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She {hearts} Super Undies


PhotobucketMy second daughter turned two years old 6 weeks ago. As she has been showing interest in the toilet for many months, we’ve just let this be a slow progression. With this slow progression however, I wanted some kind of transition wear, like a pull-up, that could provide easy accessibility for bathroom trips, but also offer protection against accidents. Also, because I have been experiencing the benefits of cloth diapering since I began having children (my oldest is now 7) I knew I wanted to find some kind of cloth option. I found just what I was looking for in Super Undies.

Jubilee tried out their pull-on in caped canary. My husband dubbed them her “Safety Underwear” and it’s what she wears on outings- like when it really matters if some bodily fluid escapes . She has had every kind of accident in the 4 months we’ve had this sucker and it holds it all. In fact the only semi-leakage we’ve had is slightly damp edges, and only that with some pretty heavy wetting. I turn it inside out and it washes up perfectly with my 10 month olds cloth diapers, ready to safely transport her from here to there once more.

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Super Undies has everything you need for your potty training endeavor. From pull-ons and night time underwear to the accessories like inserts and water-proof sheets.

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Super Undies is giving away one (1) pair of Pull-On Super Undies in size of winners choice (color choice limited to availability).

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She {hearts} Blueberry Diapers

Until trying the Blueberry Basix AIO Cloth Diaper, I had never used an All in One diaper before. I’ve been “testing” this diaper for about two months so that I could give it a thorough review! So far, we love it! From the adorable owl print, to the crazy-soft microfleece interior (that still looks brand new, btw), what’s not to love?

For those of you who may not be familiar with various kinds of diapers, an All in One diaper is one that has the liner attached to it (so you don’t have to match up liners and outer layers after drying).  The attached liner is just stuffed back into the pocket after you dry the diaper on the line or in the dryer.  The liner also agitates itself out in the wash so you don’t have to pull out a wet liner before laundering.  The pocket also allows for additional inserts (purchased separately) to be added if needed.

I found the Blueberry Basix diaper to be very absorbent.  I could use it for naps or at night and trust that it would hold everything in as well as my daughter’s other diapers!

This is a sized diaper, so I tried the medium for my 16-month-old.  It worked great for her, plus there is room for expansion in the waist due to the multiple snaps for size adjustment.  You can purchase this awesome diaper in newborn, small, medium, and large.

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Purchase a Blueberry Basix AIO Cloth Diaper for just $16.95.  Of course Blueberry Diapers sells several other kinds of diapers too, so be sure to check them out!

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One lucky She {hearts} It reader is going to win a Blueberry Basix diaper!

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Winner selected: Congratulations, tubbytelly!

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She {hearts} Smartipants

I’ve been full-time cloth diapering for over a year now, and I love it! I haven’t really branched out much when it comes to trying new types of diapers until recently, when I became pregnant and knew I would need to increase my “stash” for when the new baby arrives. I discovered Smartipants and was immediately attracted to 1) the low price, 2) the durable snaps, and 3) the fact that the liner comes out in the wash on its own (no need to pull out messy liners before laundering).

After using a one-size fits all Smartipants diaper for a couple of weeks, I am hooked! This is coming from a die-hard bumGenius user… I am hoping to buy all Smartipants diapers for the new baby! They are every bit as nice (and in some ways nicer) than bumGenius, but they cost almost $5 less per diaper than bumGenius 4.0s (when comparing the cost of 12-packs)!

Like I said earlier, some of the other things I love about Smartipants are the durable, adjustable snaps (which are unique to this diaper) and the fact that you don’t need to remove the messy liner before washing the diaper… you just toss the whole diaper in the wash and everything comes out clean! I had NO trouble with leaks, even during nap times and at night (14+ hours!). Another great thing is that these diapers are designed by a cloth-diapering mom and proudly made in the USA!  They also come in 13 great colors (lovely lavender is my favorite).

I highly recommend Smartipants, and I hope to be purchasing quite a few more in the near future!

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Purchase Smartipants for $14.95 individually, or save and get them for just $12.08 each when you buy the 12-pack!

She {hearts} Freebies

Smartipants is giving away one of their awesome cloth diapers in the winner’s choice of color!

To Enter: Leave a comment telling us what kind of cloth diapers you use (or what kind you are planning on using).

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Winner Selected: Congratulations, Joanna!
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She {hearts} Soaps by Denise

Like many of our other she {hearts} it writers (and many of our readers too, I’m sure!), I cloth diaper my baby girl. I also use cloth wipes, and until recently I just moistened them with water. After a few bouts with diaper rash, I decided to look for a wipes solution that would help protect my baby’s bum.

My mom sent me a link to Soaps by Denise and suggested I try their Baby Bits.  I was intrigued by the concept.  Baby Bits are small pieces of soap that you dissolve in hot water and then use to moisten the cloth wipes (a spray bottle works great!).  The solution is gentle and soothing and is filled with natural ingredients like olive oil, tea tree oil, and lavender. One box of Baby Bits makes 50 cups of wipes solution, though you can prepare it just one cup at a time, so it is very economical.

Soaps by Denise also carries other products, including relaxing soaps, invigorating soaps, complexion soaps, and disinfecting soaps.

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You can purchase Baby Bits at Jillian’s Drawers ($10/box), or you can contact Soaps by Denise for a local retailer!

She {hearts} Freebies

Soaps by Denise would like to give away one box of Baby Bits to a she {hearts} it reader!

To Enter: Leave a comment telling us why you would like to try Baby Bits!

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A winner from the U.S. will be chosen on 6-15-11 at 7PM CST

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