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She {hearts} BCX Apparel.

I spent last week at a blogging conference.

Actually, it is the largest blogging conference for women in the US!  With over 3,000 lady bloggers (and a few men, too) in one place, you can imagine the fashionable outfits I encountered while I was there!

Since my appearance on What NOT to Wear earlier in the year, I have turned into a much more fashion conscientious mama.

And, you know what?

I kinda love it!

I mean, I still love writing and photography and The Dudes and naps way more, but putting pretty outfits together, and picking out fun accessories, and making it a point to look my very best everyday is kinda fun too!

So, being at BlogHer and scoping out all of the Mom Awesome fashion, was pretty fun for me!

And, I loved that I had plenty to wear.

I recently received some BCX Apparel items from Byer California.  It’s a super cool brand that you can get specifically in Macy’s department stores.  And, there are just so many fun options and ways to pair the outfits (I shared a set here)!

I love that they are colorful, and flattering to women of different body types.  And, I love that they are super affordable!

Affordable fashion is always better fashion in my book!

{heart} It

BCX clothing is part of the Byer California brand.  The items in the collection can be purchased online from Macys.com.  Follow the BCX Facebook page to learn more about the brand and how you can save on pieces in the collection.

She {hearts} Freebies

To Enter: Want to win something pretty from BCX for yourself?!  We’re giving this adorable dressed up shirt, perfect for a day in the office or a date night on the town (with dark wash jeans and heels), to one luck She {hearts} It lady!

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She {hearts} The Poppy Chain Boutique


I’m one of those girlie-girls who loves flowers. And get THIS, jewelry too! Yup, been that way since I was a little girl! Go figure…flowers AND jewelry!? I KNOW!!! I’m so unique and unpredictable…My hubby is often surprised at how different I am from all the other women in the world ;).

My daughter is just like her momma! She loves all pretty-girlie things and yes, even sarcasm :). I  wanna share with you a little shop on Etsy that has a ton of super cute—wait for it…floral jewelry!!! Yeah! You guessed it! *hehe*

The Poppy Chain Boutique is owned and operated by Ashley Kirnan. She is a girl after my own heart, wife, mama, blogger.

Not only are her vintage inspired pieces really pretty, but they come ready for gift giving, colorful box and all!

And the pieces are super sturdy! Gibson (my 11 month old) has been pulling on my necklace like crazy and it’s held up absolutely fine!


I will be ordering some gifts from this perfect little Etsy shop in the future! Ashley creates cute, quality, affordable pieces, which arrive all pretty and ready to be given (even if YOU yourself are the gift receiver)! You know you work hard!
All sarcasm aside now :).

{heart} It


She {hearts} Savings

The Poppy Chain Boutique is offering our readers a 20% discount!

Use coupon code “HEARTPOPPY” at checkout.

She {hearts} Freebies

The Poppy Chain Boutique is giving $25 store credit to our lucky winner!

To Enter:

Comment on this post letting us know which piece from The Poppy Chain Boutique you would give as a gift (a gift to yourself counts too!);)


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Contest Closed.  Congrats to Mandi!

She {hearts} IMIG Fashion


white scarf




It’s official, summer is here girls! Which means… barbeques, beach trips and boating.;)

Oh the fun you’re gonna have!!! But wait…what are you going to wear??? :)  oo-oo!!!  I have the perfect accessory!

You’re gonna love this too!

A darling scarf from a new shop on etsy called, IMIG Fashion.

These scarves are so cute and so right now.

Open any fashion mag and you will find someone wrapped with a pretty head scarf.


Scarf 1



I love this trend, because unlike some, it’s such a classic look. I could totally see Audrey Hepburn wearing one of these head scarves in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

And it’s perfect for on the go.

Which by, “on the go”, I mean unwashed hair. No one will ever suspect your hair missed a day of suds with this pretty scarf on your head;)

Or maybe you’re not really the hair accessory kinda gal? Okay. These scarves are made to be worn as a comfy belt and as a light weight scarf too.

I simply love this look and will be wearing mine all summer!

scarf 4

{heart} It

IMIG Fashion offers a variety of  beautifully handmade, unique scarves at an affordable price.

She {hearts} Savings

IMIG fashion is offering a 10% discount to our readers. Enter shehearts at checkout.

She {hearts} Freebies

IMIG Fashion is giving away one of their lovely scarves, winners choice! Yes, I know. Super cool!:)

To Enter:

Comment on this post letting us know which scarf you {heart} at IMIG Fashion.

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She {hearts} DIY Decorated Tank Top

before/afterI’m a huge fan of recycled and upcycled anything. I save any old piece of clothing or what-not that could possibly be used for something else. My daughter often goes through my junk treasures and has a fun time making something “new” of her own. I love that she enjoys creating as much as I do.

So what I saved to make this fun little piece was a couple of old tops left from a swap that I hosted. The tops were on the worn side, which is why no one wanted them. I feel super green when I use the fabric of old pieces of clothing that are no longer wearable.


I just took the old tops and started to cut strips about three inches wide and about the length of the front of the tank top.

I wanted to do a design that would be flattering to a mommy tummy. Yeah, most of us still have a little pooch left from where we grew our darlings. Always working on that, ya know?embellished tankI pinned the strips down, starting in the center then on both sides of the middle strip. Didn’t worry about it being perfect. Easy. Sewed down the center of each strip. That’s it.


{heart} It

You could make one for yourself! I’m sure you have a tank you’re already thinking of (if not you can find those anywhere for $5-Old Navy is great for this) and I bet there’s some piece of clothing in a similar color that has seen better days.  You could give new life to that fabric and make yourself a “new” top! :)


She {hearts} DivinitaSole Perfect Fit Swimwear

I can definitely say that finding a great swimsuit for the summer is usually one of the most stressful parts of my spring!  I used to spend hours trying on suits from store to store, trying to find something modest and appropriate, yet also cute and flattering.  However, I recently discovered DivinitaSole, and I just fell in love with their beautiful and modest swimsuits!

The best part about DivinitaSole is that you can design your own suit combination from a whole bunch of choices in tankini tops and bottoms (plus optional skirts!).  Using their “Find Your Shape” feature, DivinitaSole helps you find the perfect suit for your body type, giving suggestions for what will look the most flattering on you. Their size chart ensures a great fit!

I had a really fun time picking out my new swimsuit! I was able to find more than one style that I liked and something that works well with my body type. The suit is well-made from quality fabric and fits true to size. In case you’re wondering, I chose the ruffle v-halter, ruffle bikini bottom, and tennis skirt, all in teal (a great color for almost anyone!).

I’m sure you will not have a problem finding a great suit as well!  There really is a suit for everyone.  Whether you’re looking for something sporty or flirty, patterned or solid, DivinitaSole has a design that is perfect for you.

{Heart} It

DivinitaSole swimsuits are $84 for a top & bottom combo. (P.S. You can also design a suit for your little girl for just $39!)

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She {hearts} The Sweet Sugar Beet

Two years ago my hubby and I went on a 2 week road trip, sans kids.  It was awesome!  I got to meet Drea, swim in the ocean, hang out in Nashville, check out the capitol building in Washington, and best of all, hang out with my hubby!  One thing that I knew I needed was a great bag to carry all my hair/body care products.  So I searched Etsy and came across The Sweet Sugar Beet.  I purchased the extra large Cosmetic Bag, and it fit everything perfectly.

Then last year I finally got sick of having a way-too-small bag for all of my mineral makeup and brushes.  So I purchased another two bags from The Sweet Sugar Beet.  I use the large Cosmetic Bag to hold all the makeup/brushes I use on a daily basis.  This way I don’t have to dig through everything.  I use the medium Cosmetic Bag to hold all my extra eye shadows, lip glosses, eye liners, etc.  It’s a great system for me, and the bags are exactly what I needed.


{heart} It

  • Every Sweet Sugar Beet bag is made from high quality, designer fabrics.
  • Handmade with love and care!
  • Cosmetics Bags come in 4 sizes ranging in prices from $8-18.
  • You can also find Tote Bags, Clutches, and other fun bags of all sizes!

She {hearts} Freebies

The Sweet Sugar Beet is offering $25 shop credit to one lucky reader!

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Tell us what your favorite product is from The Sweet Sugar Beet.

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Giveaway closed. Congrats to Heather D!

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She {hearts} Bride Blu Handmade and Vintage Jewelry.

This past weekend I traveled to Bloggy Boot Camp in Boston to host a session about Lifestyle blogging.

It was amazing.  And fun.  And so many other adjectives I’m too tired to think of at the moment.

But, most importantly it was done in style!

Thanks to Bride Blu, a vintage and handmade jewelry shop on Etsy, I was able to top off my outfit perfectly with these adorable, dangle earrings!

They are so delicate and chic!  Plus, they were super light, unlike some of the other earring I own, so I barely even noticed them dangling all cute like from my ears!


And, Bride Blu isn’t just about earrings!  She makes tons of other super stylish items to vintage up your outfit for so many occasions.

Best part: she’s affordable!

{Heart} It

Bride Blu carries a variety of earrings and other vintage and handmade jewelry starting at $4.00!

She {Hearts} Freebies

Bride Blu is giving one lucky She Hearts It reader a gift from her store!  You may select any item under $26 to make your own!

To Enter:

Go check out Bride Blu’s Etsy shop and let me know what you might select if you are the big winner!

Additional Entries:
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