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She {hearts} Scheduling the Summer with Kids

Today marks the first day of Summer Break for my kids and while many kids are excited to not have to answer to a teacher until school begins in the fall, my kids won’t have that option. The structure my kindergartener had during the school was a blessing. I didn’t realize how much a creature of habit he was and how much he benefited from the constant routine was astounding. He is a worrier, so knowing what to expect did him a world of good and helped him grown in confidence and maturity.

So this summer, my kids will be following a semi-strict schedule, similar to the school year. Every little detail of the day isn’t going to be mapped out, but things like getting dressed, doing chores, and doing schoolwork will be done at a pre-determined time. There will be plenty of playtime and downtime as well, and we will continue to run a tight ship from dinnertime to bedtime as we do year round. This way the kids will know what comes next, what is expected of them, and it will keep me from being lazy as well.


Do you follow a summer schedule? How does it work for you and your family?



She {hearts} The Well Planned Day

the well planned dayConfession: I am a list maker. I make lists for everything, from meal planning to what I want to accomplish in the next week. I love to cross or check things off, I will even re-write my ongoing lists to keep them neat and orderly (sometimes adding already done things just so I can check them off). So when it comes to my daughters schooling I am no different. Even being attracted to a more simple approach to schooling and having a laid-back lifestyle I still love having something to check off. A written plan is especially helpful since we do 5 days of school curriculum in our 4 day school week. With The Well Planned Day planner I can easily see were to spread that extra day of work throughout the week.

I love all the extras this planner packs, chores charts, a budget page, an area to keep track of letters and cards you send. Each new month includes a calendar month, an article on homeschooling, tear off shopping lists, and space for books read and field trips taken that month. The weekly part divides 5 school days using a two page spread. There is a small section for weekend and dinner menu. Along the top are different scripture verses and quotes each week. There is a section to keep track of grading with 4 cardstock report cards you can give out in the back. December even has an extra Holiday Organization section!

The only drawback is it is designed for 4 children- not a big deal for me since I have only one in school, but I already have a 3 year old, a newly 2 year old, as well as a newborn so we’ll be maxed out in a few years. However for now as a homeschooling mama, it’s the only planner I need- and I look forward to purchasing one for next year.

{heart} It

You can purchase The Well Planned Day planner- hard copy or software from Home Educating Family Association in their shop or check out a sample here. You can also find many reviews and articles- a fantastic resource for the homeschooling family.

She {hearts} Savings

Right now The Well Planned Day Homeschool Planner (2012-2013) is on sale for $12.48 (regularly $24.95) and if you want to get ready for next year, all of their 2013-2014 planners are on sale as well.


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She {hearts} Morphology

Morphology LogoMy family loves playing board games, so when someone sent me a link to Morphology, I couldn’t wait to try it!  Morphology is a board game in which players must use what appears to be a random assortment of items to get their teammates to guess a particular word.  Various challenges are added as the game progresses, and everyone has to use a lot of creativity and work under the pressure of the clock!

When we received our copy of Morphology in the mail, we decided to play it with three different groups of people so that we could give it a thorough review.

Morphology Game2First, I played it with a group of women after a Bible study.  The age range was 25-50+ and the size of the group was around 8 or 9.  Everyone had a blast playing it!  Secondly, I played it with my family (my dad, my mom, and my adult brothers).  It was quite fun in this group as well, even though we had less players.  Thirdly, my husband and I played it with a bunch of teens in our youth group (ages 15-18).  They caught on quickly and had a great time too!Morphology Game

I found the game easy to explain, fun in multiple settings, and unique each time it was played.  While some party games get old rather quickly, I believe Morphology will continue to be fun because of the imagination required to complete each round successfully.

In addition to Morphology, there is also a Morphology, Jr. for younger kids.  Overall, I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun new party game to play with family or friends!

{heart} It

Purchase Morphology at a retailer near you.

She {hearts} Freebies

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She {hearts} Hannah’s Oak


Hannah’s Oak began with a product to sell- cute wool dryer balls, which Paula sent to me for review. However since then Paula felt like she was being called to use Hannah’s Oak mainly to help mothers and families rather than sell a product. Hannah’s Oak is an awesome site whose heart of  their mission is to particularly help those “brokenhearted by pregnancy complications, children in intensive care units; & child loss through our projects & support.” Paula recently began Project Bella’s Bows to provide adorable bows for babies in her local NICU as well as for bereavement photos shoots.

I have been witness to the loss of a child in labor, miscarriages, unable to conceive, having a child in the NICU and each trial brings about it’s own unique set of hardships. I think it’s wonderful that someone is doing something for these mothers, using her time and talents in service of others. Offering a small bit of encouragement- soaked in love, to them in their pain.

{heart} It

Check out Hannah’s Oak and see where you can jump in to help, one way is by purchasing your own cute bow from their etsy shop (all proceeds go towards providing bow’s to babies in need), or find resources to receive encouragement and support with whatever pregnancy difficulty you are expeiriencing.

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She {hearts} Cucumberlime

cucumberlime logoIn our house, we really try to prioritize the training of our children… from manners and academics to self-discipline and responsibility. So, when I found Cucumberlime’s adorable chore charts and magnets, I knew they would be a wonderful addition to our home and training!

The kids were so excited when they arrived in the mail and now diligently move their magnets from “To Do” to “Done” throughout the day. From getting dressed and making their beds to unloading the dishwasher and collecting the trash, I appreciate their help and they enjoy moving their magnets to show what they’ve accomplished:) In the process, however, they are learning the important role that each member of our family plays, as well as the importance of self-discipline and responsibility.

{heart} It

chore chart

Each wooden magnet is large enough to be grasped by tiny fingers, but little enough that you can fit quite a few chores on the chart. In addition, the pictures show the children what needs to be done, which helps “young readers” still know what to do! We love Cucumberlime’s chort charts and magnets!

She {hearts} Freebies

magnetsCucumberlime is giving away one chore chart and 12 magnets of your choice to one lucky winner! Just enter in the Rafflecopter giveaway widget below!

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She {hearts} The Eight Little Circles

My mother gifted the book, The Eight Little Circles, to my daughter.

I’ve known the author of this book for quite some time. I grew up with Mrs. Lynn’s daughter, Stacy. Stacy and I graduated from high school and I even recently photographed her wedding! It wasn’t just a big year for Stacy, but for Mrs. Lynn because she published this wonderful children’s book! Mrs. Lynn has a degree in Early Childhood and has worked with children for more thatn 20 years which led her to writing books. She also enjoyed writing poetry and children’s songs.

The Eight Little Circles helps children learn about basic colors, numberes, and important concepts such as big and little as they rhyme their way through this unique, interactive book.

{hearts} it

My Eight Little Circle can be purchased for $8.09 at Barnes & Noble.

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She {hearts} Accountable Kids


Photobucket As parents of three young kids, Keith and I have struggled to find a good way to implement a chore system.  I bought this massive book, complete with “chore packs”.  The kids loved it, for a couple of days.  But the chore packs and cards were easily lost, and there wasn’t a real sense of accountability.  It just wasn’t a good fit for us.

After some searching online, I was made aware of a program called Accountable Kids.   Using a simple progress board, it’s actually very easy to organize, and keep track of what my kids have done each day.  And since they can see it too, it gives them that sense of accomplishment and importance to the family.

Accountable Kids is designed to teach accountability and responsibility in the home.  If the kids  do their chores, they are able to use their tickets for everyday things, like going to the library, watching a TV show, playing a board game, etc.  They can also earn bonus bucks for extra chores, as well as a couple of other incentives based on learning good habits, and being on their best behavior.

The program has different phases, so you don’t jump in all at once.  This has been great for our family, as the kids are at different levels, both socially, and physically.  So while Rowan is now using the whole program, Bria is still figuring out the first few steps.

I’m so glad that I have found Accountable Kids.  There is no longer any question as to who does what, and when to do it.  It is all very clear, and the kids know what is expected of them.  I highly recommend this program for parents of small children.  It really does help them to feel important, like part of the team, and like they have some control over what they do each day.


Product Purchased through Accountable Kids Blogging Program