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She {hearts} Itzbeen

After having a baby you have enough on your plate without adding remembering feeding times, diaper changes, or when a nap is due. Itzbeen can take some of that stress off new mama’s and completely bypass most of the “How long has it been since…” questions. Dubbed the “pocket nanny” Itzbeen keeps track for you.

A simple press of a button resets each timer (however you can lock the buttons which is a handy/necessary feature when you also have a toddler in the house), and there is a soft glow for ease of use at night. There is even a slide marker to keep track of which side baby fed on last for those who breast feed.

I think the Itzbeen could be particularly helpful for newbies, or in homes where there is more than one main caretaker. Even in the go-with-the-flow kinda home that I keep, I still found the Itzbeen occasionally useful, especially the extra timer- so I can also easily time my 2 year olds nap.

{heart} It

You can find Itzbeen, available in 3 colors, at many online retailers or in stores near you.

She {hearts} Freebies

Itzbeen is giving away one (1) Itzbeen baby timer in winners color choice.

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling us which color you would choose for your Itzbeen.

Additional Entries:
Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

Comments are closed, congratulations to our winner Annie!
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She {hearts} Vanilla Sugar Scrubs

Here’s an easy, last-minute Christmas gift idea for you to make!  (You don’t even have to be “crafty”!)

Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Combine 1 cup white sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, and 1 tsp. vanilla extract in a bowl.  Stir well.  Add enough olive oil to give it the texture of wet sand.  Place the sugar scrub in small containers. (I used clean, dry baby food jars.)  Decorate the containers as desired!  (I used scrap paper for the lids and made labels with directions.)

Include these directions with your gifts:  Rub a small amount of sugar scrub into hands for sixty seconds, then rinse with warm water.

I gave these to some of my girlfriends, as well as to my daughter’s teachers.

I love that it…
1) is easy to make
2) uses simple ingredients I have on hand
3) isn’t edible, but is consumable (no clutter!)

Are you still making any Christmas gifts or are you all finished?  I made a lot of baked goods this year (and by a lot I mean 33+ dozen cookies)!

She {hearts} tHis Family Tree

IMG_0444A few days ago I spoke about this on my personal blog… and knew with Christmas right around the corner, I needed to mentioned it on She {hearts} It as well. Even if its cutting it close ;-)

My friend Nichole recently launched a family line selling all sorts of home made goodness…

Things that she has perfected over the years, used herself… and trust.

Her business site is still under construction… so for the time being she is using her family blog to list items for sale and take orders. I am so excited to see where her business goes.

{heart} It

So if you are in the market for some homemade goodness, check out some of what Nichole has to offer…

Pure Vanilla Extract (this stuff is amazing!! – Ive used it a few times now)
Lemon Extract
Organic Cocoa
Chocolate Syrup (great for chocolate milk)
Flavored Popcorn
Organic Chocolate (cocoa) wafers
Taco and Season Spices
Organic Lotions and Balms

E-mail Nichole any item’s you would like.

(She btw just had a baby TODAY!!! her 8th.
So if she is delayed in responding to orders, this is why.)


She {hearts} Elf on the Shelf

If you are anything like me, during the Christmas season, you find yourself saying things like “Santa’s watching….” or “Maybe we’ll need to let Santa know you’d like that for Christmas.” I can’t tell you how many times I cringe at the site of yet another toy commercial coming on the TV, and my kids saying “I want that! I want that!” And they are only 2 and 4, so I feel like we may need to prepare ourselves for dealing with this for a good while longer.

Luckily, I have jumped on the “Elf on the Shelf” bandwagon, and like many other mom’s, am truly happy I did. Not only is the little spy, I mean ELF, keeping a close eye on the kids during the day, but he reports back to Santa each night to let him know how his kid’s behaved that day. After the first few days, whenever an argument or whiny attitude occurred, I’d simply say “The Elf is watching….” and gives the kids a visual object, that is in the house…..making the idea that some is in fact watching.

Now, the deal with the Elf is this; he doesn’t get his magic until you give him a name (ours is Dazzle McNoodle). And once he has his magic, you can’t touch him, or he loses the magic. I have been having so much fun having him “land” in new places every day. After the kids go to bed, I sometimes get creative (on my own or by using the new Beyond the Shelf : Where to Find Your Elf App on my iPhone). Sometimes I am not-so-creative and I just move him from one shelf to the other. And on Christmas Eve, after Santa delivers the presents, Dazzle will fly off to the North Pole and return next Christmas.

And to add to the fun, there is a 30 minute Elf on the Shelf: The Elf’s Story movie! Check your local listings for show times, or you can even buy the DVD (I did this, and Dazzle is going to gift it to the kids on Christmas Eve).

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? What’s his/her name? Has it worked out for your family?

{heart} It

Check out the Elf on the Shelf website to find out where you can adopt your very own Elf, purchase the movie, and play fun games!

Products Purchased

She {hearts} SpilStop

IMG_7716As a mom of four children under the age of 5, spills are a common occurrence in our household. So, when Jeff at SpilStop contacted me about trying some of their spill-proof caps, I was eager to see how well they worked in preventing spills! And I am happy to report that the caps work wonderfully!

IMG_7690When the caps arrived, the kids picked out the color cap they wanted and quickly screwed it on their “milkshakes.” They loved coordinating the color of the cap with their straw too! But the best part was their efficiency and functionality. The caps screw on many types of baby bottles, pediatric drinks, adult nutrition drinks, etc. Just click here for the full-listing of compatible containers.

So, no matter where you are, whether at home, in the car, or on the boat, these caps can help prevent spills from many drink containers. From senior adults to young children, these caps are great for all ages! Plus, for young toddlers, you can avoid the cost of sippy cups by just reusing baby bottles with the SpilStop caps and a straw.

{heart} It

Made in the USA, SpilStop is a family owned business that has engineered a product to help prevent many familial mishaps. All caps are BPA and phthalate-free. Plus, the caps are easy to use, easy to clean, and help prevent messes for Mommy to clean up! That’s a win-win in my book!

She {hearts} Savings

SIMG_7706pilStop is offering all of our readers a discount on their spill-proof caps! Just use HEART20 for 20% off your purchase (offer good through the end of January).

She {hearts} Freebies

In addition to a 20% discount, SpilStop is giving away one package (of 3 caps) to 3 winners! Winners can choose between bright, pastel, or dark colored caps in their free package!

To Enter:

Leave a comment sharing a commonly spilled substance in your home, and what color caps are your favorite!

Additional Entries: Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

Comments Closed. Congratulations to our winners: Jessia, Susan and Stephanie!
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She {hearts} Bottlehood


What a beautiful company!

All BottleHood glassware is created from wine,beer, liquor and water bottles from local San Diego restaurants, bars and events.

BottleHood uses local craftspeople to turn the bottles into great looking glassware, sold by local retailers back into our community.

Bottlehood’s glassware has a significantly lower carbon footprint as compared to recycled or landfilled bottles. A glass bottle takes more than 4000 years to decompose in a landfill!


necklace review

I am in love with my sea-glassy looking repurposed bottle necklace.  Truth be told, I’d order SO much more of the beautiful products made by Bottlehood. The colors. The textures. The beauty.  (why yes, I am addicted to collecting bottles and sea glass, how ever did you know?!)  And Bottlehood feeds my obsession. Totally and completely.

The fact that the bottles are local, saved from landfills, that by repurposing the bottles jobs are created, beauty is created, and everything is unique.  Could there be a better gift?

And so many choices!! Also offered at Bottlehood are bowls, trays, jars, candles, dishes, platters, jewelry, juice glasses, lighting, shot glasses, tumblers, vases, ornaments, and gift sets.



{heart} It

The Recycled Glass Necklace made from a Bombay Sapphire Gin, Coca Cola, and Clear Glass Bottle with antique copper chain as pictured above can be purchased for $40.

She {hearts} Savings:  bloggerdise

Use code for 10% off your purchase until 12/31/2011

She {hearts} Freebies

Bottlehood is giving away a $30 gift certificate to one lucky She {hearts} It reader.

To Enter:  Leave a comment telling your favorite Bottlehood product.

Additional Entries: Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

Congratulations to the winner Susan
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She {hearts} CP Toys

If you are looking for great educational toys for kids, then CP Toys is your “one-stop-shop”! CP Toys offers so many kids toys from a wide variety of trusted brands.  You can find toys for infants, as well as for children eight and up.

I had the opportunity of reviewing the Melody Mix Music Center from CP Toys.

My daughter has LOVED playing with it!  She is delighted by the eight different musical instruments that are included in the set, and I am delighted with the quality of this classic wooden toy.  I know it will hold up well through many children to come!  I also love how it encourages imaginative play and creativity.

{heart} It

The Melody Mix Music Center can be purchased for $49.99. Many other great kids toys are also available!

She {hearts} Freebies

CP Toys is giving away a Melody Mix Music Center to one lucky She {hearts} It reader!

To Enter: Leave a comment telling us what your favorite item from CP Toys is!

Additional Entries: Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

Winner selected: Congratulations, courtney b!
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