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she {hearts} britax bob b-safe

britax_logoOne of the most important things a momma will buy for her babe is a car seat.  It gives you peace of mind and allows you to rest easy knowing you are doing all you can to protect your little one.  We were in need of a new infant car seat since ours was expired from seven years ago.  Britax has a stellar reputation for creating safe and sturdy car seats for kiddos.  I knew I wanted to experience the Britax difference and share it with all you readers, so when you are making a purchase as important as a baby car seat, you can make the safest decision for your little one!

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The first thing I noticed about the car seat was the sturdiness of the seat.  It fit tightly into the car and the actual seat sits securely into the car seat base.  I have always had a difficult time finding infant seats that had a nice shade canopy.  The Britax BOB B-Safe boasts a very deep shade canopy that protects little ones from the sun’s rays.  I am so excited to have that feature! The car seat comes in three different colors- orange, black, and navy- and holds babies up to 30 lbs.  The most important feature… when your babe is in this seat, it will be protected by top-notch side impact protection foam.  The most important quality in a car seat is how well it will protect the baby in case of a collision.  The Britax BOB B-Safe seat distributes crash forces equally and shields the head and neck from anything that might come in contact with the baby during a crash.

There are many items that parents can skimp on, car seats are not one of those items.  I feel so secure putting our sweet bundle in the BOB B-Safe car seat.  The safety features and quality of the seat reassures me that she will be riding in the top infant seat on the market.  When she get here (less than two weeks!!!), I will do a follow up review about the ease and user-friendliness of the seat!


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Be sure to head over to Britax and explore all their amazing car seat options.  The have infant seats, convertible seats, boosters, and more!

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she {hearts} diono

When you have more than three kids, or they are spaced out years apart, you will usually have to purchase multiple car seats due to expiration dates.  As our fourth baby prepares to make her arrival, we have been working to get everything ready for her. Car seats were an issue for us.  We had car seats expiring and the brands we had been using we weren’t fans of.  So, I went on a hunt for the best car seats on the market.  That is how I came across Diononew-lineup-rotator-v2

Diono is a company that is at the forefront of car seat innovation.  They routinely have the highest crash test ratings and their streamlined shape makes them easy to fit into any vehicle.  One thing I love is that you can fit three across in most mid-sized vehicles since they aren’t bulky.  Another benefit that is that Diono seats can be used from birth, up until your child is out of a booster.  The weight limits on these seats, 5 lbs to 120 lbs, allow you to use them for your child’s entire car seat experience and not have to purchase another seat.  That is a huge bonus when you consider how much is spent on infant, convertible, and booster seats for kiddos.

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I reviewed the Diono RadianRXT seat and we are in love with it!  It boasts a steel frame, which I love where safety is concerned.  The seat folds up so when we travel and have to take it through an airport it can be carried as a backpack.  I noticed the buckles were easy to use and I never questioned whether they were securely fastened, or not.  I was sure they were fastened properly and securely.  When the seat is installed, there is no movement.  It is the first seat we have owned that we have been able to install without any movement from the seat.  It certainly gives me peace of mind.

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Be sure to check out Diono‘s selection for yourself!  They have three new car seats is fantastic colors that would be perfect for your child- Pacifica, Rainier, & Olympia.

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She {hearts} The Graco TurboBooster with Safety Surround

My daughter, Allie Grace, turned a whopping THREE years old last month. Its amazing how quickly time flies by. Even though she’s a skinny little thing, she’s very tall and often looked uncomfortable in her 5-point harness carseat that she’s been in since she was 9 months old.  I came across the Graco  TurboBooster™ with Safety Surround™ just a week before our vacation and decided to give it a try. Some features that I liked about this new carseat, just from reading about its features, were the adjustable back height, it converts to a backless booster, the armrests and cup holders, the removable pads that were machine washable, and of course the new safety surround. While she’s only 30 lbs., which is the minimum weight required for this carseat, I knew it was time for her to go ahead and change seats. We are on the road all the time and she just seemed uncomfortable in her old seat.

We hadn’t had the seat for a week yet when we went to a birthday party and one of the items in the favor bags was a purple marker. Somehow the top came off the marker and it sat in the carseat on the ride home, soaking purple ink into our brand-new light grey carseat. The next day was followed by our weekly trip to the beach so I decided it would need washing again after that so I let the stain be while we were at the beach. As soon as I returned from vacation I did some minimal spot cleaning with Shout, threw it in the wash and it was good as new again!  There’s something to be said about a carseat that’s so easy to take the cover off and actually get stains out of!

Since we are on the road so often, I sometimes try and plan our long trips during Allie Grace’s naptimes. The Safety Surround also acts as a cushion for her to lay her head when she’s asleep. In her Daddy’s truck, that carseat doesn’t have the Surround and she can’t get comfortable while sleeping. The US currently doesn’t have a standard for side impact tesing but Graco decided on the European draft standard because they believed it is the most comprehensive. They tested their Safety Surround™ in Europe to ensure they have the best side impact protection.

The armrest and highback have grow-with-me features where you can adjust the height as your child grows. The seat will help safely transport your growing child from 30-100 lbs. in highback mode. Once they are 40 lbs. the back can be removed.

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Purchase your own Graco TurboBooster™ with Safety Surround™ for just $79.99 from any Target store or Target.com. They come in lots of fun colors too (black/green, black/purple, black/orange, black/tan)

She {hearts} Freebies

Graco & Target are throwing a party—a Twitter party, more specifically! TONIGHT (June 28) at 9 p.m. (EST), their car seat safety experts and engineers will be on Twitter, answering your questions, live! If you’ve never joined a Twitter Party, here’s how you can:

  • Log on to Twitter at 9 p.m. EST (6 p.m. PST) TONIGHT, Thursday, June 28.
  • Make sure you’re following the conversation at #TargetChat. *Target is helping Graco host the event, since they’re the exclusive retailer of the NEW TurboBooster with Safety Surround!
  • Ask a question of your own, or just learn from others at the party.

During this fun, information-packed event, a few lucky party-goers will even receive a FREE TurboBooser with Safety Surround, in one of four bright, stylish colors.

  • Tweet about this giveaway.[tweetbox width=”200″ height=”80″ label=”Tweet This!” content=”Join @Gracobaby & @Target 6/28 6PM PST for a chance to #Win a Graco Turbobooster during the Twitter party! #TargetChat @sheheartsitcom”]

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She {hearts} Diono Radian RXT


I have been using the Diono Radian RXT Car Seat for my baby girl (14 months old) and all I can say is I LOVE IT!

One of the best features of this car seat is how slim it is, while still being comfortable for your child.  You can actually fit three car seats across, yet it offers comfortable memory foam padding and support pillows (not to mention it includes a cup-holder!).

The Radian is good from 5 lbs. to 120 lbs. (as a booster) and does not expire for 10 years. The seat is very easy to install and is built for strength and safety. It has sides that expand as your child grows and it can fold flat for storage and travel.

My daughter seems very comfortable in her Radian RXT Car Seat, and I know she will enjoy using it for years to come! The best part of owning a Diono Car Seat, though, is the peace of mind it brings ME knowing that my baby is safe and well-protected while we travel!  You can view all their car seats here.

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Learn more about the Diono Radian RXT Car Seat ($305.99 ARV) and find a retailer near you.

She {hearts} Freebies

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She {hearts} The Radian XTSL

If you have a baby… or are about to have a baby, you are now entering or have entered ;-) – the car seat stage…

There are so many to choose from, it really can become overwelming.

IMG_2468I have tried a few carseats since becoming a mom, over 6 years ago – and I must say… I have found my favorite now.

The Radian XTSL is created not only to serve as a very secure and safe carseat for your baby-toddler-child, but it also is smartly designed. If you are like me and have many children in carseats, you will appreciate how Sunshine Kid’s made this seat. It is NARROW and fits so much nicer. I was just amazed at the difference in space used between the Radian and my Graco seat. HUGE difference. I use to have to bend around the carseat to buckle my baby in, it was a tight fit rear facing… with the Radian in, that is not the case. I have plenty of room to get myself in and baby.

A Radian will cost you more than most Gracos, but take this in consideration…
They have a longer life than most Graco’s. Many of you may not know this (I didnt until a few years ago) but carseats expire. Graco models expire every 3-6 years… the Radian is good for 8.

So if you are like me, and want your child to stay in a car seat as long as possible, get a Radian. It will be the only seat your child needs!

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{heart} The Radian XTSL

Get Radian carseats & boosters starting from $69-$299.

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