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She {hearts} Personalized Jewelry At Jewlr


When it comes to jewelry, I am not hard to please. I love simple and dainty pieces and would never feel comfortable in lots of expensive bling. I personally love pieces that represent special things in my life and characteristics of myself. I seldom purchase or ask for random pieces just because they’re pretty. Most often, they have to mean something.

I usually gravitate towards pieces that represent peace, tranquility, and courage… all traits that I believe are vital to raising self and children. Being a mom is so important to me and with the birth of Jaxon, I realized that I am lacking jewelry that represents my role as a mom. I only have a mother heart necklace Greg bought me over 4 years ago.


I was given the opportunity to design a piece of jewelry from Jewlr. They offer just the types of jewelry I love, lots of sterling silver and white gold which are my favs, but they also have yellow and rose gold available too.

I chose the “Cherish” MOM Cut-out Ring. It’s just as beautiful in the stock photo as it is in person. I chose sterling silver with 3 birthstones; one for Jaxon, one for me, and one for Jayden… in that order :-).


{heart} It

Jewlr has hand selected the perfect gifts for every recipient to help make your Christmas shopping easy. Use their holiday guide guide for helpful gift giving guidance, and start personalizing! View the Holiday Delivery options to help ensure that your special person receives their gift in time for Christmas! As a thank you, Jewlr will provide a free gift with every item. I received a beautiful heart necklace.


She {hearts} Savings

Use coupon code HOLIDAY2012 for 10% OFF everything at Jewlr!

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She {hearts} Manhattan Toy: Groovy Girls

I have two doll loving girls in my house, they love them all…from baby to barbie; the little teeny tiny hard plastic ones, and super groovy plush dolls. We can’t have enough.


Groovy Girls is a brand of Manhattan Toy and they’re doing something right. My girls (ages ranging from 3-8) love the Cali Candy Cane doll we were sent. She’s soft enough for my three year old to snuggle with and my eight year old loves how trendy and stylish she looks. Even the one year old boy thinks she’s grand (of course he plays by holding onto one of those long legs and swinging her around like a club).

Cali Candy Cane is a great addition to your holidays, with her bright and festive attire she’ll fit right in under the tree.

{heart} It


With lots of dolls and accessories to chose from Groovy Girls is sure to please, in fact you may want to try to collect them all!


She {hearts} Freebies

Manhattan Toy is giving away 1 (one) Cali Candy Cane Groovy Girls to a She {hearts} It reader.

UPDATE: Due to lack of stock Manhattan Toy will be replacing the giveaway of Cali Candy Cane with Holiday Wishes Hadley


To enter fill out the Raffle Copter Widget below:

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A winner from the U.S. will be chosen on December 18, 2012 at 7PM CST. Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details. Product Sample Provided

She {hearts} Rock Deodorant


rock logoOur family has been on an au naturel path.  The food we eat is additive, preservative, chemical free and we also eat as organic as we can. We grow much of our food, preserve it ourselves, cook from scratch, buy beef and pork from a farmer right around the corner from our house, and grow our own herbs.  While it may seem like a lot of work, I don’t feel like it is and the health benefits are amazing.

The next step is converting the things we use on our bodies.  I’ve been using Crystal Deodorant for years now. Phil and Zane have been using mine so I was a little giddy to find Rock for the boys!

We’re all very sensitive to overly perfume-y scents. Rock totally won us over. Colbalt Sky, Granite Rain, and Onyx Storm are manly yet not headache inducing.  (I stole the unscented for myself!)

One of Phil’s main concerns was weather or not it would hold up to his man-sweat-stink.  It does. He’s totally happy with it! It lasted 24 hours like advertised with no funky b.o.

ROCK takes a simple formula of purified water, natural mineral salts and natural fragrances from nature to block odor causing bacteria from formulating under arms and anywhere on the body.

ROCK is a natural deodorant that neutralizes body odor. Unlike leading deodorants and antiperspirants, ROCK takes ingredients from nature to prevent your body from emitting unwanted odor without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals.

Mainly used for underarms – ROCK can be used any where on the body, neck or chest and will not clog your pores. The easy to use pump-spray comes in ecofriendly, recyclable aluminum packaging – keeping your odorless adventures free from harming Mother Nature.

She {hearts} Freebies

Win a stocking stuffer set for your man!

To Enter: Leave a comment letting me know what scent you’d like to try!

Additional Entries:
Leave an additional comment for each entry you complete.

A winner from the U.S. will be chosen on Friday December 14 at 7PM CST. Please see our Giveaway Rules for further details.

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She {hearts} Advent

This is a little late in coming considering that the first advent Sunday has already passed, however I thought there may be a few of you, that like me, procrastinate. And there’s nothing to say you can’t jump into something in the middle of it, especially if the only thing holding you back is a lack of wreath.

I am relatively new to observing this season with a wreath and lighting candles. I bought one about 5 or so years ago, a nifty little one that used tea candles. I even had the foresight to purchase a few extra packs of the traditional purple and rose candles. I have by no means been faithful in remembering to do our reading and light our candles daily these past 5 seasons, but I knew that it was something I wanted to continue. Last year I really had to piece together the leftover candles from previous years, since by the end of the season you only light the last Sunday’s candle for a few days  there is always left over, whereas the first Sunday’s candle has probably needed to be replaced (those little tea lights don’t last long). Anyhow, last year should have been the time I would prepare for this year, knowing that I would not remember to buy the candles in time. But I didn’t. Which brought me to this past Sunday, the first Sunday of advent and no purple/rose candles.

So instead I just rummaged around for things I had on hand, and came up with this:


A beautiful bamboo tray given to me recently for my bday and 4 pillar candles I had stashed in the garage. Just yesterday I added the tulle after buying some at a craft shop since I did want to incorporate the purple and rose colors. I love how it turned out, and look forward to having more burn time then the little tea lights allow.

{heart} It

DIY Advent Wreath Ideas

Wreath: Use a simple 4 candle holder (or 5 if you want to include the Christ candle). Or to “make” your own, get creative like a thin log round or matching vases. Of course you can just use what you have on hand like a bowl or a plate/platter, they both work great.

Candles: Again you can use what you have. They certainly don’t need to be the purple and rose, or if you want to keep to that tradition wrap the candles you have in ribbon, tulle, twine, or use this cool idea (tutorial here) and you can print a graphic (or the word of the candle, like HOPE and JOY)  in the right color to apply to your candle.

Decorate: Not needed, I put little bells around ours, you could find some fresh greenery, or small ornaments, etc. Have fun and make it your own!

*Never leave your candles burning unattended! And remember to be extra careful if you add embellishments as they can be additional fire hazards.*

She {hearts} Chocolate Dipped Apples From Edible Arrangements


The Fruit Experts at Edible Arrangements like to celebrate the season in style, so this holiday season they are offering a selection of mouth-watering winter bouquets and chocolate dipped fruit that are sure to satisfy taste buds!

The holiday entertaining collection include:

· Joyous Bouquet

· Merry Gingerbread Men Festival

· Chocolate Indulgence Apples

· Luminous Star  Bouquet with Swizzle Sampler

We received the Chocolate Indulgence Apples and they were delicious! What I love about Edible Arrangements is that the fruit is ridiculously fresh. You just can’t get that kind of freshness at the grocery store. They own it and continue to offer creative and tasty gifts.


Chocolate Indulgence Apples are one of Edible Arrangements’ lower priced delectables, making them an affordable and great choice for coworkers, friends, and those who serve us year ’round.


They’ll thank you with each and every bite.

{heart} It

Chocolate Indulgence Apples are available for $45 and can be ordered  for pickup or delivery at EdibleArrangements.com.

She {hearts} Savings

Now through December 16th, customers will receive a FREE Swizzle Sampler with an arrangement purchase of $90+ ($25 SAVINGS)! Must enter code WWSZ1233.

:: Luminous Star Bouquet with Swizzle Sampler ::

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