing! My daughter’s skin is loving it! Thank you again!

Since I am such an Exederm fan, I would like to give away some more of their products! This time; the Baby Eczema Wash, Baby Eczema Lotion, and Baby Eczema Cream!

As a reminder, Exederm products are free of:
Color or Dyes
Propylene Glycol

{heart} It

Exederm products are sold online at Exederm.com, Amazon.com, Walgreen.com, Drugstore.com, and many other online retailers. Exederm.com offers a special discount of 20% on orders of 3 or more items and free shipping on orders over $50 (US & Canada Only).

She {hearts} Freebies

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She {hearts} Bellybar Prenatal Vitamins

baby boom virtual shower

Chocolate. Prenatal. Vitamins.

Yes, you’ve read right.

Bellybar has formulated a chocolate nougat supplement for prenatal perfection. Let that sink in.

When I was pregnant with Jayden I had the pleasure of being gifted some of Bellybar’s nutrition bars. They were SO unbelievably yummy, I could have eaten them by the box. I can’t wait to try their prenatal vitamins since the bars were so delicious.

Right now, I can’t take what was prescribed to me as they back me up o_O. If I just take one, I’m miserable for DAYS. Pregnant and terribly bloated just don’t mix well. I am, however, taking multivitamins with Ensure drink to make sure I’m getting the nutrients that I need. So far so good, but am still excited about Bellybar’s new prenatal as I will be running out of my multivitamin soon. Once they arrive, I’ll tell you guys all about them, but in the meantime YOU have an opportunity to win some! Read on to learn how to enter!

Each box contains two bottles: one with 30 prenatal multivitamin chocolate balls and one with 30 vegetarian DHA chocolate balls.

{heart} It

Bellybar Prenatal Vitamins can be purchased for $24.99 at Bellybar.com.

She {hearts} Freebies

Bellybar is offering a 1-month supply of Prenatal Vitamins to a She {hearts} It reader! In addition you can register to win a 9-month supply on Bellybar’s Facebook page!

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She {hearts} Tommee Tippee

baby boom virtual shower


How many of you with young children, are addicted to trying sippy cups? I must admit… I am guilty of this. With our 3rd born Owen, it became a real problem. He refused almost every cup we gave him! Unlike my older two, he did not like a traditional sippy cup… I tried cup after cup and after many, I realized he just preferred STRAWS vs. SIPPY style cups.

The problem was, every single straw style cup I tried, leaked…

IMG_9294Until I was introduced to the Tommee Tippee Explora Li’l Sippee Flip Top.

This honestly is the 1st sippy-style straw cup I have used, that will not leak or “spurt” out. I also really love how the tip of the straw is much wider than traditional straws. Owen has really taken to the shape.

These cups are also dish washer safe. You can totally disassemble them for a thorough cleaning.


One other thing that I found helpful was that the opening of these cups were wider than most cups I’ve used. So on days I had to put ice into the cup, it was a lot easier.


{heart} It

Tommee Tippee
not only carriers these great straw cups, they also carry a variety of newborn-toddler products. Such as their amazing bottle line & breast pumps. As well as Table Items and even Pacifiers. All of their products look great and are all BPA free. Not to mention their designs are just adorable.

She {hearts} Freebies

Tommee Tippee would like to giveaway a set of these awesome straw cups to one of our readers!

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