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She {hearts} Lilly Brush

Lilly Brush LogoLilly Brush‘s motto is “Save Our Sweaters!” A worthy mission, in my opinion. Who doesn’t want to eliminate pills and stray hairs, and even prolong the life of our favorite sweaters?

Lilly Brush is a lightweight, soft-bristled brush that removes lint, pills, and pet hair from all natural fiber sweaters. Lilly Brush won’t damage delicate fabric and doesn’t “shave” the sweaters. Its sleek design and convenient portability make it easy to toss it into a purse or glove compartment.

Lilly Brush sent me my own brush to try and I was really impressed by the results! On their website, it is noted that Lilly Brush is only guaranteed to work on natural fibers, such as cotton, angora, wool, cashmere, etc. However, I used Lilly Brush on wool and cotton blended with polyester and was still very pleased with the results!



I used moderate pressure and swept Lilly Brush across the pill-y areas of my new wool-blend vest and quickly eliminated the little fiber balls under the arms of the vest.

A newer wool-blend sweater was already pilling, much to my disappointment. Enter, Lilly Brush!

Lilly Brush even tackled my favorite cotton-blend sweatshirt. Boom.

We don’t have pets, but my parents do and I can’t wait to introduce Lilly Brush to my mom. It quickly lifts pet hair from clothing and furniture, with no need for those awkward, sticky lint rollers. I’m excited at the prospect of dealing with less lint and prolonging my sweaters’ lives with Lilly Brush.

{heart} It

Lilly Brush can be purchased on the Lilly Brush website or on Amazon. They retail for $12.95 each and are available in graphite grey or classic red. You can also find Lilly Brush on Facebook and Twitter.

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