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She {hearts} Got a Bag

got a bag


If you’re a mommy to a little cutie under the age of two, you probably carry a larger-than-life size bag with you everywhere, and reserve your smallish girly bags for date nights with the hubby or night-out with the girls. That would be me. But lately I made it a promise to myself to not only sport the cute purse when I don’t have my baby with me, but to also take my affection starved fancy high heels out for a spin.  Yes, some of them are even dusty. Who has time to dust high heels? Not this mommy! Oh and btw, doctor office visits for yourself are a reason to dress up.  They mean you’re taking care of you, and I don’t know what better thing you can do for the ones you love, than to take care of yourself.  So celebrate!


But let’s be honest, probably twenty seven days out of a month you’re gonna need that larger than life bag for the diapers, wipes, squirtable fruit, sling, etc…

Tina at Got a Bag on Etsy has ya covered! She is so creative and has made such a wide variety of designs, none are exactly alike. She has some large bags perfect for the “mommy purse,” and then my favorite Less is more clutch for when you get to sneak away to refresh.

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Tina from Got a Bag makes one-of-a-kind bags that are truly unique. You can tell from the workmanship and quality in the seams that she knows what she’s doing and does it well.

She {hearts} Freebies

Tina would like to give away one of her lovely clutches in purple! You’re gonna like it!DSC_0830

 To Enter:

Simply comment on this post, telling me which bag you like from Got a Bag. But remember, the giveaway is for the purple clutch.:)


Additional Entries: Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

WINNER CHOSEN!  Congrats to Katydid!
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She {hearts} The Poppy Chain Boutique


I’m one of those girlie-girls who loves flowers. And get THIS, jewelry too! Yup, been that way since I was a little girl! Go figure…flowers AND jewelry!? I KNOW!!! I’m so unique and unpredictable…My hubby is often surprised at how different I am from all the other women in the world ;).

My daughter is just like her momma! She loves all pretty-girlie things and yes, even sarcasm :). I  wanna share with you a little shop on Etsy that has a ton of super cute—wait for it…floral jewelry!!! Yeah! You guessed it! *hehe*

The Poppy Chain Boutique is owned and operated by Ashley Kirnan. She is a girl after my own heart, wife, mama, blogger.

Not only are her vintage inspired pieces really pretty, but they come ready for gift giving, colorful box and all!

And the pieces are super sturdy! Gibson (my 11 month old) has been pulling on my necklace like crazy and it’s held up absolutely fine!


I will be ordering some gifts from this perfect little Etsy shop in the future! Ashley creates cute, quality, affordable pieces, which arrive all pretty and ready to be given (even if YOU yourself are the gift receiver)! You know you work hard!
All sarcasm aside now :).

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She {hearts} Savings

The Poppy Chain Boutique is offering our readers a 20% discount!

Use coupon code “HEARTPOPPY” at checkout.

She {hearts} Freebies

The Poppy Chain Boutique is giving $25 store credit to our lucky winner!

To Enter:

Comment on this post letting us know which piece from The Poppy Chain Boutique you would give as a gift (a gift to yourself counts too!);)


Additional Entries: Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.


Contest Closed.  Congrats to Mandi!

She {hearts} Fetch-A-Passion Pet Tags

I have quite possibly the cutest puppy on the planet.

She’s not always cute on the inside, but dang it if her outsides don’t make-up for it!

I do really love her though.

Even though she ankle bites, sneaky pees, and chews the heck outta my sandals, she is an official member of the Dumb Family and we love her senseless.

So we like her to be stylish.  Like her mama (her human mama, not her dog mama).

And we don’t want her to get lost!

Which is why I was so ecstatic when I discovered Fetch-A-Passion Tags.

They make these adorably posh dog (or cat, if you’re a cat person) tags with their name and your phone number on them which means Baby Dog Daughter can be stylish and safe all at the same time!

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So many unique designs to choose from and they make custom ones too!


She {hearts} Freebies

Fetch-A-Passion is kindly providing one pet loving reader with a gorgeous ID tag for their four-legged friend!


To Enter:Leave a comment telling us something about your pet!


Additional Entries: Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

This giveaway is closed!
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She {hearts} Knits and Knacks. Hand Knit Baby Items.

I don’t have any babies around Casa de Dummies anymore.

The Dudes are all big and smelly and sweaty and um, big.

And, Dumb Dad and I have made certain that we will never again be the proud owners of something squishy, and sweet, and small that poops on itself and needs to be fed every two hours.

I know, when you put it like that I should be rejoicing.

But, sometimes I get the I-want-a-baby itch deep down in my uterus.

It’s how we wound up with Baby Dog Daughter in fact.

And, it’s the reason I love being an itty-bitty baby photographer so dang much!

Yeah, go ahead and rub some baby on you and, when you’re done oohing and ahhing, take a gander at her hat!

Adorable, no?!

And, totally perfect for the about-to-be mama!  Because your baby deserves a specially made, come-home-from-the-hospital-in-style cap to make him or her feel super duper special.

And, also, you may have a big headed tyke like myself who is just too darn big for all of the hats in the hospital.

Better to be prepared with something adorable from Knits and Knacks than be forced to go home with a naked headed baby, right?!

Especially because you can get a matching diaper cover to make baby cozy (and to plan for those first-ever photos too)!

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Knits and Knacks offers a variety of affordable, hand-knit products for baby and home.  You can also request custom items from her Etsy shop.

She {hearts} Freebies

Ms. Knits and Knacks herself is giving away a hand-knit baby hat to one She {hearts} it reader.  She sent me a whole mess of them and has tons more on her site too!

To Enter: Leave a comment telling us why you’d like to win a hand knit baby hat.


Additional Entries:
Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

A winner from the U.S. will be chosen on *7/15* at 7PM CST
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