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She {hearts} MY ECO



My primary grocery store is Aldi, which requires you to bring your own bags, so I’m a bit “seasoned” at using reusable bags.  I typically stuff a bunch of random-sized bags into the car before we leave and then shove all my groceries in as best as I can.  UNTIL… I discovered MY ECO Bags!  These reusable shopping bags are absolutely fantastic.

The MY ECO 4-in-1 bag set is a small pouch that unzips to reveal four HUGE reusable bags (which have been made from recycled yogurt containers!).  The bottom of one of the bags forms the zippered pouch so you’ll always be able to put it back together.


The first bag is for groceries and dry goods, and it holds a TON. The second bag is for produce.  I buy lots of produce usually, so it’s nice that this bag is really large too!  The third bag is possibly my favorite: the insulated bag for cold and frozen items.  The top zips shut to keep groceries cold (worked for me on a 40-minute drive home!).  The fourth bag is for glass jars, bottles, and cans.  On my recent trip, I didn’t even end up needing this bag because the other bags had so much storage!  The cool thing about this bag is that it has mesh bands inside to keep the bottles and jars from clanking against each other and breaking.

The bottoms of the bags are square, which keeps them upright for bagging, fitting in the cart, packing in the car, and unloading without falling over.  All of the bags are quite sturdy and have wide straps which makes them easy to carry.  As an added bonus, the bags are all wipeable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!  

The MY ECO 4-in-1 Bag Set holds the equivalent of 30 plastic grocery bags!  Did you catch that I fit ALL my groceries into just three bags?  So awesome!  I plan on leaving the pouch in the car so it’s always there when I shop!

myeco bags_together{heart} It

You can purchase your own reusable shopping bag set here for just $25.  (But be sure to check out the coupon code below!)

myeco shopping_bag_slide_1

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Use code shnc02 for 20% off your purchase!  Valid through 2/15/14.

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MY ECO would like to give away one 4-in-1 bag set to a lucky She {hearts} it reader!

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She {hearts} Emilie Sloan

Emilie Sloan Seattle Logo

Emilie Sloan Mia Ringlet Cerise

Every now and then I’m able to slip away somewhere without my girls (even if it’s just the grocery store!), so I need a perfect little bag to take since I don’t need to lug my entire diaper bag with me.  Emilie Sloan offers a wide selection of beautiful bags, among which is the Mia Ringlet (pictured, right), which I received from them recently.  This ringlet is perfect for my cell, my license and debit card, a pen, a bit of cash, some change, and my keys.  I can just grab it and go!

Emilie Sloan bags come in beautiful prints that are sophisticated and fun.  All of their bags are made with wipeable material, premium hardware, and many have leather accents.

One thing I love about Emilie Sloan is that they have videos for each of their bags so you can see their features, quality, and scale.  Here’s the Mia Ringlet video so you can learn more about this great little bag!

Emilie Sloan has so many great bags it’s hard to choose just one favorite! They have everything from cosmetic cases, weekender bags, and totes of all sizes. Here are some of their beautiful bags (I love all the fun prints!).

Emilie Sloan Weekender Emilie Sloan Tall Tote

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You can purchase your own Emilie Sloan mia ringlet for $42. Emilie Sloan has many other bags (totes, cosmetic bags, etc.) in a variety of price ranges as well!

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She {hearts} OiOi Baby Bags

baby boom virtual shower

OiOi Mustard Faux Buffalo Carry AllI love carrying an awesome bag. I also have two babies under two. I used to think I had to give up carrying beautiful bags in exchange for having beautiful daughters, but I have recently found a wonderful bag that is both fashionable and functional!

OiOi Baby Bags have it all!  They offer gorgeous bags that you would be thrilled to tote around even if you weren’t a mom, but inside these bags are some wonderful baby-friendly features!  I reviewed the Mustard Faux Buffalo Carry All, which, in addition to a whole bunch of outside pockets, has two main sections.  In one of these sections, there is a changing pad (perfect for taking care of on-the-go diaper changes), a baby wipes container, and an insulated bottle bag.  I use it to store a water bottle for myself, but a baby bottle fits in perfectly as well.  There are upwards of a dozen pockets in this bag, so it’s easy to keep all of your essentials organized!

This is the first diaper bag I have used that is truly cloth-diaper-friendly.  I can easily take several cloth diapers along with me without overstuffing my bag.  As you know, cloth diapers take up about 4 times the room in a bag as regular diapers (plus you have to store them when they’re dirty), so this is a big bonus feature to me!!OiOi Baby Bag Faux Buffalo Mustard Carry All Inside View

OiOi Baby Bags Faux Buffalo Mustard Carry AllThe faux buffalo material is so soft and the bag is really lightweight.  The mustard color is perfect and somehow goes with everything. The bag has normal straps as well as a longer adjustable strap that is great for crossing over your body or draping over a stroller.  I’ve used the bag daily for over a month now and it still looks brand new!

I love this bag and I highly recommend it to other stylish moms out there!

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OiOi Baby Bags Logo
Browse all of the sophisticated OiOi baby bags, or purchase the mustard faux buffalo carry all for $160 (free shipping on that bag).

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She {hearts} L.L. Bean Totes



aka..”my last diaper bag evaaa”:)



I have been a mommy for almost ten years. That equals many diaper bags for me, currently my baby boy is 18mo and still needs me to carry everything but the kitchen sink with us when we step one foot outside our home. In the beginning, I carried real diaper bags, but quickly got bored with them. I like to coordinate somewhat with my outfits and be as stylish as a mommy can be. So, I started purchasing any cute affordable tote I could find, they usually only had a little side zipper on the inside, if that. So, all my baby’s belongings and mine would be a jumbled mess. Plus, most of the fashionable totes I found didn’t have a zipper to close the bag, which meant taking it on a plane was kind of out of the question.

I had seen this bag a few times in magazines and thought it was just dreamy. It has a large inside zipper and an outside zipper to close the bag. A friend of mine had one, and loved using it for a diaper bag, and she looked so fashionable with it on her shoulder. So, I convinced my hubby that it was an “investment,” that I would be done buying totes, and even after we’re finished with the baby years, I could still carry it!

{heart} It

All you fashion savvy mommas, this bag has been on back order for sometime, but it’s available now, and L.L. Bean has free shipping! It is a tad on the large side, but I like big bags…nothing gets left behind. Oh and if you use a DSLR, it is great for that too. The inside pocket is perfect!

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She {hearts} Gigi Hill Bags

If your New Year’s Resolution is to be more organized, you’re going to love today’s review and giveaway from Gigi Hill Bags!  Gigi Hill was started by two moms who realized there was a need for fabulous and functional purses and tote bags for busy women.  They created a line of durable, stylish bags with some awesome features!

I love the signature pocket design found in the bags (such as the Audrey, pictured to the left), which is a complete pocket system which wraps around the inside of the bag.  There are bottle holders (water or baby), pen holders, a cell phone pocket, a pocket that zips, and more.  Another great feature on Gigi Hill bags is the key fob, located conveniently inside each bag.  Simply clip your keys to the loop and you’ll never be digging around in the bottom of your purse for your keys again!  Seriously, I can’t even tell you how great this feature is.

I also love my new Olivia bag (pictured at right).  I get compliments on it from everyone!  The inside and outside of this bag are both wipeable so that I can keep stickiness and dirt (I’m a mom of a toddler!) at bay.  The hardware on this bag is beautiful and I love carrying it everywhere, from church to appointments to the grocery store.  It’s just the right size for holding what I need, and while it has a great shoulder strap, there is also a longer strap that can be attached for wearing the bag different ways.

Inside my Olivia bag I keep my Rita wallet (pictured below).  I feel so grown up having a big, zip-around wallet like this!  It holds everything, from cash, gift cards, and change, to a few coupons, my grocery list, and receipts.  This wallet looks fabulous on its own, so if I need to run into the store really quick I can just take Rita with me!  This is the essential organizing tool for your purse, keeping paper, change, and clutter from crowding your purse.

As you can tell, I’m just a little bit enamored with Gigi Hill bags!

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You can purchase these great bags from Gigi Hill as well as many more, starting at $18.50.

She {hearts} Freebies

One lucky She {hearts} It reader is going to win a Rita wallet in City Red ($49 ARV)!

To Enter: Leave a comment telling us what your favorite item from Gigi Hill is (I know, it’s so hard to pick!).

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Winner selected; Congratulations, Kim!
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She {hearts} Got a Bag

got a bag


If you’re a mommy to a little cutie under the age of two, you probably carry a larger-than-life size bag with you everywhere, and reserve your smallish girly bags for date nights with the hubby or night-out with the girls. That would be me. But lately I made it a promise to myself to not only sport the cute purse when I don’t have my baby with me, but to also take my affection starved fancy high heels out for a spin.  Yes, some of them are even dusty. Who has time to dust high heels? Not this mommy! Oh and btw, doctor office visits for yourself are a reason to dress up.  They mean you’re taking care of you, and I don’t know what better thing you can do for the ones you love, than to take care of yourself.  So celebrate!


But let’s be honest, probably twenty seven days out of a month you’re gonna need that larger than life bag for the diapers, wipes, squirtable fruit, sling, etc…

Tina at Got a Bag on Etsy has ya covered! She is so creative and has made such a wide variety of designs, none are exactly alike. She has some large bags perfect for the “mommy purse,” and then my favorite Less is more clutch for when you get to sneak away to refresh.

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Tina from Got a Bag makes one-of-a-kind bags that are truly unique. You can tell from the workmanship and quality in the seams that she knows what she’s doing and does it well.

She {hearts} Freebies

Tina would like to give away one of her lovely clutches in purple! You’re gonna like it!DSC_0830

 To Enter:

Simply comment on this post, telling me which bag you like from Got a Bag. But remember, the giveaway is for the purple clutch.:)


Additional Entries: Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

WINNER CHOSEN!  Congrats to Katydid!
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She {hearts} Whimsy Lane

I love handmade items. I love making them, I love receiving them as gifts, and I love giving them as gifts! Earlier this summer I discovered a sweet little shop on etsy called Whimsy Lane. I immediately fell in love with all of the great designs, particularly this sweet little zipper pouch.

I love how cute the lining fabric is! The pouch is well made and perfect for stashing “just the basics” when darting in a store or going on a date night.  Since it’s nearly “back to school time,” I thought I’d mention that these pouches would make great gifts for the students in your life!  I know I would have loved having one of these in college, and I’m sure younger girls would enjoy keeping them in their backpacks as well!Whimsy Lane is not just a shop… it is also an amazing blog! The blog has tons of adorable ideas and eye candy, so you’ll definitely want to visit. Leave a comment and say She {hearts} It sent you!

I picked a few of my other favorite items from Whimsy Lane to share with you (aside from my new pouch, featured above!). Left to right: Rosette Necklace, Bloom Ring, Camera Strap Slipcover, and Zippered Pouch in Green Gardens.  There really is something for everyone at Whimsy Lane!

Oh, and one more cool thing… shipping is always free on U.S. orders! (International readers, don’t worry… today’s giveaway is for you too!)

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Whimsy Lane is giving away an item from their shop (winner’s choice!!) to one lucky reader!

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To Enter: Subscribe to the Whimsy Lane blog, and leave a comment here telling us what your favorite item in the shop is!

Additional Entries: Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

Winner Selected: Congratulations, Briann!
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