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She {hearts} Garlic

Garlic, there is no other word quite so savory or mouthwatering. Adding garlic, or more of it, can make nearly any dish even better- in fact I double the garlic in every recipe without fail. Did you know that when you use garlic it not only adds palatable greatness to your meals but it also gives you many other benefits as well?  Garlic has been considered the “wonder drug” and has a history of being used medicinally for treating bites, wounds, headaches, heart diseases, and many more ailments. There are also ways to use garlic for your benefit without even digesting it.

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4 benefits/uses of using garlic:

1. Immune system -Garlic is naturally anti bacterial and eating it regularly can help boost your immune system.

2. Antioxidant -Garlic can also act as an antioxidant that reduces the build-up of free radicals in your bloodstream.

3. Poultice -To make a garlic poultice, wrap crushed or minced raw garlic in a cheesecloth (or other thin cloth), wet the cloth with hot, but not boiling, water and put the wet garlic poultice directly on whatever area is bothering you. You can use a poultice for a cough, cold, insect or spider bites, infections on/in your skin, tummy aches, etc.

4. Earache – If you have earache, put two or three drops of warm garlic oil in your ears.

In my home we are true garlic lovers, and we pile it on.


Disclaimer: This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Nor is this information intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

She {hearts} Green Water

DSC_0400No correlation with “green beer,” only a coincidence. ;) Seriously, I did not put two and two together until I sat down to write this post. It must be in my subconscious mind. Well, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have been making green water for about a year now. I have a juicer and use it ever so often, but I find it really hard to juice leafy-green produce. You have to roll it up really well and still it gets stuck and sometimes the machine doesn’t do its best juicing job if it’s juicing leafy-green veggies. If you have a really awesome juicer you might not have this problem, but let’s say you are able to juice leafy-green veggies with ease. Man, that would be some potent green juice. Might be like drinking a Guinness (wink). Maybe on occasion, YUM!  But not everyday! :)



You can use any leafy-green veggies. I switch it up between parsley, kale and, spinach.

It’s a very refreshing “healthy” drink. Don’t expect it to taste yum, but it’s not bad. Even my hubby agrees. He isn’t really one to get on-board when I use my juicer, but he’s  been known to ask me to make him a green water. “Why?” you may ask; because it makes you feel awesome! I have a ton more energy when I’m drinking green water.








Wash your produce, unless it’s already been “triple washed”–don’t ya love when the organic spinach says that? Add your green veggies and the amount of water needed to match your servings to your blender. Blend until liquified. Strain it well. The pulp can be used to make your homemade pesto. No waste! I will often freeze the pulp until I am ready to make the pesto. Pour into glasses and be sure to add  lots of lemon and I mean a lot! Sometimes I add ice when I’m blending it so it’s extra cold. Enjoy!


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This weekend could be a GREAT time for you to introduce your family  to “green water!” Tell ‘em if they don’t drink it, they’ll get pinched! ;)


She {hearts} Whole Grain Banana Muffins

PhotobucketLike Drea and Aliesha, our family has been on a bit of a food journey in the past year and a half.

We’ve gone from having lots of white rice, white flour, white sugar, etc, to eating almost 100% whole grains.  I do a lot of baking, including all of our bread, and these fabulous muffins.

I know whole grain sometimes comes across as being dry cardboard texture, but these muffins are soft and moist.  My kids  gobble them up for breakfast or snacks, and I feel good knowing that they are getting healthy whole grains.

Whole Grain Banana Muffins – adapted from the Bread Becker’s Cookbook

2 1/4 cups freshly milled hard red wheat (or just use regular whole wheat flour)

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon

2 bananas, mashed

1 cup Kefir (or use buttermilk)

1 egg

1/2 cup melted butter (or oil)

1/2 cup honey

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup millet (or add your favourite nuts)

3/4 cup chocolate chips

 Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Whisk the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.  Then add liquids and whisk again.  Stir in millet and chocolate chips.  I use a large ice cream scoop to drop the batter into lined muffin tins.  Bake for 15-18 minutes.

She {hearts} Tropical Traditions

PhotobucketEating healthy fats is something that I try to do daily. One of the healthiest fats out there is coconut oil, because of it’s medium chain fatty acids.  I think I may have hit the jackpot as far as quality goes!

Tropical Traditions offers three different kinds of coconut oil, and I got to try them all.  We enjoyed the nutty, rich flavor of the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and the Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.  They are both excellent for baking and things like granola bars.  I’ve used the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for baking bread, and it gave a very nice flavor.

I think my favorite is the Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil.  It has no flavor at all, and is excellent for sauteing foods, and in anything that you don’t want to have a coconut flavor.  I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

One of my favorite uses for any type of Tropical Traditions coconut oil is as an eye makeup remover!  It’s the best thing I’ve ever used, and it has the added bonus of moisturizing as well, while having no harmful chemicals.

Tropical Traditions has a lot of excellent information about the benefits of coconut oil on their website, as well as the process that is used to extract their coconut oil.  No chemicals are used in the extraction process, and they use the strictest standards to provide the highest quality product.  Not all coconut oil is created equal!

You may find this video interesting:

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  • One quart of Gold Label Coconut Oil is currently $29.50
  • Tropical Traditions regularly offers sales, and they also sell in large quantities, for even more savings.

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She {hearts} AdvoCare

Advocare I first heard about AdvoCare back in the late ’90s, when I worked at a hotel where they would host annual conferences. My co-workers would joke about how all the attendees were overly energetic and upbeat.:)  I noticed that they were ALL fit and seemed to have A LOT of energy. I was intrigued, but didn’t really give it a second thought, since back then I wasn’t really into health and fitness like I should have been.

Now, I’m always up for new and inventive ways to better my heath and reach my fitness goals. So, I finally gave AdvoCare a shot!

Tamara was very informative and helpful in answering all of my questions, she knows her stuff! She has had amazing results and as they say, “The proof is in the pudding.”  Check out her before and after pictures. Doesn’t she look great? Four pregnancies! I’m sure impressed! Tamara has told me, she didn’t do an over-the-top rigorous exercise program, but has learned to eat healthy and works out regularly, and of course is very committed to AdvoCare products.

I’ve been taking the MNS® Max 3 and the Meal Replacement Shake since Christmas. When I first started, I felt an immediate difference. I had more energy and just felt great all around, and I was consistent and followed directions to the ” T” for the first couple weeks. But the last few weeks with my family’s move, I fell behind some, and would forget to take the vitamins when I was supposed to. Not sure if I noticed a change in the way I felt when I wasn’t as consistent, I may have just gotten used to feeling awesome! :) Either way, I had a great experience on them and I plan to continue taking products from Advocare!

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Whether you’re looking for a way to lose weight, gain energy
or maintain proper nutrition,  AdvoCare has what you’re looking for. Maybe you have a teenager struggling and needing  new direction with their health. There are products that can be started as early as the age of twelve.  Tamara is a wonderful person with a heart for people. She will be there for you with answers to all your concerns and questions about health and fitness, no matter where you live. She’s just a phone call away!

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She {hearts} the WonderMill

If you are interested in eating healthier by incorporating whole grains into your diet, then you definitely will want to invest in a WonderMill!  The WonderMill is one of the finest electric grain mills on the market, and I have really been enjoying using my new one.

If you’re new to whole grains and wondering why freshly ground whole wheat is better for you than white flour or store bought wheat flour, this article by the Bread Beckers on wheat should give you some great information!From the WonderMill website:

[The WonderMill is] the Quietest, Cleanest, Easiest To Use, Fastest, Coolest, Most Powerful, and the Longest Lasting Mill in the World. We even confirmed this in testing. This testing included milling 1000 pounds (1/2 ton) of wheat non-stop for 10 hours (see video)…No other mill company on the market can make this claim.

While I haven’t run any 1/2 ton tests on my mill, I can attest to its quietness, cleanliness, ease of use, power, and speed.  Some mills are so loud you need ear protection to use them, but the WonderMill noise level when you first turn it on is similar to that of a household vacuum (it is quieter than that when it is actually grinding grain).  Other mills disperse flour and particles all over your kitchen, but the WonderMill’s air filter keeps that from happening.  All of the flour goes straight into the 12-cup storage container without making a mess.  The WonderMill is so quick and easy to use, and you will want to use it every day!  Having fresh, warm whole-wheat flour to bake with is quite addicting!

The WonderMill can grind a wide variety of grains and legumes, including wheat, popcorn (to make cornmeal), spelt, rye, lentils, and many beans (here’s the full list of what else it will grind).  There are MANY recipes you can try with what you grind in your WonderMill.  The WonderMill YouTube channel has lots of great video tutorials! On my personal blog I recently shared a recipe for Whole Wheat Waffles using freshly ground flour from my WonderMill.

Perhaps you have heard of the WhisperMill, a mill that was discontinued several years ago.  The WonderMill is similar, but you can read here how it is different (better!).

Oh, and if you are gluten free, here is how the WonderMill can still serve you!

Check out the WonderMill website and learn more about this awesome mill!

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You can purchase your own WonderMill from a dealer for ARV $259.95.

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