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She {hearts} Jamberry Nails


I love having painted nails, but I never can seem to wear polish for more than several days without it starting to chip!  I’m a mom, so I have my hands in water about 37 times a day, which nail polish also does not like.  I was excited to try a set of Jamberry Nails wraps from Independent Consultant Beverly West, but I was a bit skeptical that they would last much longer than nail polish (and still look good).  Jamberry Nails wraps are kind of like stickers that are applied using heat (see how to apply here).

I found the application process pretty straightforward, though my first try took an embarrassingly long amount of time (I hear it gets faster the more you do it!).  I ended up leaving the wraps on my nails for 13 days (what?!) to fully test them out.  The verdict?  Amazing!  I love the look of fancy patterns on my nails (I chose these fabulous gold crisscross wraps) and the Jamberry Nails wraps held up beautifully!  Here’s what they looked like on Day 1.


Don’t they look so fabulous?  I kept smiling as I looked at my nails all day.  Jamberry Nails wraps are also easy to remove when you’re ready, and they don’t damage your nails at all.


Like I said, I kept mine on for 13 days.  Here’s what they looked like on days 8 (left) and 13 (right).

I was very impressed with how well they held up and how long they lasted!

I definitely want to try a few other patterns (and with 300+ to pick from, I have lots of options)!

Beverly West is available to do “virtual” Jamberry Nails parties, where you can host a virtual party for your friends (in your pajamas, if you want!) and earn some great hostess rewards.

I attended one of her parties, and it was super fun!

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Purchase your own Jamberry Nails wraps here!

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She {hearts} Knocked Up Nails

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Many nail polishes contain tons of icky ingredients, so I’m always glad when I find a company that is free of those ingredients!

Knocked Up Nails offers 5-free maternity safe nail polish that you can feel good about using, pregnant or not!  Read more about the ingredients that they use and don’t use here.  Knocked Up Nails has a wide variety of polish colors that range from classic to trendy, all with fun names!


I enjoyed trying Mom’s Night Out on my fingers and 18K Gold Crown(ing) on my toes!  Mom’s Night Out is bright red but with a slight shimmer/sparkle that is quite lovely.  18K Gold Crown(ing) is a metallic gold that reflects light and has a nice, cool undertone.  I applied two coats of each color and they held up well!  The photos show my nails after 2 days of regular wear (hands in water, etc.).  I was happy with the coverage and the great colors!


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Purchase your own stash of Knocked Up Nails polish here for just $10 a bottle.

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Knocked Up Nails is giving away a bottle of polish to one lucky She {hearts} It reader (winner’s choice of color)!

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She {hearts} The Wet Brush


the wet brush

There are three girls in our home, including myself, and we all have long thick hair. While I haven’t had much issue with hair brushing myself, my 8-year-old daughter has an extremely sensitive scalp. So much so that hair brushing was a hated chore and avoided when possible. When it was unavoidable, tears and gritted teeth were expected (sometimes on both sides). When I heard of The Wet Brush I thought she would be the perfect guinea pig to discover if there was really something THAT different about this brush.

When our brush arrived and we used it for the first time, we rejoiced to experience hair brushing without eyes closed tightly and grimaces. No tears or “ouches,” no shrinking away…and I was sold. I knew we would have one of these in our home forever. We’d been using it for about a month before I fully appreciated it for myself as well. It had been misplaced so I had to use a regular brush and I realized then that there is a difference, even for those of us with less sensitive scalps.

My daughter said it simply while she was brushing her own hair (which she can actually do now thanks to this brush), we had been talking about advertisements and how sometimes they exaggerate and she said “Mom, they [The Wet Brush] were really honest, weren’t they?” Yes, yes they were.

Brushing is better, hair is better, life is better.

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the wet brush (4)

With so many colors, sizes, and styles (even combs) to choose from you can get your own Wet Brush directly from “The Wet Brush Store” also available in select salons and at Amazon.

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She {hearts} Jenuinely Pure


After switching my family over to natural foods (from our overly processed diet) several years ago, my next priority was our healthy and beauty products.  To be honest, it’s hard to walk into a “big box” store and find body and skin care items that are safe and natural for the whole family!  I discovered Jenuinely Pure, a great company that produces handmade, all-natural, and organic skin care items for everyone in my family!


My daughters and I battle eczema, so we have to be very careful what we put on our skin.  Jenuinely Pure’s products are safe and affordable, with no “questionable” or GMO ingredients.  I was able to try out the Body Travel & Sample Set, which has a little bit of everything!  (It’s a great kit to buy if you’re new to Jenuinely Pure so you can learn what products you love the most!)  I can’t get over how awesome all of the products smell (all without artificial fragrances… just natural essential oils)!  The pink grapefruit bar soap is particularly invigorating, as is the lemon & grapefruit body wash.  The vanilla body cream smells like a dessert and leaves my skin feeling so soft (I think this might be my favorite item from the kit)!  The sugar & spice body scrub is also wonderful, fun to use, and leaves skin soft & smooth.  The coconut body oil is great for moisturizing your legs after a shave!

Jenuinely Pure also offers many other items as well, including natural face care products, natural products for your baby, and safe cleaners for your home.

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Purchase items from Jenuinely Pure’s Natural and Organic Product line here, starting at $2.95.

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She {hearts} Belli Skincare

 photo bellilogo_zps4cefb927.png

It’s been 4 years since I gave birth to my last baby, but that doesn’t mean the signs of pregnancy aren’t still lingering around. Don’t get my wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate fresh looking and feeling skin. Belli Skincare products are made for the pregnant Mama, and follows us through the ever changing skin care needs of a well-seasoned Mama as well. We all know, with life changing experiences like pregnancy and giving birth (and good ol’ aging in general) our bodies give us a variety of issues to deal with.

Mine have always been dark under eye circles. I have tried a number of different products to make them disappear but none really work (except hiding them under concealer, which I’m not a huge fan of). The Belli Eye Brightening Cream is a dream. It refreshes my tired eyes with a cooling touch and uses Vitamin K, which is proven to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. I noticeably saw a difference after about a week of use too.

I also got a chance to try the Body Firming Serum and the Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator. Both products smell great, go on smooth. The Facial Hydrator makes my face feel SO soft! I use the Body Firming Serum mostly on my belly and flabby underarms. I am hoping with more consistent use I may start to see a difference.

 photo BelliStandards_zps8cafcaab.jpg


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Find Belli Skincare on the web, twitter, and facebook.

She (still) {hearts} nourish organics


Just about a year ago, I reviewed Nourish Organics here on She {hearts} It and I love this company so much that I’m back at it again.  Nourish Organics is an organic skincare company owned and operated by sweet Olivia, who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a few years now. Her passion for chemical-free, safe, 100% natural, nourishing skin care is so inspiring, especially to a momma of little ones.

As I’ve said before, I’ve tried just about every product in Nourish Organics‘ line and am hooked. My favorite products are the sweet orange sugar scrub (so moisturizing and smells delicious), the organic peppermint wash (so invigorating) and organic peppermint lip balm (I love the peppermint flavor and the non-waxy, moisturizing formula). I use the organic coconut balm to soothe my sensitive skinned-kids’ eczema and diaper rash.


I was elated when Olivia offered to let me try the new organic grapefruit wash. I am a sucker for anything citrusy, and the refreshing scent of this wash is delightful. Made with renewable, organic oils, the formula is super moisturizing and perfect for spring (who am I kidding, it’s perfect for all year long). This wash tops my list of favorite body products, and it is a daily treat to use it in the shower.

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Check out Nourish Organics‘ line of super-moisturizing, organic, amazing-smelling washes, scrubs, balms, and oils.  This skin-loving line is all natural, providing peace of mind in the care of your skin, and your babies’ skin, too.


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Use code “sheheartsit” for 15% off your organic grapefruit wash purchase until 3/19/13.

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Olivia is offering an 8oz bottle of Nourish Organics‘ new organic grapefruit wash to one lucky reader!

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She {hearts} Lilla Rose


This summer I discovered a hair accessory that I thought was gorgeous and also really practical.  Lilla Rose sells something called a Flexi Clip, which can be used for a variety of hair styles and in pretty much every hair type.  I have incredibly fine thin hair that is very slippery, and I can easily use the Flexi.

Lilla Rose is an independent sales company, so anyone can sign up to sell their products.  I got in touch with Anjanette Barr through YouTube I believe, and was able to place an order earlier in summer.  She recently sent a beautiful Pink Fairy Flexi for my oldest daughter to try.  Bria loves it!  I have to work a little more to get it to stay in her hair, as it’s even more slippery than mine, but it looks so cute on her!

Flexi clips are made with piano wire, beads, and a pin made of zinc.  They are incredibly durable, so you won’t be replacing them over and over again.  All pieces are attached to each other as well, which makes it easy to keep track of.

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Lilla Rose has some great videos on their website that help with figuring out sizing.

Lilla Rose also offers gorgeous Head Bands, O-Rings, Hair Sticks, Bobby Pins, and You-Pins.

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