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she {hearts} we-wood

WeWood Australia

Have you ever worn a wooden watch?  I love the earthy-ness that it gives to my wardrobe.  Not to mention it is lightweight and comfy.  Some watches roll around my wrist and are loud when they touch other surfaces- not my We-WOOD watch.  We-WOOD is a fabulous company that crafts beautiful watches out of wood.  They have several different woods, styles, and colors.  It is such a unique way to style your wardrobe.


We-WOOD runs on a great philosophy that we should love and improve what we have been blessed with.  For every watch they sell, they plant a tree in its place.  What a great way to give to our planet’s future!  This is what We-WOOD has to say about their superior product:

“Completely absent of artificial and toxic materials, the WeWOOD Timepiece is as natural as your wrist. It respects your skin as you respect nature by choosing it. Your WeWOOD Watch breathes the same air that you breathe and may awaken memories from another time and place. Your WeWOOD Watch records your sensations and shares your experiences as the perfect natural mate, whose story also becomes yours to wear, smell and feel.”

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“Collect” time by purchasing your very own We-WOOD timepiece!

She {hearts} Freebies

We-WOOD is giving a We-WOOD watch to a lucky She{Hearts}It reader! ($120-140 value!)

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she {hearts} aiden’s hope body butter

aidenshope banner


Today is a special day.  I am privileged to get to introduce you to a very special company.  Aiden’s Hope is an ORGANIC body butter company whose funds are used to help with one family’s adoptions.  Erin, the owner and mommy who runs Aiden’s Hope, started this company to raise funds for the adoption of their little boy they were blessed with from Uganda.  They are continuing to sell their special butter blend to raise more funds for a second adoption of another precious child.



Aiden’s Hope sells several different scents of body butter, and is now offering a sugar body scrub for those who need a little extra exfoliating.  I got to try the Cocoa-Butter blend, but Aiden’s Hope also offers lavender, orange-sicle, peppermint, cinnamon, sugar & spice, and many more!  This body butter is a natural, organic way to moisturize your skin, or your baby’s skin.  It is super hydrating and works for all skin types: sensitive skin, skin of all ethnicity, and skin of all ages.

The body butters retail for $15 (it is a large jar!!), but there are deep discounts if you order more than one jar.  

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Head over to Aiden’s Hope and support this sweet cause.

She {hearts} Freebies

One lucky She {hearts} It reader will win a jar of Aiden’s Hope Orange-sicle ORGANIC body butter!

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She {hearts} Zipzicles

zipziclesLogoDSC_0147copyAs a kid, I remember enjoying icy freeze pops all summer long to beat the heat!  I know they are mostly high fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes, so I haven’t given any to my girls.  I was sad about them missing out on this childhood tradition until I found Zipzicles!

Zipzicles are clear skinny bags with zip tops that allow you to make and freeze your own popsicle freeze pops!  I can make all kinds of fun flavors for my girls and customize them based on their taste preferences and allergies.  You can simply wash and reuse the bags again when you’re finished!

There are tons of great recipes on the Zipzicles website, and I can’t wait to try a bunch of them!  For my first batch, I made what I called “Pineapple Orange Dreamzicles.”  (Recipe below.)

Pineapple Orange Dreamzicles
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 can of frozen pineapple orange juice concentrate (7 ounces)
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  1. In a blender, dump in water, juice concentrate, yogurt, and vanilla.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Pour into Zipzicle bags (fill just to fill line) and zip shut.
  4. Place in a mug and freeze until solid (about 6 hours).
  5. Enjoy!



Our family loved the Pineapple Orange Dreamzicles!  The girls thought the concept was so cool (eating a popsicle from a bag!), and they loved getting to experience this classic summer treat.  My husband and I enjoyed them too!

The Zipzicle bags washed up perfectly and now they’re already for my next batch!

I can’t wait to try more popsicle recipes (or even just frozen juice) this summer.

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Purchase a 12-pack of Zipzicles for just $2.99 here.

She {hearts} Freebies

Three lucky She {hearts} It readers will each win a package of Zipzicles to enjoy this summer!

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she {hearts} mirabelle lane

I have been searching for a sweet and unique blanket for Guinnyth.  I wanted something that was different than the blankets I see at the big box stores, and something that she could cling to when we were sleeping at different places.  When I went searching, I came across an adorable shop, Mirabelle Lane.  I love the fabrics Laura, Mirabelle Lane owner, put together for her blankets and burp cloths.  She has some vintage inspired patterns along with some ultra modern pieces.

mirabelle lane collageWhen we received our blanket, Guinnyth instantly took to it and started rubbing the soft, minky material.  It has been in her crib with her ever since!  I love that they are the perfect size for a little one.  They aren’t too big, so there is no fear of the baby getting tangled in it.  They are the perfect size to hold on to and snuggle with.  

mirabelle lane snuggle blanketMirabelle Lane also offers other sweet items for your little one.  There are burp cloths, wash rags, binky clips, and hair clips.  

mirabelle collage

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Show Mirabelle Lane some love and go take a look at her adorable items!

She {hearts} Freebies

One lucky She {hearts} It reader will win a snuggle blanket of their own!  ($20.00 value)

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She {hearts} Little Green Pouch & Eco Ditty


I am sure anyone out there with a little one beginning to eat, has experienced the “baby food pouches” available at almost any store around. These pouches are filled with a large variety of baby food’s and most of them are organic…. the one thing about them though that isn’t fantastic is their steep price tag. At over $1.20 a pouch, the cost of keeping these around can add up.

greenpouchWith my youngest Reed, who is just now 8 months, I have experienced some “eating” challenges. He honestly has very little interested in any sort of baby food. I have tried all sorts and even tried some sweeter types in order to “get his attention.” Nothing worked. If I fed him with a spoon he’d gag and refused to eat another bite.

One way I found he would eat, is by using these pouches. As long as he was given the ability to “feed himself” – he was good to go. He makes a royal mess but he enjoys it and has fun.

I love that Little Green Pouch gives those who enjoy making their own baby food an option to use it in this way. With a 6 ounce pouch to fill that is BPA free, freezer safe and dishwasher safe, it was an awesome item to have on hand or stored for convenience sake.

Also, just as a side note. You can even fill these pouches with YOUR SMOOTHIES!! So even if you aren’t a baby or kid, you can totally use these, freeze them with your healthy organic smoothies… then pack them up for lunch and by lunch time they will be thawed and ready to enjoy.


ecoditttylogoNow! to go with these adorable green pouches, you of course need a cute eco-friendly lunch bag to store them in while traveling… or if you are like me and have older kids, some reusable pouches to store sandwiches and other snacks is a must.

Eco Ditty is a great company as well that specializes in reusable sandwich and lunch bags.

Their bags are made of 100% organic cotton. Even the tag is organic! They are printed with low-impact inks and dyes. The liners are un-dyed with no synthetics, plastics or chemicals touching your food. You can wash them by hand or throw them in your dish washer and even washing machine.

ecoditty2Eco Ditty even has a fun option that allows you to personalize your own pouches with fun stencil print outs and fabric markers (they provide for you).

One of my favorite items they sent was their “lunch ditty.” It is a great size and stores A LOT yet isn’t to big or bulky that you couldn’t shove it in a diaper bag along with your other every day items.

The Lunch Ditty I honestly have used more for carrying Reed’s baby items more than anything. I love how I can attach it to a clip on my bag and be on my way, keeping his things organized… but I also love how it has a divide inside it to store food on one side and drinks on the other.

I hope to update this post with a photo of mine in use. It currently is waiting to be washed after using it on a pool playdate the other day and Reed deciding he’d spit up all over it :) – cool thing is, its totally washable.

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littlegreen2The Little Green Pouch pays for itself in about a week. Enjoy the convenience and fun of these yet save and enjoy using your homemade baby foods at the same time. The Little Green Pouch even has a silicone attachment that makes it even easier for your kids/babies to eat from.

Eco Ditty offers snack, sandwich and lunch bags all in great organic fabrics. Reduce the use of plastic in your home but still enjoy the practicality of these great bags.

She {hearts} Freebies

The Little Green Pouch and Eco Ditty wanted to give away a few things on She {hearts} It.

ecodittyThe Little Green Pouch is giving away a 4-pack of their Little Green Pouches as well as a pack of their new Pouch Pops (4 pack as well). These items go hand and hand so you whoever wins will enjoy having both.

Eco Ditty is giving away one snack and one sandwich size pouch. In a winners choice print.

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She {hearts} Funky Giraffe


I was recently introduced to a fabulous new company called Funky Giraffe.  They make the most adorable bandana style baby bibs and my girls were super excited to try their new bibs!


Things I love about Funky Giraffe bibs:

  • they are crazy soft (the front is a cotton knit and the back is a polyester fleece) and comfy to wear
  • they come in a huge variety of patterns and colors
  • they have adjustable snaps so they fit perfectly and make it very difficult for a baby/toddler to rip off :)
  • they look so super cute!


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Choose from TONS of patterns and colors of bandana bibs at Funky Giraffe!

She {hearts} Freebies

Two lucky She {hearts} It readers (from anywhere in the world) are EACH going to win FOUR Funky Giraffe bibs (winner’s choice of patterns)!
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She {hearts} The Plaid Barn

Craft supplies are my love language. I most definitely can’t get enough. I love awesome deals almost as much as I love discovering unique craft supplies. The Plain Barn is a daily deals site which offers both great crafty supplies AND sweet prices!

The Plain Barn provides daily deals on high-quality supplies, and when you sign up for their daily email, their deal of the day will be delivered right to your inbox. The Plain Barn’s daily deals include (but aren’t limited to) paper goods, stamps, washi tape, jewelry supplies & kits, notecards and envelopes, ribbon & elastic, and party supplies. The have also broadened their offerings to include accessories (earrings, scarves, bracelets, camera straps, hair accessories, necklaces) and grab bags of supplies. The daily items offered are always up to date and possess the uniqueness that your local chain craft store can’t always measure up to.

I have ordered from The Plain Barn a few times. My favorite item is the self-inking address stamp I purchased a few months ago. The designs that were offered were unlike any I’d seen for address stamps. I am wowed every day by their trendy offerings!

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Visit The Plain Barn to sign up to receive daily email alerts containing their crafty deal of that day. You can also find The Plaid Barn on Facebook and Twitter.

She {hearts} Freebies

The Plain Barn is offering a goodie box full of assorted awesome crafting swag (worth $50!) to one lucky She {hearts} It reader (also known as the reader I will be forever jealous of)!

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