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She {hearts} L.L. Bean Totes



aka..”my last diaper bag evaaa”:)



I have been a mommy for almost ten years. That equals many diaper bags for me, currently my baby boy is 18mo and still needs me to carry everything but the kitchen sink with us when we step one foot outside our home. In the beginning, I carried real diaper bags, but quickly got bored with them. I like to coordinate somewhat with my outfits and be as stylish as a mommy can be. So, I started purchasing any cute affordable tote I could find, they usually only had a little side zipper on the inside, if that. So, all my baby’s belongings and mine would be a jumbled mess. Plus, most of the fashionable totes I found didn’t have a zipper to close the bag, which meant taking it on a plane was kind of out of the question.

I had seen this bag a few times in magazines and thought it was just dreamy. It has a large inside zipper and an outside zipper to close the bag. A friend of mine had one, and loved using it for a diaper bag, and she looked so fashionable with it on her shoulder. So, I convinced my hubby that it was an “investment,” that I would be done buying totes, and even after we’re finished with the baby years, I could still carry it!

{heart} It

All you fashion savvy mommas, this bag has been on back order for sometime, but it’s available now, and L.L. Bean has free shipping! It is a tad on the large side, but I like big bags…nothing gets left behind. Oh and if you use a DSLR, it is great for that too. The inside pocket is perfect!

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She {hearts} Starfish Project

I love supporting companies that are making a difference in the world!  Starfish Project restores hope to exploited women of Asia by providing them with job opportunities (and many other things, such as counseling, shelter, and vocational training) and the ability to rise above where they have come from.  You can read more about Starfish Project here!

Starfish Project creates beautiful jewelry that you will feel proud to wear.  Two of my absolute favorite items of jewelry are created by Starfish Project!  The Oval Bali Design Earrings are my go-to earrings, since they work with pretty much any outfit!  I wear them with jeans and a sweater, but also feel comfortable pairing them with something dressy for a more formal occasion.

The Engraved Miao Silver Bangle (Concave) is gorgeous and adds a special touch to an otherwise ordinary outfit.  A great cuff like this is an essential piece for a pregnant woman, by the way, since it accentuates your wrist (i.e. the only part of you that hasn’t changed sizes!).  I find myself reaching for both of these pieces of jewelry many times each week.  Starfish Project has many other great pieces as well to fit any woman’s style!

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Purchase jewelry from Starfish Project here, starting at $6.99 (or, tell your significant other that jewelry from Starfish Project would make a great Valentine’s Day gift).

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One lucky She {hearts} It reader is going to win a Starfish Necklace in their choice of color (ARV $20)!

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She {hearts} Nada


Being a yoga instructor, I have known the importance of foot and posture health for many years. I know that being barefoot is best, but unfortunately we can’t be on a yoga mat all the time. I have been interested in minimalist shoes for awhile, but I didn’t know you could have fashion coincide with this concept. Walking around looking like I was wearing gloves on my feet wasn’t gonna happen.

Nada offers two minimalist style Somnio shoes, one for running and other forms of fitness, and a ballet style, more for everyday.


The ballet flat has been my go-to shoe. They’re so comfy!  These shoes have no break-in time. They felt amazing from day one. I was a bit apprehensive about the strap, being the fashionista I can be, but it’s awesome. I have actually grown to appreciate it. I can even play soccer with my kiddos in them. I couldn’t kick a ball in  my old flats without being afraid they’d fly off!

Also, the ballet style is great for those of you who do any barefoot type fitness at a gym (yoga, Pilates, etc.). I know most of my students will wear flip-flops, easy on/off, but the gyms that I’ve taught at have a closed-toe shoe policy (which they seem to overlook for these members), but in my opinion it’s a good policy to follow. Often times you’re walking through areas where people are training with weights and equipment and it’s always good to wear real shoes in these areas. This shoe is perfect. Easy on/off, and it looks great with yoga wear–very sporty!

While I’m not an avid runner I do run outside some, but I do more indoor cardio, like dancing, kick-boxing and circuit-training. The lace-up shoes by Nada were great for all that I alternate  between. Minimal break-in time, I noticed a little rubbing on one of my feet the first couple times, but it went away and I’ve had no problem at all. I did wear thin socks with them–I don’t  think they’re meant to be worn with socks, but it just felt more comfortable to wear socks with sneakers.


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When you order from Nada you not only get a great minimalist shoe, but with every pair you receive a very well-made foot strengthening DVD program. This DVD has some great stretches and foot strengthening moves to get you on the road to optimal foot health.

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The guys at Nada are giving one of our readers a pair of these lightweight, comfy shoes, your choice of style and color! Yes, I know…pretty awesome!

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Check out the selection over at Nada and let us know in a comment which pair you would like if you win.

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She {hearts} Gigi Hill Bags

If your New Year’s Resolution is to be more organized, you’re going to love today’s review and giveaway from Gigi Hill Bags!  Gigi Hill was started by two moms who realized there was a need for fabulous and functional purses and tote bags for busy women.  They created a line of durable, stylish bags with some awesome features!

I love the signature pocket design found in the bags (such as the Audrey, pictured to the left), which is a complete pocket system which wraps around the inside of the bag.  There are bottle holders (water or baby), pen holders, a cell phone pocket, a pocket that zips, and more.  Another great feature on Gigi Hill bags is the key fob, located conveniently inside each bag.  Simply clip your keys to the loop and you’ll never be digging around in the bottom of your purse for your keys again!  Seriously, I can’t even tell you how great this feature is.

I also love my new Olivia bag (pictured at right).  I get compliments on it from everyone!  The inside and outside of this bag are both wipeable so that I can keep stickiness and dirt (I’m a mom of a toddler!) at bay.  The hardware on this bag is beautiful and I love carrying it everywhere, from church to appointments to the grocery store.  It’s just the right size for holding what I need, and while it has a great shoulder strap, there is also a longer strap that can be attached for wearing the bag different ways.

Inside my Olivia bag I keep my Rita wallet (pictured below).  I feel so grown up having a big, zip-around wallet like this!  It holds everything, from cash, gift cards, and change, to a few coupons, my grocery list, and receipts.  This wallet looks fabulous on its own, so if I need to run into the store really quick I can just take Rita with me!  This is the essential organizing tool for your purse, keeping paper, change, and clutter from crowding your purse.

As you can tell, I’m just a little bit enamored with Gigi Hill bags!

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You can purchase these great bags from Gigi Hill as well as many more, starting at $18.50.

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One lucky She {hearts} It reader is going to win a Rita wallet in City Red ($49 ARV)!

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She {hearts} Whimsical Creations

I am totally a hat girl. If you were to look through my closet you wouldn’t find many belts or scarves or really any other fancy accessories for that matter. But, hats? Yup. You’ll find a lot of those. And I’m not talking baseball hats or beach hats, but hats that “speak” to me, and not only TO me, but ABOUT me. I love a wide variety of hats, from muted earth tones to bold and bright shades of every color under the rainbow.

The newest hat to grace my head is that from a cute little etsy shop called Whimsical Creations. Hannah, shop owner and creator has hats for all sorts of ladies (and babies too!). So whether you try to keep it more subtle and subdued or bright and cheery, there is a beautiful piece of prettiness just waiting for you in her shop.

And not only does Hannah make crafty crocheted hats, but she also makes scarves, cowls, and headbands. All equally pretty. All equally fun. And certainly something for everyone.

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You can visit Hannah and her shop Whimsical Creations over on etsy!

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She {hearts} Isabella Oliver Maternity

If there is ever a time in a woman’s life when it is especially important for her to feel beautiful, it is during pregnancy! With so many physical changes going on, it is nice to know there is still fashionable attire available that does not make one look like she is wearing a tent! I have recently fallen in love with Isabella Oliver Maternity.





Isabella Oliver Maternity offers a huge selection of gorgeous maternity wear, from tunics to dresses to shirts to pants to blazers! I adore my new Tuck Detail Tunic in Electric Plum. I’m still only 5 months into my second pregnancy, so I’m not showing a lot yet, but I can already tell that this is going to be my “go-to” maternity piece this winter! The long-sleeved tunic is well-made and comfortable, and while I enjoy wearing it now with flats and cropped leggings, I also think it will pair perfectly with boots and a scarf as the weather gets cooler!

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Find all of the Isabella Oliver Maternity collection right here!

She {hearts} Freebies

Isabella Oliver is giving away one of their gorgeous Wrap Dresses to one reader (winner’s choice of color)! This is a $145 value and looks great post-pregnancy too!

To Enter: Leave a comment telling us which color Wrap Dress you’d like to win!

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She {hearts} DIY Feather Braid

My sis got one of those trendy feather hair extensions a couple months ago. And boy, was it cute!

I opted not to get one. I guess it’s due to the fact I’m pretty cheap frugal and because actually “fixin” my hair (y’all know I’m from Texas, right?) doesn’t happen very often. That’s why it’s long. So I can put it up and get it out of the way…Yes, I’m one of those mommas, excluding date nights with the hubby though. I try to please my man:)

I have hair on the brain today…bad joke, I know. But my daughter who’s got the long hair in the pictures (which were taken yesterday) just got her hair cut to her shoulder’s for the new school year. I was the one at the salon almost in tears…

DSC_0235Back to me being frugal: this braid cost me nothing! Since I wasn’t sure my idea would work we decided to skip the feathers from Michaels which were really cheap to begin with and raid our dress-up chest and pluck our boas (so, no roosters were harmed in the name of fashion or fly fishing for this post:)



You will need:

2-5 little feathers (depending on the hair length)

Hair gel/putty (the stickier the better)

Small clear hair band

Find the section of hair you want to make your skinny braid, then make the three sections. Take one section, starting at the top. Dip your first feather in the gel (small amount) and place it like you were gluing it to the top, close to the scalp. Continue going down the section of hair til the end. Overlapping is good. More of the feather will show through the braid. Finish with the clear hair band.

Note: Since the gel will be dry, it’s best for you to wet the hair before attempting to remove the braid and feathers.

DSC_0238I think this will be fun for a girl’s birthday party or a ladies night out! I plan on getting some white feathers from Micheals for me. Although, I wish we already owned a white boa:)