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She {hearts} a Spring Window Sill

I love a little green on my kitchen window sill. I planted grass seed in egg shells (cradled by a ceramic egg crate that I purchased at Anthropologie, and I’ve seen them at Joann Fabrics in the seasonal section this year!) to bring an Eastery, Springy feel. I attempted this last year as well, and failed miserably. Who messes up growing grass?

Raising hand.


Of course, I couldn’t leave out my milk glass and some pretty tulips!

Any other simple ideas for adding some Spring to your kitchen/home decor? Do share.

She {hearts} Gardening Inspiration

We’ve had a wild ride of a winter here in southern Manitoba, and it’s been amazing!  Instead of our months of -20 C temps, we’ve had hardly any snow, and it’s all melted within days or weeks of falling.  Yesterday the temperature rose to 25 C!  That’s totally unheard of for our area!  We even had a crazy thunder storm.

PhotobucketSo, with all the nice weather here, I’ve been thinking more about gardening, and finding some inspiration on pinterest.  Here are just a few gardening tip posts that I wanted to share.

Ever wonder how to get more green peppers per plant?  Here is a post with some great information on growing peppers!

How about potatoes?  Want to grow your own, but don’t have a lot of space?  Check out this post.

My plan is to have an amazing herb garden this year.  I found some tips on growing basil here.

What do you plan on growing this year?

(And yes, that is my garden in the picture.)

She {hearts} CobraHead

Here’s a tool for all you gardeners out there, or even non-gardeners like me. CobraHead®. It’s all you’ve longed for wrapped up in one simple tool to tote around. The company describes this baby as a “steel fingernail” and put to the test it lives up to the name. The small head allows fantastic accuracy but can still get big jobs done in record time. My husbands favorite use was as an aerator, easily breaking up the soil without damaging nearby plants. As a lefty I often find I have difficulty using some tools designed for the majority of all you right-handed folks- not so with the CobraHead® it fit comfortably in my hand and worked just as hard for me.

Some features beyond the ability of the tool I like are the recycled composite (comfortable) handle and the one year unconditional warranty, if a company offers an unconditional warranty you know they trust their product!

{heart} It

Besides their Original CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator for $24.95, you’ll also find worm composting, gardening books, and product sets/packages at CobraHead.

She {hearts} Freebies

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She {hearts} Potting Shed Creations

My 6 year-old daughter Providence has recently read the “Stone Soup” story for the first time. She was enthralled, and has since wanted it to be read, re-read, and even played. I knew when I found Potting Shed Creations stone soup kit that it would be well received.

This kit comes in a smart tin with 6 small bins of seeds along with cards filled with information and tips about each kind of plant those seeds will turn into. The stone soup recipe is included as well so you can make your own pot once you harvest what you’ve planted…and of course the stone’s in there too. My children loved working on this. We were a bit late planting and our seedlings are just coming up, but they love checking the growth each day. And we are REALLY looking forward to making our own stone soup.

Whether Secret Garden, Cinderella, or Jack’s magic beans you’ll find something individually perfect in their kids products. Sure to be a stand out gift for children and adults, each Potting Shed Creations products are one not soon forgotten – since it can keep giving and giving. Of course you may just want to pick up one for yourself as well.

{heart} it

Potting Shed Creations products are gorgeous gardening kits for any level of gardener.


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Potting Shed Creations is giving away one (1) Stone Soup Kit. Giveaway open to US residents only.

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She {hearts} Organic Gardening

We’ve started seeds in our house in the past, but we’ve never worried about where the seeds came from. We’d just buy the little packs from the gardening section of local stores or closer to planting time, we’d hit up the local produce and gardening market and buy flats of plants.  This year, in our quest for a more organic, sustainable, chemical-free lifestyle, we chose special seeds.


  • Non-GMO:  The seeds are not Genetically Modified Organisms.
  • Heirloom:  The seeds can be collected after each harvest and planted the next year.
  • Non-Hybrid:  The seeds have not been artificially cross-pollinated.

We live near Chicago, so starting seeds so early can be a bit tricky. However it can be done inexpensively.  My husband bought a grow-light bulb for the fluorescent fixture already in our basement for around $15. Also, a few seed starting trays that can be reused from year to year. Then some seed starting expanding soil pellets to put in the trays. And the seeds. This is the seed package we bought for this year and coming years since we’ll be able to collect our seeds after the harvest, store them, and plant again year after year.

With a few items and little investment starting your organic seeds indoors is simple and inexpensive!