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She {hearts} CP Toys

If you are looking for great educational toys for kids, then CP Toys is your “one-stop-shop”! CP Toys offers so many kids toys from a wide variety of trusted brands.  You can find toys for infants, as well as for children eight and up.

I had the opportunity of reviewing the Melody Mix Music Center from CP Toys.

My daughter has LOVED playing with it!  She is delighted by the eight different musical instruments that are included in the set, and I am delighted with the quality of this classic wooden toy.  I know it will hold up well through many children to come!  I also love how it encourages imaginative play and creativity.

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The Melody Mix Music Center can be purchased for $49.99. Many other great kids toys are also available!

She {hearts} Freebies

CP Toys is giving away a Melody Mix Music Center to one lucky She {hearts} It reader!

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She {hearts} Teach Me

There has been tons of controversy over the use of a smart phone by babies and toddlers over the years. But personally, I think that we are obligated as parents to change with the times and with the vast addition of technology showing up in the classrooms across the world, why not give your kids a head start with some cool, techy educational tools that TEACH them as they play.

I was browsing through the Top 25 Apps on my iPhone tonight, trying to find something I could quickly upload to entertain my 2 year old while we were waiting at a restaurant for our dinner. I saw Teach Me, an educational set of App’s geared toward the learning abilities of toddlers and kindergarteners. Both App’s allow the parent to set up profiles for up to four children, along with their picture, so the child can easily identify which game is their own. The added bonus? They were only 99 cents a piece!

My 4 year old son works solely on the Kindergarten Teach Me App, where he is learning addition and subtraction and well as sight words. I have not worked with him yet on these area’s so I was curious how he would approach such a learning tool. He loves it! When he reaches a pre-determined goal, he receives a coin. Add up the coins, and he can purchase a variety of objects to fill up different scenes (like an aquarium, a farm, a playground, etc.) He has a goal in mind, so he loves to complete the tasks in order to achieve it.

My 2 year old daughter uses the Toddler Teach Me App, where she learns about shapes, colors, letters, and numbers. She too has a pre-determined goal (that I set for her), and with each accomplishment, she too gets to choose a “sticker”, and place it on a scene as well. I do love how they make the goals and accomplishments simpler and easier for a younger child to understand on the Toddler version.

Both versions allow the parent to review the questions, disable any questions or topics that might be too hard for the child, or set it up to work on just one task (like a JUST addition or JUST spelling for example). The parent can look at each and every word or problem the child does, to see what areas may need more work and what areas they are excelling in. You can also set up a passcode, so the children cannot change any settings on their own.

For only 99 cents an app, you can’t go wrong with Teach Me Toddler, Kindergarten, and First Grade.

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Teach Me App’s are available in the iTunes store for download on your iPhone or iPod Touch for only 99 cents a piece!

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She {hearts} MonkiSee

My kids love watching TV and DVDs, so I like to use that time for educational shows. Some DVDs that all three of my children enjoy are the MonkiSee DVDs. These DVDs are designed to help teach little ones to recognize words, and ease them into reading at an early age. They are very well made, and hold the attention of even my 6 year old!

MonkiSee sent me a baby reading kit, filled with DVDs and flash cards. The cards are high quality, bright prints, with the words on one side and picture on the other. By flashing the card quickly, while saying the word, the baby learns to associate the picture with the word. It’s really neat to watch my kids learning!

The DVDs feature real live children and objects, as well as puppets.  The songs are catchy and fun, and will keep your baby engaged for the full 1/2 hour.  This is one 1/2 hour that I don’t feel guilty about!

Whether this makes Emery & Bria learn to read faster or not, it is a lot of fun, and I know they are being exposed to language, which is never a bad thing!

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  • Monkisee offers 5 different sets of flashcards, 6 DVDs, and 2 books.
  • Also available is a Teaching Babies to Read Guide DVD for parents.
  • You can also buy the whole set in one convenient kit!

She {hearts} Freebies

MonkiSee would like to offer one She {hearts} It reader a set of 4 DVDs!

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